Work as a leading data scientist in our paid, 13-week apprenticeship program.

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Become a Game-Changer

the Catenus Science Apprenticeship Program

We mentor qualified candidates to have an immediate, meaningful impact at some of the top startups in the world.

Our program hones your skills in statistics, machine learning, programming, and product development by presenting you with real-world challenges put forth by startups in the bay area.

Machine Learning
Product Development


Rotate through three startups applying your skills to month-long projects. You will work 4 days a week at participating startups on real-world problems.


Receive mentoring with our experts through lab days; where we hold lectures, group meeting, and office-hours. You will gain new skills and refine old ones.


Grow your network through our lunchtime seminars, meetups, and dinners with prominent figures in the Bay Area. We will introduce you to our community of data scientists.

Who we are looking for

Catenus Science is looking for candidates with the following skillset to start using data in impactful ways.

Technical Skills

Proficiency to implement your ideas:

  • Statistics
  • Machine-Learning
  • Data programming (python, R, etc...)

Communication Skills

Clearly convey your thoughts:

  • Great written and oral communication
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Quick to understand others

Business Sense

Bridge product and engineering:

  • Attack business problems with data  science solutions
  • Employ ruthless pragmatism
  • Identify data opportunities

Who We Are

Catenus grew from our desire to help skilled data scientists explore working at promising startups across several domains. Our team has a unique insight into startups that have interesting short-term and long-term data science challenges. It was a natural fit to bring these two groups together and help both grow from the experience.

Francisco Gimenez, PhD

Co-founder, Catenus

Resident Data Scientist, 8VC

Advisors and Mentors

Past and Present Partner Companies

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The next session is June 20, 2016 — September 1, 2016.

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