10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Cheap Dress Shirts, Mariner Stripe Sweaters, & More


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Proof that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s our monthly list of ten picks, each individually costing less than seventy five bucks. Got a tip on something for under $75? Send those in to


Spier Cotton Mariner Stripe Sweater – $49.30 w/ SPIER15 ($58)

Spier Cotton Mariner Stripe Sweater

As classic as it gets. Cut slightly long since it’s all cotton and will probably shrink up a bit in the wash (this is according to them, and their honesty is a nice change of pace from other retailers). Wear it with chinos and white sneakers for a timeless elevated casual outfit.


J. Crew 1040 Straight Fit Garment Dyed 5-Pocket Pants – $64.50 ($98)

J. Crew 1040 Straight Fit Garment Dyed 5-Pocket Pants

Something to wear with the Breton stripe sweater from Spier? Straight fit here. NOT final sale. So they can be returned/exchanged. If you’re more of a 484-slim fit body-type, they have those too, but those ARE final sale once you apply the code SHOPNOW. I know. Odd.


Malfy Gin con Limone (Italy) – $30-$35

Malfy Gin con Limone

Now that a certain bourbon-soaked horse race is behind us, it’s time to move on to the brighter, more refreshing stuff. The Italian crafted Malfy brand makes no attempt to hide this particular gin’s intention. Juniper and lemons sourced in-country are the primary flavors. You’ll taste, wait for it: lemon, lemon, more lemon… and some juniper. A perfect choice for a summer gin & tonic, as the lemon is the ideal partner for a proper tonic and dash of lime. 82 proof.


Target 3 in 1 Nylon Backpack – $29.99

Target 3 in 1 Nylon Backpack

Now in black. A favorite of our Tar-zhay expert Ryan. Full review of the original Khaki color can be found over here.


Old Navy Slim-Fit Pro Signature Performance Dress Shirt – $30 – $35ish ($44.99)

ld Navy Slim-Fit Pro Signature Performance Dress Shirt

Untucked pic above to show length (it’s meant to be tucked) + some sculpting through the sides off-the-rack. Untailored, size medium shown on 5’10″/185. Not bad! 67% cotton, 30% polyester, 3% spandex, smooth poplin fabric. Noticeable stretch. Fabric doesn’t have the scratchy/itchy/papery feelings of many other noticeably-affordable dress shirts. Collar has removable collar stays and is structured enough to go tie-free. One strange sizing note: collar size/circumference seems generous. A medium has a medium body and arms, but the neck feels more like a large? Maybe we’re doing vanity sizing in necks now? Who knows. As always with Old Navy and other ultra-affordable retailers, sizing can be inconsistent across the very same products. So it could be hit or miss. But still worth a shot if you’re on a tight budget and need a dress shirt.


A dark, micro print (floral or otherwise) pocket square – $7.98 – $40

pocket squares

Pocket square shown at the very top of the post is actually a 6-year-old, double sided (floral on one, plaid on the other) out-of-stock model from Tie Bar. But there are plenty of similar alternatives out there, that do the very same visual job. A bit of color and pattern via a pocket square is a great way to balance out a simple tie, OR, tie-free look. And a dark micro-print does the “standing out quietly” thing perfectly. Especially up against all manners of blue or gray sportcoats and suits. I have a lot of pocket squares. I wear that one 90% of the time.


Invicta 8926 Pro Diver Japanese Automatic – $62.95 ($80ish)

Invicta 8926 Pro Diver Japanese Automatic

For those looking for an inexpensive watch that can handle the sweat and surf of the warm weather months, but don’t love the coin-edge bezel of the 8926B. Instead, these come with a scalloped “seamaster” style bezel. Powered by a 24 jewel, Japanese Automatic movement. Still has the engraved “Invicta” on the side of the case a la the 8926B.


Uncle Seiko Tropic Rubber Watch Strap – $39

Uncle Seiko Tropic Rubber Watch Strap

Annnnnd a Tropic Rubber strap from legendary aftermarket bracelet/strap maker “Uncle Seiko.” Because the shine on the Invicta is more than a bit much for some of us. Especially in the bright sun of summer. Woof.


Tie Bar x Miller High Life Girl In The Moon Champagne Tie – $25

Tie Bar x Miller High Life Girl In The Moon Champagne Tie

(Dang it! Between writing this up and editing for publishing, this tie has disappeared. Here’s hoping for a restock?! Wedding season is just getting started afterall.) Never in a million years would I have thought a tie with a beer logo on it could look, y’know… kinda classy? Somewhere my college pal Pete is smiling, as he had a mini fridge both in college and well into adulthood stocked with High Life all. the. time. The man loved that beer. He also once (at a baseball tailgate) tried to prove to many of us that the human bladder could only hold 12 oz… by peeing into a high life bottle.

If I recall correctly, his theory was that “anything more than 12 oz stays in the stomach!!!” Many of us politely but firmly doubted this “fact.” He insisted this was the case, and he said he’d gladly prove its veracity by relieving himself into an empty high life bottle, as he was convinced he’d run dry before the bottle overflowed. So he took his bottle over towards a tree (just in case/safety first), turned his back, and set forth. His world and much of what he believed was shaken to its very foundations shortly thereafter.

Conviction, sadly, is not proper evidence of truth.

He quickly dispelled of his melancholy by grabbing a fresh bottle of highlife from the cooler, somehow procured an old rolling desk chair (why one was there, who knows), got it up to speed, and rode it down a steep pedestrian bridge which ran over the nearby interstate… his highlife bottle raised aloft in triumphant splendor. Like a Roman General riding into battle.

Anyway, ties are part of a wedding collection / collaboration. Should look good with a lighter gray or mid blue suit, for those outdoorsy weddings where the bridesmaids are in matching pastel dresses. Not gonna be everyone’s thing. Understood.


Nordstrom BP. Shane Casual Lace-Up Derby – $79.95

Nordstrom BP. Shane Casual Lace-Up Derby

Ships and returns for free, so we’ll go over the $75 a little bit on this one. Suede, summery bucks for not a lot of bucks. Big fan of their choice to go with a pale gray instead of an off white “bone” shade for the lightest option. Gray just seems to go with more outfits than the admittedly traditional bone/off-white color of preppy-bucks.

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