12 amazing things you can get from Ikea’s new 2020 collection


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There’s nothing like a visit to Ikea. With tons of stuff to bring home, from affordable furniture to bags of frozen meatballs, it’s a little adventure every time, but it can make for a long, exhausting day. Thankfully, the Swedish retailer's new 2020 catalog has the best theme ever—sleep and the things you need to help you get more of it.

I’m not a good sleeper, but I predict that may change with a few key purchases. Stunning new bedding, dark velvet curtains, furniture that can hide clutter, and speakers that emit restful sounds could lull any insomniac to slumber.
Ikea’s 2020 catalog has the best theme ever—sleep and things you can buy to help you get more of it.
At this time of year, I’ve been known to hang out at my local Ikea so often that the staff on the floor greets me by name. But if you don’t have an Ikea store close to you, looking through the company’s digital catalog feels almost as amazing. I’ve picked out a few favorites from the catalog that tie nicely into current design trends, and I hope you find them as relaxing as I do.
1. Speakers to play soothing sounds Credit: Ikea
Ikea has partnered with Sonos on these Symfonisk speakers. Put one at your bedside and relax as your favorite soothing jams lull you to sleep.

The new Symfonisk speakers are the result of Ikea’s collaboration with Sonos, so they’re sure to sound heavenly. These are easy to use as part of any décor, whether they’re fit into a bookcase or mounted on the wall next to your bed. And Ikea is also offering a table lamp with an integrated speaker, which can free up some space in your bedroom.
Get the Symfonisk WiFi bookshelf speaker for $99 Get the Symfonisk table lamp with WiFi speaker for $179 2. Yummy accent colors for your bed Credit: Ikea
The bright colors on Ikea's Majalisa pillow covers will transform your throw pillows and make your bed look irresistible.

Forget the bland neutrals from Ikea of old. This year, the Swedish retailer brings fresh, bold colors and exotic jewel tones to the palette. Immerse yourself in sunshine yellow or submerge in deep-sea green, and don’t hesitate to use both your bedroom room or even on the same throw pillow. Ikea’s Majalisa cushion covers let you change up your décor easily and inexpensively—pick up a couple and zip them around throw pillows you already own. Then, flip them over when you want to see a different set of colors.

Get the Majalisa cushion cover for $5.99
3. The return of tie-dye Credit: Ikea
The delicious tie-dyed colors on the Ikea Pipstakra duvet cover and pillowcase will brighten a dreary bedroom.

It’s been 50 years since Woodstock and tie-dye is making a comeback—or maybe it never really went away. The Pipstakra duvet cover and pillowcases have a color-splashed style that I loved at first look. And if you tire of tie-dye, you can flip the duvet to the solid turquoise side for a different look. Either way, you’ll enjoy the softness of the sustainably-grown cotton fabric as you drift off to sleep.

Get the Pipstarkra duvet cover set starting at $19.99
4. A rug for extra softness underfoot Credit: Ikea
Ikea's Sonderod rug has a soft, deep pile and a pattern reminiscent of the ocean. You can practically hear the relaxing sound of breaking waves.

You can create functional sections in a tiny bedroom or open floorplan living space by using different rugs to define each area. The rugs don’t need to match anything in the room; they just have to look right together, and that’s up to you. A delightful rug tempts you to kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes in its dense, thick pile at bedtime. Buy a luminous Sonderod, lay it down in any part of your room and its calming, watery colors will remind you of ocean waves.

Get the Sonderod rug for $149
5. A little lamp for colorful light at night Credit: Ikea
Ideal for a child's nightlight or as a funky addition to a grownup space, Ikea's Pelarboj lamp can glow in seven different colors.

Not everyone in the family likes to sleep in the dark. Small children will love the light from Ikea’s Pelarboj lamp. It’s shaped like a giant pencil and could find a place on any horizontal surface in a kid’s bedroom. The light can stay on in a single soft color or it can switch between seven different hues if your child prefers a bedtime light show. But it’s not just for kids—you may be compelled to purchase this fun lamp for adult spaces.

Get the Pelarboj LED table lamp for $24.99
6. A comfy pillow for the support you need Credit: Ikea
This ergonomic pillow gives support to side-sleepers and back-sleepers. Ikea says to sleep on the side that provides the most comfort for you.

Ergonomic pillows like Ikea’s foam Rosenskarm provide different heights for different sleepers, and Ikea claims this pillow works well for those who snooze on their side or back. There are two layers of foam in this pillow, one moldable and one supportive, so you can rest your head on the side that gives you the most comfort. And don’t fret—if you’re scared of dust mites (and you probably should be) you’ll appreciate the pillow’s washable, mite-resistant cover.

Get the Rosenskarm Ergonomic Pillow for $14.99
7. The bar cart that serves up bedside storage Credit: Ikea
Using a bar cart as a nightstand? Brilliant idea. Load up the baskets with things to help you sleep.

A sweet bar cart like Ikea’s wicker-and-metal Lubban can make a great alternative to a nightstand. The shallow basket on top is good for things you want near you at night, like your Kindle and your water bottle. The deeper basket on the bottom has room for magazines, crafts, and your phone charger. It’s easy to clear everything off and move the cart to the living room when you want to use Lubban to serve drinks.

Get the Lubban serving cart for $69
8. A tall rack to end clothing chaos Credit: Ikea
If you're one of those people who takes off their clothes at the end of the day and throws them on a chair, the Nikkeby rack can help you keep your room more orderly.

Do you have a chair in your bedroom where you toss yesterday’s clothes? The Nikkeby is a cool clothes rack will put that habit to rest. It will be easier to keep clothes organized when you can hang up to 20 shirts on its red metal racks. As for the shoe shelves, maybe you’ll just display a few favorites there.

Get the Nikkeby clothes rack starting at $50
9. Some dreamy draperies to darken the room Credit: Ikea
It's much easier to sleep in a dark room, so hang a couple of pairs of Sanela room-darkening curtains in your window.

If you’re like me, you can’t sleep until the bedroom is dark as velvet, creating what my favorite bedtime story podcast calls “the deep, dark night.” Street light and street noise will never make it past Ikea’s Sanela blackout curtains, especially if you use them in multiples. Ikea’s catalog encourages you to layer them on your windows, advising, “One curtain for privacy, two for light control, and three for sound reduction.” To make your windows especially rich-looking, choose a different color for each layer.

Get the Sanela cotton velvet curtains starting at $59.99
10. This clutter-busting cabinet Credit: Ikea
This Besta wall-mounted cabinet is a good place to stash all your clutter.

The wall-mounted Besta cabinet rocks a deep grey-green finish that has an immediate calming effect. It’s also relaxing because it can hide so much clutter, which, let’s face it, has made your bedroom too messy for sleeping. You can use this cabinet to support a lamp or TV and stuff the inside shelves with your tech, your sweaters, and all the other random items that, up until now, have ended up on the bedroom floor.

Get the Besta wall-mounted cabinet for $315
11. The spot where everyone wants to rest Credit: Ikea
If your bedroom is too small for a chair, get yourself a Sandared pouf.

Maybe you just need a place to chill. Even if there’s no room for a chair in your bedroom, you may be able to find a corner for a versatile knitted pouf. The Sandared is adorable, a textured ottoman that can be used as an extra seat in your bedroom or any room of your home.

Get the Sandared pouf for $49.99
12. An alternative to a guest room Credit: Ikea
When a friend comes over for a weekend visit, a sleep sofa is essential. Slip a sheet over it to create an instant guest space.

A sleeper sofa can be the most versatile piece of furniture in your small house or apartment. You can enjoy the Flottebo’s jewel-toned purple upholstery every day, and it will bring your boring gray living room to life. Then, when a friend comes over for a weekend visit, you’ll have a place for them to sleep.

Get the Flottebo sleeper sofa for $499
It’s not all on you
The new Ikea catalog is full of ideas to help you get a good night’s sleep, so don’t let the fear of putting together the company’s furniture keep you awake at night. In 2018, Ikea acquired TaskRabbit to help online and in-store buyers assemble their purchases.

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