13 Practical Shoe Hacks That Will Put You A Step Ahead


Shoe Hacks

Typically when I write a blog post, I know that not everyone will find it equally useful or applicable to their circumstances. Everyone is different, so not everything I share can address the wants, needs, and concerns of every person who reads it.

But today’s blog post is a rare exception to that rule, because it truly does have something in it for everyone! And that’s because today’s post is about shoes, and regardless of all our differences, I’m pretty sure we all wear shoes, right? ;-)

I recently combed through the OGT archives as well as the larger World Wide Web in a quest to collect as many shoe-related hacks, tips, and tricks as I could find. After narrowing that list down to only the best of the best, I ended up with the 13 truly brilliant shoe hacks that I’ll be sharing with you today!

Like shoes, these hacks cover a lot of ground, addressing topics like cleaning, deodorizing, storing, organizing, and more. I’m sure these tips will be as useful to you as they have been to me, no matter what your shoe collection looks likes!

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13 Brilliant Shoe Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Shoe Hacks

1. How To Clean And Care For Shoes, By Type

Cleaning everyday sneakers might be easy enough, but keeping specialty fabrics like leather and suede clean can be pretty intimidating! Luckily for us, it’s easier than you might think to keep any kind of shoe looking clean and well cared for.

To learn the easiest and most effective methods for cleaning various types of shoes, check out the posts at the links below:

Shoe Hacks

2. Deodorize Stinky Shoes

One of the most common shoe-related questions I’ve been asked over the years how to get rid of unpleasant odors. No one wants to be walking around in smelly shoes all day (or be subjected to the smell of someone else’s!)

But there are several simple ways to get rid of shoe odor, and most of them deal with addressing the most common root of the problem: moisture. Check out the link below for simple methods you can use to deodorize your shoes!

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Shoe Hacks

3. Stretch Out Too-Tight Shoes

I bought a pair of leopard print ankle booties a few years ago that I was so excited about, but I was devastated to discover that even though they were my size, they were a little too snug to wear comfortably. Unwilling to concede defeat, I immediately set out to discover if there was anything I could do to make them more wearable.

And not only did I find one way to successfully stretch out tight shoes, I actually found three! Get all the details on how to stretch out too-tight shoes at the link below.

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Shoe Hacks

4. Smart Storage Solutions For Shoes

Shoes can take up a lot of space in your closet or anywhere you happen to store them. But there are a few simple shoe storage tips that can help:

  • Arrange your shoes in alternating directions to fit more shoes on a shelf or rack.
  • Store shoes in an over-the-door organizer and turn any door in your house into additional shoe storage!
  • Store shoes on a tray underneath your furniture, such as the gap beneath your bed or sofa.
Shoe Hacks

5. Erase Salt Stains From Leather Shoes

Walking through parking lots and across city streets during the wintertime guarantees the same result: salt stains. And you don’t want salt stains marring any of your nice shoes, but especially not your leather ones!

But with the aid of some white vinegar, you can erase those salt stains easily and restore the look of your leather shoes in minutes. Check out the step-by-step method at the link below.

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Shoe Hacks

6. Cleanly Pack Your Dirty Shoes

When you’re packing shoes into your luggage for a trip, wrap a shower cap over the soles of your shoes before putting them in your bag. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to prevent the soles of your shoes from dirtying up your clothes and other items.

Shoe Hacks

7. Tie Your Key To Your Running Shoes

Don’t know where to keep your house key or car key when you go out for a run? Secure it to your shoe by slipping the key over a shoelace, then tying your shoes as usual. (You can double-knot your laces for extra peace of mind!)

Closet Storage

8. Support Tall Boots With A Pool Noodle

It drove me crazy when my tallest pair of riding boots kept flopping over to one side in my closet. To solve the problem, I cut a pool noodles into shorter pieces and slid one into each one of my boots. Easy!

Pool noodles are widely available during the summertime, and you can even find them at the dollar store. It’s a cheap and easy way to keep your tall boots standing tall. :-)

Shoe Hacks

9. Keep Your Feet Warm

Some people have a hard time keeping their feet and toes warm, even when it’s not partiucularly cold outside! If that sounds like you, consider investing in a pair of ultra-cozy fleece sheepskin shoe inserts!

You can slip them into any pair of shoes, and they’re sure to keep your little piggies much cozier. (You could also put them in slippers whose insoles have worn out or gotten lost!)

Shoe Hacks

10. Dry Out Wet Shoes Fast

There are few things more unpleasant that walking around in a pair of wet shoes. Just in case you find yourself in such a situation in the future, here’s a way to dry out a pair of wet shoes as quickly as possible!

Put your shoes somewhere warm to dry (like by a radiator, air vent, or out in the sun), then ball up a few sheets of newspaper and stuff them into each shoe. The newsprint will help absorb excess moisture inside the shoe, helping your shoes dry faster than they would otherwise.

Shoe Hacks

11. Improve The Traction Of Slippery Soles

Some shoe soles offer so little grip that they can become something of a hazard! But there’s an easy way to give those slippery shoes more traction, and all you need is a piece of sandpaper.

Use a coarse-grit sandpaper to scuff up the soles of your shoes. The imperfections and abrasions left behind will immediately make the soles grip the ground more effectively to help keep you on your feet.

Shoe Hacks

12. Tape Your Toes In Pointed Heels

One of the problems with wearing high heels (particularly ones of the pointed-toe variety) is how they often smush your toes together in quite an uncomfortable way. But I recently learned about a strange (but effective!) fix that can help!

Using a long piece of medical tape or beauty tape, wrap it around both your second and middle toes to secure them together. This simple maneuver will free up some space in the front of your shoes and make your heels more comfortable to wear.

Shoe Hacks

13. Cap Your High Heels

Those of you who are coordinated enough to strut your stuff in stiletto heels (as someone who is isn’t, you have my deepest respect and admiration), you might have experience with common issues like lack of traction and the loud click they can make when you walk.

But you can solve both issues at once with a set of these heel caps. The caps provide more grip while also dampening the sound of the heel striking the ground. You can add heel caps to a new pair of heels to keep them in good shape, or you could add them to older, more worn heels as a quick repair!

What’s your best shoe hack?

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