15 Winter Ornament Ideas to Add More Holiday Cheer to Your Home


Winter is a beautiful time to use different ornaments to decorate your home. There are a number of ways to do this. These include creating a beautiful wreath, decorative garland, table decorations, and ornaments for the fireplace and windows. Whether you prefer gold accents or neutral tones, you can use any kind of ornament that will look great in your home. A winter shelf can look adorable when paired with garland, and a birch log will make a great centerpiece for a table or porch. A beautiful wreath and some simple crafts can bring your home to life and make it festive all year round. Snowflake ornaments can be a sign of the coming of the cold months. You can also create a candle lantern to place in your window. You can even use materials that you have around the house to create your own decorations. Using these ideas will help you add a new dimension to your home decor this season. These are an easy way to add more holiday cheer to your home. Here are a few fun projects to get you started.

15 winter ornament ideas to add more holiday cheer1


This wooden table design which is painted in white color can be perfected with several winter ornaments such as pinecones, snowflakes, stars, ceramic vases and a lantern as a warmer as well as lighting which gives a dramatic effect. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use the wall around this table with a wooden frame decorated with greenery and orange string lights. While the white nuance is also very suitable to present the winter wonderland theme this year. Winter table decoration from thespruce.


Do you have an old sweater that is no longer in use? If so, then you can turn it into a winter wreath that can be hung on the front door as an initial welcome for guests or family who come to the house. Frosted pinecones are a very suitable decoration for this winter, you can use two to three pinecones to emphasize this season. Wrap this sweater in a Styrofoam to form a sweet round shape. Sweater wreath from thespruce.


Don’t let your winter fireplace decoration look plain and boring, now you can use some snowflake ornaments that are hung using a fairly sturdy rope. In addition to snowflakes, you can also use some candle holders that can be placed in the mantel area neatly and regularly. This candle accent can be a room heater that you can enjoy when the temperature in the room starts to feel cold. Mini Christmas trees on both sides of the fireplace are the perfect finishing touch to decorate a room in winter. Fireplace mantel decoration from thespruce.


Collect enough dry twigs in your garden to form a winter wreath that can be perfected with white bird ornaments. Tie these dry twigs into a round shape by tying them using a matching colored rope so that they are not visible, after everything is arranged properly and as expected, you can hang it using a patterned ribbon. Hang it in an area of the house that is often visited by people. Dry twigs wreath from countryliving.Christmas-in-connecticut-garland-1217

Natural winter ornaments that don’t cost a lot of money are pine garland leaves that can be hung on an open storage shelf. This garland design can be decorated with snowflake ornaments which have a yellow color so that it looks more contrast, hang this ornament using tacks on both sides of this plate storage rack so that it looks more beautiful. This set of pine leaf garland can be easily made with the family to fill the winter time this year. Pine leaf garland from countryliving.


Spruce leaves placed above the mantel can be combined with a few candles and candlesticks underneath as a heating accent that is suitable for use for the theme of a winter room. You can place a mirror frame that is repainted in black on this fireplace as an additional decoration that is easy to get at a fairly cheap price. Light all these candles when you need a warm room temperature to accompany your conversations with family. Combination of fir leaves and candle mantel from countryliving.


Various sizes of pine tree ornaments placed on the dining table can be used as winter centerpiece decorations which are quite popular this year. Not only pine trees but you can also combine them with house ornaments and string lights that provide lighting with a warm effect on the surrounding area. Don’t forget, before applying this winter centerpiece decoration, you can coat it with a tablecloth runner which has a white color so that it is more neutral. Winter centerpiece decoration from countryliving.


Glass windows are one area that can be decorated with a winter theme in a home decoration easily. Now you can try painting the surface of the window glass with a white fir tree pattern with a variety of different sizes. Next, install and hang the string bulb lamps just above the pine tree painting to be used as a lighting idea that will keep this window looking bright at night. This window decoration can also be seen from outside the room clearly. Winter window decoration from homebnc.


Take advantage of the empty windowsill area as a place to apply the winter snowy theme this year cheerfully. Currently you can combine greenery, pinecones, jingle bells gold and candlesticks as a heating accent that can also be used as lighting at night. Usually this winter window decoration is used in a rustic-style house or farmhouse because it uses simple materials and is easy to get in the area around you. Rustic windowsill decoration from homebnc.


The best way to make your window area feel more festive is to use it to apply a winter theme. Now you can decorate it with a snowy house painting and a series of pine leaves that are perfected with white powder that can be used as snow sprinkles ornaments. These two accents will work well together to emphasize the winter theme this year, you can try it easily without having to spend a lot of money. Snowy window decoration from homebnc.


You can assemble this combination of fir leaves, pinecones and neutral colored ribbons into a garland decoration that you can apply to the railing stair so that you can welcome winter this year cheaply and festively. Use this ribbon ornament with a size that is long enough to be used as an additional ornament that looks sweet and of course the material used can also be obtained easily around your home. Stair railing decoration from homebnc.


This transparent glass mason jar ornament can be filled with white powder, pinecones, a little greenery and branches to be used as winter decorations which are quite popular this year. Not only mason jar, but you can also put a snowflake pattern pillow to emphasize the winter theme this year. Before this mason jar is used as an ornament, you can wash it first to keep it looking clean when used as a windowsill decoration. Ornament mason jar winter from homebnc.


This floating wood shelf filled with various winter ornaments is a farmhouse home decoration idea that you can apply this year. You can use two levels of shelves that can be filled with greenery, pinecones candle holders, lanterns, house ornaments and vintage-looking iron snow signs. Besides being able to be used for views of different rooms, this winter shelf can also be a source of lighting because it is equipped with various candle holders that have different shapes and sizes. Winter shelf decoration from homebnc.


White socks, greenery and some candles are a combination of materials that can be installed together for a winter fireplace decoration. You can arrange it neatly and orderly, it’s a good idea to apply this fireplace to your living room decoration so that it can be used as a room view as well as a heating accent that can be used according to the required room temperature. The white ribbon that sits between the décor of this mantel makes for a sweet finishing touch. Mantel decor with socks ornament from homebnc.


This white ceiling decorated with hanging snowflakes is one of the ideas that you can do to welcome winter with joy. Hang this snowflake using white thread so that it has a color that matches the ornament and feel of this room. Use snowflakes of different sizes and shapes for more variety. The striped rug which has a black and white color combination is an additional color that presents a monochromatic theme with a modern vibe. Snowflake ceiling decoration from elledecor.

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