164 Examples Of Cool Design


According to Tim Antoniuk, an Associate Professor of Design Studies at the University of Alberta, we can all intuitively sense what good design is and isn't.

"Quite often, this relates to ergonomics and the usability or functionality of the products and services and systems," he told Bored Panda in one interview.

For Antoniuk, good design is "intuitive, [...] deeply sympathetic and empathetic to the user at all levels, and at some level, it is emotional."

So as much as we at Bored Panda like to make fun of crappy design, this time we decided to compile a different kind of list. Whether it's a space-saving Tetris cat tower or a skatepark shaped like bacon and eggs, continue scrolling and check out these prime examples of human ingenuity.

#1 Carpet Patterned Street

Image credits: ridvanacar_photos

#2 Itsukushima Shinto Shrine Appears On The Dish When Sauce Is Poured On It

Image credits: TCLP

#3 This Is Beautiful

Image credits: Vera Zverava

#4 This Benjamin Franklin Mug I Just Got With A Slot To Make The End Of Your Tea Bag The Kite

Image credits: scarletfloyd

#5 The Logo On My Umbrella Only Shows Up When Wet

Image credits: jaegee0000

#6 Astronomical Makeup Palette

#7 This College Made A Water Bottle With A Map Of The Campus On It. It Also Shows Places Where You Can Fill It Up

Image credits: ivb107

#8 This Bench That Looks Like A Book

Image credits: zmf525

#9 The Bollards Outside This School In Dublin Look Like Pencils

Image credits: seantack

#10 My Raincoat Reveals A Floral Pattern When Wet

Image credits: trashyfictions

#11 I Have A Clock Where The Numbers Rotate Rather Than The Hands

Image credits: Cuttlefish444

#12 My Friend's House Key Is Shaped Like A Sword

Image credits: shroomsaregoooood

#13 This Swiss Bottled Water

Image credits: XPao

#14 You Can "Light" And "Extinguish" The Flames On The Menorah

Image credits: katyvo

#15 Our Wedding Bands Are Laser Engraved With Each Other's Fingerprint

Image credits: Huhn3d

#16 My Space-Saving Cat Tower

Image credits: citadelinn

#17 This Bench Is Made From A Curled-Up Paving Stone

Image credits: MadDanWithABox

#18 The Inside Of The Pizza Box Was A Tuxedo

Image credits: pwenski

#19 This Barbie Doll With Vitiligo

Image credits: Jeffofknight

#20 A Skate Shop & A Butcher Shop Are Located Next To Each Other. They Share One Sign

Image credits: BADASSartoo

#21 The Handle To This Knife Shop Door Is Also A Knife

Image credits: SGT-smash

#22 Cool Tables In Plymouth That Look Like It's Anti-Gravity

Image credits: DaRealJammy

#23 National Geographic Gallery Uses Its Logo As A Door Handle

Image credits: samcp12

#24 This Building In Chicago Has A Map Of The Surrounding Area With Its Own Location Marked

Image credits: FriendoBoyoHermano

#25 Fork At The Eiffel Tower Is The Eiffel Tower

Image credits: birketa

#26 There’s A Skatepark Shaped Like Bacon And Eggs An Hour Out Of Seattle

Image credits: Drew Perine

#27 This Crane Has Giraffe Print

Image credits: hobowithadegree

#28 My Local Bakery Has Started Putting BLM On Their Bread

Image credits: SpacePotatoe03

#29 This Clock With Words Only

Image credits: chewy_pnt

#30 This Sugar Cube Shaped Like A Tea Pot

Image credits: britishbrick

#31 This Jar Is Shaped To Look Like A Ziplock Bag

Image credits: coolaaron88

#32 My Husband’s Fully Reflective Iridescent Rain Set

Image credits: Iiri92

#33 Spotted This Amazing Door Stop At Work

Image credits: ryankrameretc

#34 A Worker In My Factory Has A Cowboy Hat That Doubles As A Hard Hat

Image credits: Bannybear1

#35 I Found This Fibonacci Clock At A Clinic

Image credits: Mazbin

#36 This Brand Of Coffee Changes The Design For Decaffeinated Coffee

Image credits: Thine_Sloth

#37 Saw This Awesome Metallica Plate On The Freeway Today

Image credits: I_AM_YOUR_DADDY_AMA

#38 Metal Benches In Buenos Aires Look Very Soft

Image credits: ivannson

#39 This Whale Tissue Dispenser

Image credits: ismarcostabile

#40 These Bollards Outside A School Shaped Like Pencils

Image credits: arn04gb

#41 This Golden Record/Rocket Pizza Cutter

Image credits: Bismuth81

#42 This Lamp With Individual Switches You Can Turn On And Off

Image credits: SamOnR3ddit

#43 My Desk Notes Are On A Tiny Shipping Pallet

Image credits: LandersPannell

#44 A Wet Floor Sign In The Shape Of A Shark Fin

Image credits: suckfail

#45 This Building Looks Like It’s Woven

Image credits: valentinefaye

#46 My Nintendo Switch Case's Zippers Are Joycons

Image credits: TheNoodleEffect

#47 The Pills Which Help Regulate My Heart Rate Are Shaped Like Hearts

Image credits: NonLuminous

#48 The Door Handle To This Butcher Shop

Image credits: powellthegreasy

#49 The Blossoms On My LEGO Bonsai Are Small Frogs

Image credits: MissGymlow

#50 These Old Ornate Handrails On An Othrewise Nondescript Copenhagen Building

Image credits: EtienneFlyte

#51 This Inflatable Lock Advertisement On A Storage Building

Image credits: camilleb22601

#52 My Kid’s Fake Cash Register Has Fake Inputs On The Back

Image credits: allsfairinwar

#53 This Unique Wooden Bicycle Frame Design

Image credits: wood_nich

#54 A Little Crab Pen Holder I Found In Tokyo

Image credits: tuesdaygoose

#55 This Subway Train Has Clouds On The Ceiling To Look Like The Sky

Image credits: co1063

#56 The Tread On My Wife's Shoes Is A Remote Control

Image credits: penntastic

#57 Here's A Street Lamp That Was Designed To Look Like A Paintbrush

Image credits: AG-Blyat

#58 My Spanish Sneakers Have A Map Of Barcelona On The Sole

Image credits: Xarawhite

#59 The Security Hut At The Igloo Factory Is An Igloo Cooler

Image credits: Rusty_toilet

#60 A Bench In The Library Of Alexandria

#61 Somebody In My City Is Walking Around With The Prettiest Soles I've Seen So Far

Image credits: happycook1112

#62 WOW Air Has A Vomit-Meter On Their Sick Bags

Image credits: robface12

#63 My Grandparents' Clock Measures Time On A One Week Scale Instead Of A 12 Hour One

Image credits: creezewe

#64 This Three-Way Chess Set I Found In My Basement

Image credits: kpek14

#65 These Two Spatulas Came With A Clip To Make Tongs Out Of Them

Image credits: FarmingFriend

#66 The Air Vents On A Subway In Stockholm Have A Hidden Pacman Easter Egg

Image credits: Oluge2009

#67 I Own A Plexiglass Longboard

Image credits: soup-my-life

#68 My Coworker Has Humerus Looking Glasses

Image credits: mrsmmmerch

#69 The Edge Of The Knife In This Swiss Restaurant Was Shaped To Show Off Many Of The Peaks Found In The Swiss Alps

Image credits: TexasJoey

#70 The Restaurant I’m Eating At Provides A Pill That Turns Into A Towel When Soaked In Water

Image credits: yvetten

#71 This Wooden Tie I’m Wearing As A Groomsman

Image credits: icecreamdude97

#72 This Book Bag I Bought At Comic Con Today Glows With Flash Photography

Image credits: virtutesua

#73 The Wolf On This Van Has Eyes Which Light Up With The Brake Lights

Image credits: flanface87

#74 Wooden Puzzle In The Shape Of A Wine Bottle

Image credits: squid50s

#75 USB Power Bank Disguised As A Mini Generator

Image credits: metpharaoh

#76 This Side Table Designed Specifically For These Books

Image credits: Jonah517

#77 My Keyboard’s USB Has A Keyboard On It

Image credits: TheDarkLordPheonixos

#78 This Sofa Set Made Out Of Red Bricks

Image credits: presidentkangaroo

#79 The Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Disc Looks Like A Record

Image credits: iGrantastic

#80 I’m Making Personalized Coasters Of All My Coworkers’ Brain Scans

Image credits: grapefruitorama

#81 The Bike Rack At This Dentist Office Looks Like It's Being Squeezed Out Of A Tube Of Toothpaste

Image credits: madentr12

#82 These Ceiling Fan And Light Bulb Chain Pulls In My Best Friends Childhood Home

Image credits: 9liveslinds

#83 My Shirt's Cuff Has Thousands Of Mushrooms Printed On It

Image credits: jahig

#84 Scissors Shaped Like A Bird

Image credits: fesuoy

#85 The Knobs In My Dentist's Office Are Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Image credits: Uncomfortable-Uncle

#86 I Work At A Vet Clinic And One Of Our Orders Had Bubble Wrap In The Shape Of Bones

Image credits: ArcherWolf09

#87 This Coffee Cup From A Paris-Themed Cafe Chain In Seoul

Image credits: ZaphodTheNothingth

#88 My Coasters Are Tiny Pallets

Image credits: tverofvulcan

#89 IKEA Sells A Kit To Build A Chocolate Moose, So Naturally I Bought One

Image credits: Zyno1666

#90 My Freezer Produces Ice Spheres Rather Than Ice Cubes

Image credits: vpalko123

#91 My Work Got A Whole Roll Of The New 2020 “Bat” Quarters

Image credits: savaldez3

#92 These Rainbowless Skittles

Image credits: UnpurePurist

#93 A Really Cool Bookshelf Whose Shelves Spell Something, Seen At A Hotel

Image credits: sesame3246

#94 Emirates’ Starry Sky In Their Long-Distance Planes

Image credits: acherryonyourdesk

#95 I Got A Keychain That Uses The Radioactive Decay Of Tritium (The Radioactive Isotope Of Hydrogen) To Emit Light

Image credits: actually_iceman

#96 This Rubik's Cube That Uses Different Sized Surfaces Instead Of Colors

Image credits: 33reb

#97 This Pen From A Technical College That Says How Many Words Can Be Written With It

Image credits: SatanPuntMeN2TheVoid

#98 My Grandma Has A Radio That Looks Like An Old Computer

Image credits: Tamago-kun

#99 My Dad Has A 100 Sided Die

Image credits: M_Blaster05

#100 Brewtorium In Austin's Bathroom Signs Are Great

Image credits: vjkhokie

#101 This USB Stick That I Received From Olive Garden Looks Like Garlic Bread

Image credits: wildbeaver635

#102 My Dad Has A Cap With A Solar-Powered Fan On It

Image credits: TahsinTariq

#103 A Gelato Shaped Doorstop At A Gelateria In Italy

Image credits: koalafornian

#104 This Ping Pong Halfpipe I Saw At A Hotel In Munich

Image credits: BentanX

#105 These Chairs At My Hotel In Munich Spell Out "Hello"

Image credits: TheBootlegTims

#106 These Burger Seats

Image credits: kvkr20

#107 A Pen That Looks Like A Small Baguette When The Lid Is On

Image credits: xxshadowraidxx

#108 There's A Cute Little Excavator Graphic On The Window Of This Excavator

Image credits: NotGettingInvolved

#109 This Oil And Vinegar Container In An Italian Restaurant

Image credits: picythehexdoll

#110 This Grocery Display Contains Both Watermelon And Watermelon Cakes

Image credits: Priority_Pony

#111 Japanese Book For Children That Includes A Blacklight

Image credits: l82daparty

#112 This All Storage Building Is Shaped Like A Shipping Box

Image credits: ZetaGundam20X

#113 This Dark Toilet Paper At My Friend's Bathroom

Image credits: thekahub

#114 The Opening Of My Toothpaste Is In The Shape Of A Tooth

Image credits: jasmine-yeo

#115 The Ceiling Of LEGO Stores Looks Like The Bottom Of A 3x4 LEGO Brick

Image credits: JurassicParked

#116 The Drains For The Sinks In The Minneapolis Airport Are Airplanes

Image credits: Json-TheRandom11

#117 The Seats At Carnegie Mellon University Have Zeroes And Ones Stitched Into Them

Image credits: dinardo

#118 A Mug In The Design Of A Dented Plastic Cup

Image credits: JhonnyTheJeccer

#119 My Dustpan Brush Is A Violin

Image credits: ThrowAwayBecause40

#120 Car Park Barriers At The Estonian National Opera House, Tallinn

Image credits: Nevare88

#121 A Curved Escalator

Image credits: Joey-Tribbiani92

#122 IKEA Are Selling Self Assembly Chocolate Bunnies For Easter

Image credits: Interfectorem47

#123 My Train Conductor Stamped My Ticket With A Little Train

Image credits: coz309

#124 The Way The Wafers Line Up Going From Box To Box

Image credits: SmartAlek42

#125 Hotel I Stayed At Had Black Toilet Paper

Image credits: festisredbull

#126 This Radio I Found In My Attic Is Built To Resemble A Coca-Cola Vending Machine

Image credits: Nocturne_red

#127 My Headphones Measures Their Size By Afro Size

Image credits: goderido12

#128 An Ashtray That Gives A Visual Representation Of The Negative Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

Image credits: Doc-Brown1911

#129 This Hair Dryer Designed To Look Like A Revolver

Image credits: SeriousBlak

#130 My House Key Is In The Shape Of A House

Image credits: drdisney

#131 The Grip On The PS5 Controllers Are Made Up Of The Symbols On The Buttons, Just Really Small

Image credits: MisterWilson91

#132 This Tiny Star In A New Train In Stockholm

Image credits: adamientos

#133 My Friend’s New Surfboard Was Made To Look Like A Baguette

Image credits: DinerDashing

#134 The Way This Tea Cafe Cans Beverages To Go

Image credits: absentmindedparrot

#135 My Old Shoes Have Keyboard On The Bottom

Image credits: yeronyms

#136 These Bowling Balls Are Painted Like Pool Balls

Image credits: zach92ster

#137 The Lights On The Plane From My Trip Back From Australia

Image credits: OnlyGwoah

#138 This Dog Pattern On The Seats At Our Local Veterinarians Office

Image credits: Kathrrryn

#139 This Book About Radiation Has A Glow-In-The-Dark Dust Jacket

Image credits: TallWashington

#140 My Guinness Came With A Picture Of The Queen On It

Image credits: TheYorkshireMailman

#141 This Playable CD In The Shape Of A Square

Image credits: dangusted

#142 The Rubbish Bins At The Pyramids Of Giza Have Hieroglyphic Instructions

Image credits: cheesesandsneezes

#143 This Watch Has Disks Instead Of Hands

Image credits: mobiusunderpants

#144 I Found A Set Of Circular Playing Cards

Image credits: ChristopherJngs

#145 Appropriate Wet Floor Warning

Image credits: oddjobbodgod

#146 The Way This Coffee Cup Looks Sad Until You Open It, Then It Looks Happy

Image credits: FinsterGrinsen

#147 This Cigarette Butt Collector That Looks Like A Used Cigarette

Image credits: Dragn0630

#148 Thought This Was A Cool Idea For A Bag From A Shoe Store

Image credits: basura_can

#149 This Rubik's Cube Safe That I Have. You Have To Line The Colors Up In A Certain Order To Unlock It

Image credits: Cassiedanine

#150 This Reflective Jacket That Completely Lights Up When You Take A Photo Of It With Flash

Image credits: thebatmunk

#151 My Ice Cream Sandwich Has A Comic Strip On It

Image credits: WhateverMan293

#152 I Got A Package In The Mail Today And The Bubble Wrap Was Heart-Shaped

Image credits: v0latilestargazer

#153 This Bread Shaped Bread Knife

Image credits: once-upon-a-pine

#154 Alaska Airlines Giving Out Water In Paper Cartons Rather Then Plastic Bottles

Image credits: Goodnight_Gromit

#155 The Classic Red Checkered Pattern Of The Tablecloth Of This Restaurant Is Made Of QR Codes For Their Menu

Image credits: goldenewsd

#156 The Footrest In This Jeep Says “Sand Snow Rivers Rocks” In Morse Code

Image credits: accidentpronehiker

#157 Found My Old Gameboy And Its Case (Which Was A Giant Gameboy) While Cleaning My Room

Image credits: thelandan

#158 This Collection Of Mystery Science Theater 3000 VHS Tapes Creates An Image When Put Together

Image credits: ety3rd

#159 I Have A Real Pizza Epoxy Doorstop

Image credits: whathowyy

#160 This Crane Is Painted Like A Giraffe

Image credits: JG_melon

#161 Buttons & Buttonholes On Blouse

Image credits: Elodie Antoine

#162 Union Jack Taillights For The Mini Are A Pretty Neat Idea For A Car With British Roots

Image credits: hollastir1

#163 My Coworkers Bamboo Keyboard And Mouse

Image credits: DeepInTheCheeks

#164 This Ashtray Which Looks Like A Snubbed Out Cigarette

Image credits: Defiance42

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