60 Fun and Festive Candy Cane Christmas Decorations


Among the many ornaments that can be used for Christmas decorations, one of them that is often used is candy canes. This ornament is in great demand because of its unique shape and attractive color. That’s why, there are many people apply Christmas decorations inspired by candy canes. Applying candy cane inspired Christmas decor to your home will make the atmosphere fun and festive. However, this does not mean that all of your Christmas decorations use candy cane ornaments. You can take inspiration from the colors and striped patterns of candy cane for your Christmas decorations. And surely it will create its own uniqueness for your Christmas decorations this year.

60 fun and festive candy cane christmas decorations1

Whether you are looking for a creative idea for your home decor or you want to find something unique to give as a gift, there are many fun and festive candy cane Christmas decorations that you can find. Some of these decorations include a candy cane elf. It’s not only great for Christmas decorations but also perfect for gifts or just something fun to do with your kids. Another way, you can make a wreath from candy canes. It can be a great alternative Christmas wreath. Furthermore, you can make a great Christmas tree, garland, sign, and centerpiece with candy canes. You can use the candy canes to decorate your Christmas trees. Even, you take inspiration of candy canes for your table runners, throw pillows, and candle holders ideas. It’s easy, right? You can get a fun and festive Christmas decor with candy cane. Here are some ideas for you.

Candy Cane Red and White Christmas Tree from fun365.orientaltrading


Candy Cane Mason Jar Covered from fun365.orientaltrading


Striped Stockings Ideas from fun365.orientaltrading


Red and White Christmas Lantern from fun365.orientaltrading


Candy Cane Color Inspired Staircase from fun365.orientaltrading


Red and White Striped Wreath Design from fun365.orientaltrading


Candy Cane Entryway Inspired from fun365.orientaltrading

Christmas paper straw wreath

Christmas Paper Straw Wreath from fun365.orientaltrading

Melted bead candy canes

Melted Bead Candy Canes from fun365.orientaltrading

Pom-pom garland

Red and White Pom Pom Garland from fun365.orientaltrading


DIY Candy Cane Flower Vases from countryliving


Candy Cane Gift Accent from countryliving


Guest Place Card Holders from countryliving


Christmas Vibes Melted Papermint Ornament from countryliving


Red and White Candy Cane Candle Holder from countryliving


Christmas Wreath with Red Ribbon Accent from countryliving

Bow tie candy cane reindeer 13

Bow Tie Candy Cane Reindeer from countryliving

Candy cane door swag 10

Candy Cane Door Swag from countryliving

Candy cane garland 9

Candy Cane Garland Wall Decor from countryliving

Candy cane reindeer craft 14

Candy Cane Reindeer Craft from countryliving

Candy cane sleds 3

Candy Cane Sleds Ornament Ideas from countryliving

Candy cane stick christmas treats 2

Candy Cane Stick Christmas Tree from countryliving

Hook-wreath-1602013894 8

Hook Candy Cane Wreath from countryliving

Candy cane glitter coasters

Candy Cane Glitter Coasters from shelterness

Candy cane lawn flamingos

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos from shelterness

Candy cane rick-rack garland

Candy Cane Rick Rack Garland from shelterness

Christmas pillow in red and white

Christmas Pillow in Red and White from shelterness

Crochet candy cane

Crochet Candy Cane from shelterness

Diy beaded candy cane ornament

DIY Beaded Candy Cane Ornament from shelterness


DIY Candy Cane Christmas Crafts from shelterness


Candy Cane Garland Wall Decoration from shelterness

Glitter candy cane christmas ornament

Glitter Candy Cane Christmas Ornament from shelterness

Knit candy cane christmas ornament

Knit Candy Cane Christmas Ornament from shelterness

Striped candy cane gift tags

Striped Candy Cane Gift Tags from shelterness


Tinsel Candy Cane Wall Hanging from shelterness

Boho candy cane ornaments

Boho Candy Cane Ornaments from chicpursuit

Candy cane shaped pillow

Candy Cane Shaped Pillow from chicpursuit

Candy cane stake

Candy Cane Stake from chicpursuit

Candy cane table runner

Candy Cane Table Runner from chicpursuit


Red and White Striped Christmas Tree from chicpursuit


Candy Cane Pillowcase Ideas from chicpursuit


Felt Candy Cane Ornament from chicpursuit


Candy Cane Lane Sign Ideas from chicpursuit


Candy Cane Door Hanging Ideas from chicpursuit

Mailbox swag

Mailbox Swag Ideas from chicpursuit


Mercury Glass Candy Cane Striped from chicpursuit

Peppermint tiered tray

Peppermint Tiered Tray from chicpursuit


Premium Candy Stripe Pillar Candles from chicpursuit


Candy Cane Window Treatment Ideas from chicpursuit


Candy Cane Table Decoration from chicpursuit

Stocking holders

Stocking Holders from chicpursuit

Vintage candy cane box

Vintage Candy Cane Box from chicpursuit

Wooden book stack

Wooden Book Stack from chicpursuit

Wooden candy canes

DIY Wooden Candy Canes from chicpursuit


Candy Cane Table Centerpiece from digsdigs


Arrangement Candy Cane with Evergreen Ideas from digsdigs


Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament from digsdigs


Felt Covered Candy Cane Door Hanging from digsdigs


Candy Cane Christmas Tree Design from digsdigs


Candy Cane Candle Holder from digsdigs

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