Bonobos: 25% off “Springboard to Summer” Sale


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S2SUMMER = 25% off at Bonobos (exp. Thurs. 6/2)

Last sale in, first things noticed? Bonobos has been doing the brighter colors and bigger prints look for a lot longer than everyone else. Which is probably why it looks forced with others, but works for Bonobos. They know how to walk right up to the “too LOUD!” line, dangle a toe over, then run away laughing into the next room.

25% off seems to be as good as it gets for them outside of the annual Black Friday – Cyber Monday 30% or 35% off. And they go long periods without any sort of significant deal or code. There are exclusions. The stuff tagged as “icon status” seems to be a no-go for this S2SUMMER code. As are their Jetsetter suit separates. But blazers are in. As is quite a bit more.

Off we go with the picks. Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Big thanks to Theodore S. for the tip.


Solid Stretch Lightweight Chinos – $74.25 ($99)

Bonobos chinos

So these are included, but their (new) flagship stretch washed chino 2.0 pants, their original stretch washed chinos, and their weekday warrior stretch cotton dress pants are excluded. Dang. Well, if you’re Bonobos-curious, at least the lightweights will give you a good idea to how their pants fit moving forward. Especially during the upcoming warmer months.


Chambray Yarn Dye Stretch Lightweight Chinos – $74.25 ($99)

Bonobos chinos

Hard not to love chambray casual trousers in the warmer months. They’re airy, yet they have that slight variation to the visual texture that denim brings in the colder months. Without that suffocating weight. 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Just be aware of those workwear-inspired patch pockets on the rear.


Short Sleeve Riviera Shirts – $59.25 ($79)

Bonobos Riviera Shirts

Yes there are much, much cheaper alternatives in the short sleeve button up universe. But with three fits, three lengths, sizes from XS – XXL, and now 47 (forty. seven.) different Bonobos-produced-prints to pick from, it’s arguably the standard bearer for the market. Bunch of new prints just dropped, so here we are.


Throwback Swim Trunks (5″ or 7″) – $66.75 ($89)

Bonobos swim trunks

Phew. Much better. Because they look great, yet NINETY BUCKS FOR SWIM TRUNKS is a lot. Not that $67 isn’t a cup of coffee. Anyway, these are hugely popular. To the point that they don’t usually go on sale until late in the season. So the 25% off is really appreciated. Available in either 5″ inseam or 7″ inseam.


Riviera Swim Trunks (5″, 7″, or 9″ inseam) – $66.75 ($89)

Bonobos swim trunks

Sharks! Crabs! And plenty of florals, stripes, and other prints. A few solids too. And unlike the retro trunks, these come in 5″, 7″, AND a more conservative 9″ inseam. Don’t give it all away for free now. Make ’em earn those thighs, son. You did.


Jetsetter “Performance” Polo in Standard or Slim Fit – $51.75 ($69)

Bonobos polo

Size Shown: Medium Standard Fit on 5’10”/185

Also available in slim fit. Fabric is a 50% cotton / 50% “drytex acryclic” blend. A lot of us give a suspect side-eye to anything that claims to be “performance” with cotton in it (especially 50% cotton), but this one feels, looks, and wears so good that even if it doesn’t perform quite like an airy & wicking tech polo in the dead of summer, we’ll let it slide. Super soft and smooth. Doesn’t have quite the sheen as a BR Luxe Touch, but it’s plenty dressy enough to wear with an unconstructed sportcoat. Collar doesn’t button down, but it’s nice. Not a cheap ribbed floppy thing. It’s made well, and from the same smooth fabric as the body of the shirt. Lots of colors. The “honey mustard” shown above is already on sale, but just about sold out at post time. Also worth mentioning: they’re machine wash, tumble dry low. Heck yeah.  Seems like the spendier “nicer” polos this year have all been lay flat to dry/line dry. Not here. Not these.


Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazers – $300 ($400)

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazers

There’s an argument to be made that the ultimate dressed-up but staying cool summer outfit is a pair of breathable chinos (lululemon or BR core temp), a nice dress shirt or polo, and an airy, barely-there sportcoat. (Examples of this outfit template can be found here, here, here, here, here, & here.)

For a lot of us, the Bonobos unconstructed Italian hopsack wool blazers are the go-to for the sportcoat portion of that terrific combo. Code gets you a cool hundred bucks off for one of if not the coolest blazer around. Barely-there construction with an airy, self-fabric (the hopsack stuff) butterfly-only lined back. Full review here. Sizes shown above are a 40R in the light gray on Joe who is 5’10″/190 in that shot. The medium gray is (unaltered) and shown on James who’s 5’6″/135 and wearing a 36S.


Tech Short Sleeve Shirt – $74.25 ($99)

Bonobos short sleeve shirts

For those of us hooked on techwear that looks like menswear and are willing to invest in the upcharge. Wicks sweat, dries fast, designed to keep you extra cool. 93% nylon / 7% spandex. No buttons on the collar, hidden or obvious. Which is kind of a bummer. Does come with removable collar stays though.


Jersey (T-Shirt fabric) Riviera Shirts – $59.25 ($79)

Bonobos Jersey (T-Shirt fabric) Riviera Shirt

The t-shirt fabric version of the Riviera. Instead of a woven poplin, these are cut in a 100% pima cotton, ultra soft, knit jersey fabric. I don’t know what brand was the first one to do this, but it was pretty smart.


Unconstructed Linen & Linen Blend Blazers – $337.50 ($450)

Bonobos linen sportcoats

Super summery. Khaki = all linen, while the ice blue, blue glen plaid, and navy glen plaid are linen blends. Airy and lightweight. Not as versatile as the unconstructed Italian hopsack wool blazer (which will keep you just as cool, promise), but there are some fun colors and patterns to play with on these.


Italian Stretch Chinos – $104.25 ($139)

Something to wear with the linen blazer? Not that you couldn’t wear a pair of the less-expensive lightweight chinos with a summery blazer. But these are nicer/more dressy, thanks to the Italian stretch fabric (98% cotton/2% spandex), that clean dress-tab style closure, and the crease down the front of each leg. Think loafers and a sweater polo, and not sneakers and a tee.


Knit Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt – $59.25 ($79)

Bonobos Knit Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt

How do you make a short sleeve, button down oxford not look like you stole it from Homer Simpson’s locker at the Nuclear Power Plant? First, fit. Second, you make it out of a stretchy knit all cotton fabric. And third… you wear it untucked.


Italian Performance Suit – $562.50 ($750)

Italian Performance Suit

That’s a lot for a suit that doesn’t claim to be half-canvas (maybe it is?) but suits are getting harder and harder to find at a reasonable price. Especially when it comes to suit separates, which these are. You will need the legs hemmed, but at least you can pick and choose your waist size for the trouser, as well as whatever jacket size (and fit) you’d like, instead of being stuck in a “nested” pair. Available in either a dark navy or dark charcoal gray, or a lighter “navy” or lighter gray as shown above.


Italian Wool Dress Pants – $149.25 ($199)

Bonobos Italian Wool Dress Pants

It’s enormously difficult to find wool dress pants these days. Blame Zoom, and people going shirt & tie up top, and boxers and flip flops down below. Now, as spendy as these are, they’ve actually got a ton of things going for them. Fabric is an Italian 98% Wool, 2% Elastane stretch wool blend. They come in five (yes FIVE) different fits, a ton of different sizes, AND they’re sold in precise inseam lengths. So a lot of guys might just be able to get away without any sort of trip to the tailor. Nice, right? That and the free shipping and free returns makes for them quite possibly being an off-the-rack, no fuss no muss no pinning/cutting/altering pair of dress trousers.


The Off Duty Pant – $74.25 ($99)

Bonobos The Off Duty Pant

“Choggers.” Elastic waist, button closure, interior drawstring, but made from a stretch chino fabric (83% Cotton/15% Rayon/2% Elastane) with regular/non-elastic hems. Lots of colors.


Jetsetter Short Sleeve Performance Henley – $44.25 ($59)

Bonobos Jetsetter Short Sleeve Performance Henley

Slim or standard fits. Same fabric as their polos. Super comfortable. The whole shirt feels well built, with a flattering athletic-leaning silhouette. Expensive for sure, but the fabric is a notch above the competition. The cotton is extremely soft – reminiscent of BR’s luxury touch polos, but even better. 50% Pima cotton and 50% “Drytex” fiber for moisture wicking.


Premium Stretch Jeans – $111.75 ($149)

Bonobos Premium Stretch Jeans

Spendy. But made in slim, athletic, and straight fits. They even won our Athletic Fit jeans round up once upon a time. 94% cotton, 5% Polyester, 1% Elastane.


Italian Cotton Knit Blazers – $223.50 ($298)

Bonobos Italian Cotton Knit Blazers

100% Italian cotton here. Knit, but leans more towards a sportcoat than a sweater. More than a couple colors to choose from. Highlighted in a couple recent style scenarios. Classy but relaxed. Contemporary but not loud or flashy. Thicker than the unconstructed wool blazers, so along with it being made of cotton, it’ll run warmer in hot temperatures. But I’ll be darned if you don’t find ways to wear one of these (or something like it) if you pick one up and it fits you great.


Performance Link Pants – $89.25 ($119)

Bonobos Performance Link Pants

100% recycled poly golf pants with performance features. Perfect for taking a metal stick and whacking at tiny little ball with it and then getting in a goofy little vehicle and chasing after the little ball and repeating that cycle of madness over and over again. While drinking. Probably.


Extra Stretch Travel Jeans – $74.25 ($99)

Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans

An updated, stretchier version of their hugely popular travel jean. Size shown above on Jason (5’7″/175) is a 32×28 in Athletic Fit (color is sold out at post time). Full review here. His advice: consider sizing down one waist size.


Made in the USA Premium Necktie w/ Dinosaur Print – $59.25 ($79)

Bonobos dinosaur tie

Life. It finds a way. Rawr. Hi Science Teacher Matt! What’s up, Sir??

The 25% off code S2SUMMER expires this Thursday, June 2nd 2022.

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