Chocolate Glaze Recipe


Chocolate Glaze Recipe

Va-va-voom! A shiny Chocolate Glaze is the ultimate finishing touch for any homemade cake or cookie, full of deep, dark chocolate flavor. Think of this recipe as the little black dress of the pastry world; it always looks good, it's easy to make (only 3 basic ingredients!) and no dessert should be without it.

Just a thought: drizzle Chocolate Glaze over homemade Beignets or a chilled Icebox Cake for a next-level dessert at your upcoming party. It sets up perfectly on Flourless Chocolate Cake, too. Need an easy dessert, right this minute? Say no more--here are some of our faves.

Chocolate glaze being poured onto a flourless chocolate cake.
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Smooth as silk and easy as pie to make, this versatile chocolate glaze transforms any simple dessert into a black-tie affair. Spread it over muffins or sheet cakes. Or pour it over your fanciest bundt cakes so that the glaze can hug every curve and ripple. It sets up firm, but still melts in your mouth when you take a bite.

Drizzle the glaze while still warm over cookies placed on a wire rack, over a sheet tray. The tray will catch the extra glaze. Or just pour the whole bowl over a chilled cake on a platter and let the glaze pool decadently around the sides. Once the cake is long gone, everyone can mop up the rest with their fingers. It's the only way to go, with this wonderful glaze.

Making a double batch of chocolate glaze? Who could blame you? Click and slide the number next to servings on the recipe card below to adjust the ingredients to match how many youre feedingthe recipe does the math for you, its that easy.

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