Despite what you might believe, limited space does not need to mean limited design choice


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In fact, some of the most visually intriguing rooms stand out because they utilize small spaces in creative ways.

Already one of the smallest rooms in most homes, tiny bathrooms present a unique challenge. But if you’re ready to learn how to transform a cramped space into the bathroom of your dreams, keep reading for some of our favorite small bathroom ideas.

1. White Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Designing a white bathroom doesn’t need to be boring as long as you add a little texture. Tile and furnishings are both easy ways to make an all-white bathroom feel multidimensional.

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If you’re fortunate enough to have natural light in your small bathroom, potted plants will bring life to the space. If not, consider investing in some high-quality fake plants instead.

2. Tiny Bathroom Tile Ideas

Subway tiles are a home decor staple, but it’s amazing what you can accomplish with a unique color palette or geometric pattern.

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Adding intricate tiles to your bathroom floor, shower, or walls can single-handedly elevate the entire space.

3. Black And White Tiny Bathroom Ideas

When decorating a small space, sometimes, the best approach is to do away with color entirely. With a little creativity, black and white are all you need to turn a small bathroom into an expertly curated space.

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To add intrigue with such a limited color palette, you might consider playing around with contrast. A fun patterned wallpaper, floor tile, or shower curtain can add instant life to a monochromatic bathroom renovation. Don’t be afraid to add a tiny splash of color with vibrant hand towels or bathroom-friendly potted plants.

4. Storage Ideas For Tiny Bathroom Ideas

You can never have too much storage, especially when working with limited square footage. Whether redesigning a full bath or a powder room, be sure to prioritize functional storage along with your decor choices.

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Opt for under-sink cabinets rather than a pedestal sink and a large medicine cabinet over a plain mirror. Wall-mounted and over-the-toilet shelves can help fill the gaps in your storage needs without cluttering your bathroom floor.

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5. Tiny Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

It might not get as much use as your full bath, but your home’s powder room deserves just as much (if not more) time and attention. After all, you want to leave a good impression on any guests that come to visit.

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Storage space isn’t as important as in a full-sized bathroom, but you should still provide enough space to stow spare toilet paper and other toiletries. Simple, straightforward decor will ensure your bathroom is welcoming to guests without leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

6. Dark Tiny Bathroom Ideas

For a dark swath of color, wall paint is your best bet. Avoid eggshell or glossy paint, which will make the walls feel too imposing. A matte finish will ensure your walls fade into the background.

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Contrasting accent walls, tile, or fixtures are excellent ways to break up the space even more. By strategically using a mix of light and dark colors in your tiny bathroom design, you can create a cozy, luxurious space that won’t feel too stifled.

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7. Lighting Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Quality lighting is an integral part of any small bathroom design. Take advantage of unique features like self-lit mirrors or dimmable bulbs to really make the space shine. Hanging and wall-mounted fixtures are also great ways to add design elements without taking up valuable floor space.

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While your lighting fixtures should coordinate with the rest of your bathroom design, don’t be afraid to get creative. For example, oversized Edison bulbs would make a striking addition to an industrial bathroom, but would also fit right in with rustic farmhouse decor.

8. RV/Tinyhouse/Yacht Tiny Bathroom Ideas

For the smallest bathroom floor plan around, look no further than your nearest RV, tiny home, or yacht. But while these rooms fit a ton of function into just a few square feet, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to neglect their decor.

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Because these bathrooms are so tiny, focus on what you can do with items already in your bathroom. Hand towels, plumbing fixtures, and wall hangings are all ways to add character without wasting space. If natural light is available, hanging planters can also liven up the room without getting in the way of your daily bathroom routine.

9. Rustic Tiny Bathroom Ideas

If you’re looking for farmhouse decor’s more masculine cousin, you’ve come to the right place. Rustic bathroom decor brings the perfect amount of the rough-and-tumble outdoors into the comfort of your own home.

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For maximum rustic charm, use wood paneling instead of ceramic tiles. Live-edge wood is an excellent option for hanging shelves or cabinets. Finish the look with a metal basin or raw stone sink and cast iron-inspired plumbing fixtures.

10. Small Vanity Tiny Bathroom Ideas

If your current bathroom has you feeling like there’s no space to go about your morning routine, it’s time for a change. Replacing a pedestal sink with even the smallest vanity countertop can completely transform a room while also making it more practical for day-to-day use.

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Whether you opt for a built-in or vessel sink, the counter space surrounding it is invaluable. To keep your small vanity uncluttered, be sure to invest in ample storage. Under-sink cabinets are a must, but don’t write-off wall-mounted bathroom storage like shelves or a medicine cabinet.

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11. Fixtures Tiny Bathroom Ideas

There are three things every full bathroom needs; a sink, a toilet, and a tub or shower. So why not take advantage of these must-have fixtures when brainstorming bathroom design ideas?

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If your ideal bathroom is stylish yet minimalist, invest in a unique vessel or trough sink to anchor the space. Combined with a floating vanity and coordinating plumbing fixtures, a simple sink can tie the whole room together.

13. Space Saving Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Depending on your bathroom’s exact size and shape, you might need to get creative to fit everything you need inside a single room. Corner-fitted sinks, vanities, and even showers make it easier to fit all of the necessary fixtures into a small bathroom floor plan.

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For added storage, fill empty spaces on your bathroom walls with cabinets or shelves. Many people neglect installing cabinets above or behind their toilet when it’s an excellent place to store toiletries.

14. Grey Tiny Bathroom Ideas

For a fresh take on the all-white look, try adding shades of grey to your small bathroom design. Putting together a grey bathroom can be as simple as a coat of paint. Or you can go all-in with intricate tiling on the floors and walls. Contrast these surfaces with black or white fixtures.

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Using several different shades in your small bathroom will add depth. Just make sure these shades are all cool or warm-toned to prevent clashing.

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15. Industrial Tiny Bathroom Ideas

One of the quickest ways to update your small bathroom remodel is to do away with the shower curtain and install an industrial glass shower door.

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Of course, the industrial movement is popular for its love of exposed ducts and pipes. Even if you can’t utilize real exposed plumbing in your new bathroom layout, consider using repurposed pipe as a curtain rod, towel rack, or toilet paper holder.

16. Contemporary Tiny Bathroom Ideas

In contemporary bathroom design, natural textures and geometric shapes come together as one. It’s also the perfect backdrop for those uber-modern fixtures you’ve always dreamed of — like a floating toilet, rain shower, or vessel sink.

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To achieve this aesthetic in your small bathroom, choose stone or wood paneling over traditional subway or mosaic tile. Finish off the look with a simple round mirror and minimalist plumbing fixtures.

Tiny Bathroom Ideas FAQs
What qualifies as a tiny bathroom?

There’s no square footage requirement for determining whether or not you have a tiny bathroom. Instead, ask yourself if you want to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is. If the answer is yes, these tiny bathroom ideas are for you.

What are some other tricks to make a small bathroom appear larger?

To give the illusion of a larger room, look for ways to add visual space. This could mean hanging a large mirror or installing a window in your bathroom. Even though these techniques won’t add physical space to your bathroom, they will make the room look larger.

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