Hi friends!  How was your weekend?  We had a great one here.  Brian and I had a lovely date night on Friday at Bludorn- such a treat, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is hip and alive!  And the service is impeccable, our waiter was darling!


We celebrated my nephew’s 5th birthday on Saturday and he and Jordan are so happy to be “twins” now!   The party was at Texas Jump ‘N Splash and it was soooo hot, but also a lot of fun.  We took turns cooling off in the AC part where they had a virtual reality game and air hockey.  Jordan and I love playing that game and she’s really good- and competitive!

Sunday, was also great and productive. We started the day with a walk to the park, saw Space Jam with Brian and the girls at iPic, and then, in an  impromptu turn of events, moved James’ room into the media room!

He’s been talking about it for awhile, but we finally took the plunge this weekend.  It’s not done yet, but he’s so thrilled to have that big space!

And today, I have another home project to share with you!


I’m so excited to invite you into my master closet today!  I’ve organized and reorganized my closet over the years, but this is by far my favorite reiteration to date.  Since I last shared my closet in January 2018, I’ve donated so many things and have also streamlined the things I keep.

What’s left are things I love, use, and/or wear and it makes me so happy to walk into this space and have room to breathe.

This closet measures 9’4″ x 12’2″- more than enough room for everything.  There’s a built-in dresser, center island with 12 large cubbies, shoe shelves (and I added more), and additional shelving behind the door.


I worked on making the shelving above the dresser prettier by choosing a soothing color palette of pink tones and adding in some of my favorite books and accessories.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder

On the top shelf are decorative pale pink boxes that I used to fill in the space.  They’re currently empty, but make for great storage if you need it.

My Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff bags are among my faves and looked great here.  Those Madame Chic books are really good and I’ve reread them many times.  They’re an easy read and I always leave feeling inspired to live my best life as I devour the pages.

I like to keep a few photos in this space just for that personal touch.  My babies are growing up so big and those little days seem so far away now!

That picture of me is with James when he was just a few months old!  Jordan’s photo is near my necklaces.   My Grandma Nola is also always in my heart and I love seeing this picture of how I remember her as a kid.  And now I also think, “good for you for getting a professional photo just for yourself.”  It’s totally something she would do!

Headband Holder

I keep my lipstick out for easy access.  It looks pretty and the handy acrylic holder doesn’t fit inside the drawers.

All in Good Taste • The Curated Closet • Eat Beautiful

You can repurpose any decorative container into a makeup brush holder.  This gold jar came with a Tory Burch candle I bought many, many years ago.

Domino • Styled • Living In Style • Cherry Bombe • Madame Chic

Drawer Dividers (similar) • Makeup

I do my makeup here since the lighting is good and there’s a big mirror by the dresser.  I keep all my makeup in the top drawer.  It’s easy to pull open the drawer and see everything I need at a glance and the dividers keep everything organized.

Lingerie Organizers • Handheld Vacuum

Below that are my bras, undies and socks.  I’ve narrowed these down to my very faves!  There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of undies that make you uncomfortable, or worse, socks that don’t stay on your feet!  These drawer organizers are so handy!  They keep everything separated and have some give, so your things can expand to take up the space.

When I snapped this pic, I was worried at first glance you’d think that, ahem . . . appliance was something else!  I just got this mini handheld vacuum that is not only so super cute and pretty, but it has enough suction for the jobs I need.  I’ve been using it to get the dust and lint out of my drawers and under my hanging clothes where dirt tends to accumulate.  It’s so much easier to just grab this rechargeable vacuum instead of having to head down the hall to drag out my big vacuum cleaner!

Handheld Vacuum

Next up is my athletic wear- tanks, sports bras, shorts and long sleeve tees.  My leggings are in cubbies behind the door.

Linen Drawer Dividers (similar)

In the bottom drawer are my pajamas and loungewear. I like these sturdy drawer dividers that I found at the Container Store because they’re linen, nice and strong, and fit perfectly inside my drawers.


Woven Storage Bins

I added functional, decorative boxes inside the cubbies to make the area look more put together and to corral the clothes better.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

I keep jean shorts, sweaters, scarves and belts here.

PRO TIP: In retrospect, I would have loved this island to have a clear top with shallow drawers that I could store my jewelry and sunglasses.  And perhaps drawers where the cubbies are. 


The shoe shelves (where the jeans are) were designed to hold about 50 pairs of shoes and, several years ago, I had that many, and more.  So much more that I had additional shoe shelves installed (to the right where the boots are)!

Striped Slippers • UGG Moccasin Slippers • UGG Slippers • Fuzzy Slippers

But now, I don’t have as many shoes, and I keep the ones I wear most often in my sitting room because it’s easy to try them on and off when I’m doing Dressing Room posts.

PRO TIP: Make sure to have the height of your shoes be tall enough for your booties.  Mine don’t fit well on my shoe shelves, which is why I put them above the hanging clothes.

Label Maker

I used to hang my jeans, but since I have the space, I find it easier to fold them and put them on a shelf.  I also organize them by brand with clear labels. They’re in alphabetical order, except for the jeans on the top shelves, which are all from Amazon.


Over the Door Hanger • Woven Storage Bins • Fabric Box

The shelves behind the door hold snow and rain boots in the top two shelves.  Below that are my leggings, again, organized by brand. In the bottom Fabric Box is lingerie.


Chandelier • Candle • Matches • Amber Vase • Faux Tulips • Similar Tray

I organize my hanging clothes by type of item, then by color.   I started with tanks, camisoles and bodysuits, then short sleeve tees.

The next section is all Amazon.  I start with tanks, then tees, long sleeve tops, sweaters/sweatshirts and blouses.

Rounding the corner is more Amazon (I really like my Amazon finds!) skirts, pants, vests, and jackets.


Long dresses hang in the back.  Next up are cardigans, long sleeve tees and tops, then blouses.  I love this little ottoman that not only looks pretty, but is functional as a step stool for helping me reach that high hanging rack.

Velvet Hangers • Children’s Hangers • Clips

I’ve been fond of these thin velvet hangers because they double the room inside your closet!  The velvet material also keeps your clothes from slipping off the hanger.  I also use the children’s hangers to hang skirts and pants.


Acrylic Earring Ladder • 3-Tier Bracelet Holder • Leaf Tray (similar in gold) – (a gift from Rhonda!)

Since I clear space where more hanging clothes could be stored, I use that shelf for jewelry storage.  And, to make the most of the vertical space, I hang my hats with a thumbtack! It makes them easy to see and helps them keep their shape.

Acrylic Earring Ladder • 3-Tier Bracelet Holder • All Weather Bangles

I really love the earring ladder- so much so that I bought three!  The design is so sleek and it makes your earrings look like art!

Similar Peace Sign • Felt Hat • Round Marble Tray • Acrylic Earring Tree • 3-Tier Bracelet Holder

Little dishes, trays and bowls also make for pretty storage.  I think I found that gold foil bowl at Homegoods and the 8-inch marble tray is from Amazon.

Ring Holder

Wooden Tie Rack

It’s also good to think outside the box when it comes to organization.  I’ve used this wooden tie rack as a hanger for my necklaces for years!  I love how it keeps them from getting tangled and I can easily see what I have.

Acrylic Jewelry Box

Acrylic boxes help keep your jewelry contained dust free. This box had a felt interior that I ended up removing because I liked it better just clear.

Clear Makeup Organizer

Here’s another acrylic organizer that said it was intended to hold makeup.  And, in fact, I do have one of these in my makeup drawer and they’re perfect for organizing compacts and blushes.  But, they also are perfect for all of my wrap bracelets.


Divorce sucks.

Really bad.

On the bright side, I have a second walk-in closet now.

I use that extra closet mainly as a “working closet” to hold new clothing orders and items for the dressing room posts I share with you.  After I’m done photographing the item, if I haven’t worn it outside of the house, most of it gets returned.

I buy these clothes myself and there’s no way I could keep everything, nor would I want to.  Part of my job is to share new fashion with you and how to style things, so I constantly need new inventory to share.

If I really love and want to keep something, I will, and it moves into my main closet.

I also use the second closet to store handbags and winter coats.  There’s also a built in dresser there that holds my swimsuits and coverups.  My two suitcases are also in there.

If I ever lose that second closet, I could make this one closet work, but it sure is nice for now!


This is the closet I get ready in and get dressed in every morning.  I love having only wearable options in here.  Last year, everything I wore something, I put it on a black hanger.  By the end of the year, I took a hard look at all of the things on white hangers and decided weather to donate or keep those things.

You can also do this by turning your hangers the opposite direction.  It’s really interesting to see what you wear (on repeat) and what you never wear!  I’m sure you recognize some of the things in my closet from me wearing on repeat!

It’s also so refreshing to have everything tidy and organized.  I used to be bad about leaving clothes on the island or not putting things back right away.  But, now I’m pretty good about DO IT NOW.  Clutter makes me anxious, so I’d rather deal with taking two minutes to hang something or put it in a drawer, rather than have to look at it later.  It’s also that “silent to do list” that mocks you when you don’t put your things away.

I hope you found this closet tour helping and got some ideas for organizing your own closet.  I’ll be doing a tour on my Instagram Stories soon, so hope to see you there!

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Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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