How to Make a Giant Dreamcatcher Tutorial

I remember the first time I made a dream catcher. I hadn’t lived in Oklahoma very long and it was something a friend’s mother loosely showed us how while we were supposed to be making origami for a class project. I thought it was so interesting and having just moved to a new place as a little kid the idea of something that could snatch away my bad dreams was something pretty awesome.

I’ve only made one other dream catcher since then, also here on Mom Spark, and it’s hung in my office ever since. I love it. But lately I’ve been having some worse than normal nightmares and sleep has been difficult to come by either from feeling poorly or those dreaded dreams taking over in the middle of the night. So why not make a GIGANTIC dream catcher to catch those big baddies? I went to town and found the biggest circle I could, a hula hoop, and I got right to it!

For this project you will need:
Hula hoop Thick yarn/rope Tape or fabric with a neutral pattern

I couldn’t find a hula hoop that was in a neutral color so I had to improvise. This one came from Michael’s for $5 in their summer fun type of section.

I found this “burlap” patterned Duck tape in my stash and decided to cover the holographic silver and purple pattern with it. You can also use fabric or ribbon, whatever you have on hand can easily work.

Cover the hula hoop with your found material and go back and patch up any missed spots.

And now it’s time to start weaving, I suppose you’d call it, this dream catcher! Tie off your yarn onto your hula hoop.

Wrap your yarn or rope around the hoop where you first want your dream catcher to start. The closer together in the beginning, the tighter the weave when you get to the center. Hold the rope or yarn onto the hoop and then pull the string through the loop it creates like in the picture above. This is the basis for how you will knot the entire piece.

Continue around and around the hoop. Once you’ve finished that circuit you’ll start connecting in the middle of the yarn/rope from the previous round, looping the string in the exact same way.

You just go around and around. If you run out of string or yarn simply tie off the old piece and tie on new. The knots can easily get bulky, and I wish that I had made simple single knots reinforced by glue rather than double knotting 2 pieces. They’d be far less bulky and noticeable in my finished project.

Once you get to the center tie off and you’re set. You can adorn your dream catcher any way you wish, even like the one I made here previously.

Remember that one? Isn’t she pretty? She still lives right there next to the moose who, unfortunately, has become something of a clothes rack 🙂

Whether you make it fancy, or keep it simple, one thing’s for sure… this jumbo dream catcher is so fun, so neat and the perfect addition to any statement wall. And if it happens to snatch those bad dreams out of the air before they make it to the bed of you or yours, that’s pretty awesome, too.
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