How to Tie Dye Tote Bags!



How to Tie Dye Tote Bags!

Learn how fun and easy it is to tie dye tote bags!

All you need is 100% cotton tote bags and Tulip Tie Dye Party Kit and you are ready to go!


Inviting friends over to tie dye is a fun summer tradition for us...if you haven't had the chance, try it!

Tie Dying is random and spontaneous!  It is so fun to see the reveal of how the project turns out.


Supplies Needed for Tie Dye Tote Bags:

Step 1: Prep

Fill the Tulip One Step Tie Dye bottles according to the package directions.  

I have only used Tulip One Step Tie Dyes, so I cannot vouch for any other dyes.

Fill to the fill line and shake up the dye with the cap on.

Cover the table with a disposable work surface. 

Set the baking rack on the table. 

Have gloves out and ready to go.


Step 2: Get Started

Soak the bag in a basin of water.  

This will prep the bag and help the it absorb the dye.

Step 3: Tie Dye

Lay the bag on the table.

Check out the video for sped up tie dying fun!

Let's make a Rainbow Tie Dye Tote!

Fold in half and draw half a rainbow on the bag with the marker, the highest part on the folded line.

Gather the bag along the line and tie a zip tie tightly over the marker line.  

Then add zip ties down the bag.  

Watch the video for all the details!


Until you have tied on 8 zip ties.


Place the bag on the baking rack.  

Fill the top space with red dye, move onto orange and yellow...


Continue with the rest of the rainbow.


Add blue dye to the top and the bottom of the bag.

Then turn over and fill the other side with the same colors.  


Place in a plastic grocery bag and let it sit in the sun for 8 hours.  

Then wash it out in the sink, clip the zip ties off and continue washing until the water runs clear.  

Then immediately wash in the washing machine, dry it and enjoy!


Now let's make a Heart Bag!

Fold the bag in half and draw a half heart on the bag, with the points on the folded edge.


Gather the marker line so it makes a straight line and tie it off with a zip tie.  

Then add zip ties up the rest of the bag...just like the rainbow bag.  


Place on the baking rack and add colors.  

The red one is the heart shape.  

Turn over and repeat the colors on the backside.  

Place in a plastic grocery bag and let it sit in the sun for 8 hours.  

Then clip off the zip ties and rinse in the sink until the water runs clear.  


Put it in the washing machine and wash it like a normal load.  

I washed all the totes together after I rinsed them.

This tie dyed heart tote is so cute!


Let's make a Galaxy Tote!

Wet the bag and place on the table.  

No need for the rack.  


Fill the bag with bright, vibrant dyes.


Add splashes, swirls and dyes of every color.


It's awesome just like this!


Or turn it into a galaxy by adding black!


Set in the sun in a plastic bag, rinse thoroughly, wash and dry!  

The vibrancy has dimmed, but it's still a great galactic bag!  

Just add planets and stars.


Twist the wet tote bag and wrap it in rubber bands.

Add all kinds of tie dye colors.

Then let the tote sit in a plastic bag 4-6 hours before rinsing out and washing.

Let your tie dye party friends experiment and they will come up with clever and unique ideas!  

Like this tie dye pineapple tote bag!

These cotton tie dye totes are perfect for shopping, weekends at grandma's, the farmer's market, a Summer camp crafts and more!

That's it!

Make the perfect tie dye totes using Tulip One Step Dyes!

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