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Don’t know what magic pants are? They are leggings that people wear that are anything but black. So, they are Peloton leggings (or another brand) that have crazy designs on them. Or they are made of fabrics in bright, anything but boring colors.

At the same time I learned about magic pants and Peloton, I learned that the company has teamed with the Adidas brand to design shirts and more.

According to this article in Bicycling magazine, this clothing apparel line will include “tank tops, tights, shorts, hoodies, tees, crewnecks, sports bras, and joggers.” Peloton instructors Ally Love, Robin Arzon and Cody Rigsby all had a hand in this design collaboration.
Peloton and Adidas partnership
I wonder what kind of magic pants the Peloton brains will have come up with for Adidas? That Bicycling article mentioned that the line would be size inclusive (a big complaint from Peloton users about the Peloton line of clothing, which is not always size inclusive). And many of the Adidas-brand pieces will be gender neutral. Hey, guys wear magic pants, too!

Now that Peloton instructors have teamed up with brands like Adidas, I just know that their clothing is going to be more in demand. So, that’s why I’m writing this blog post about Peloton shirts and magic pants.

Here is my blog post about Peloton workout clothes. 
Peloton magic pants and shirts
I want this to be a regular feature on this blog that can benefit you. That is, it will designed to help you track down where you can buy the shirts, magic pants or other gear that you’ve seen your favorite Peloton instructor wearing in class.

To make it even more fun, I’m planning on doing a “who wore it best” feature regularly on my Instagram. (You are following me on Instagram, right? If not, here is a link to my Instagram.)

That is, I’ll find two or more Peloton instructors who are wearing similar shirts or the same color magic pants or some other similarity. I’ll put their pictures side by side, and you can let me know in the Instagram comments which you like the best.

At the same time that I’m doing the “who wore it best” over Instagram, I’ll be posting shopping information within this blog post. So, this post about Peloton shirts and magic pants is going to get really long. I’ll probably have to break up the posts my date so you can find what you’re looking for.
Brands of shirts and Peloton magic pants instructors wear
Below, I’ve listed some of the brands of shirts, sports bras and magic pants that instructors tend to wear. When possible I’ve included mention of which instructor wore which brand.

Of course, I’ve included a link and any coupon codes I could find, in case you want to go shopping. 
925 Fit brand
925 Fit (Peloton sold this brand’s “Get in Line” strappy sports bra; I own it in mint green)
Adidas brand
I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of Adidas brand Peloton shirts and magic pants. As mentioned earlier, Peloton and Adidas have partnered to create a new line of clothing. Recently, I saw Cody Rigsby wearing a hot pink Adidas short-sleeve shirt on one of his rides.
All Access brand
All Access fitness line is one of the brands that Peloton instructor Ally Love, well, loves. You can find All Access clothing on a shopping site called Revolve. So, definitely check it out.
EleVen by Venus Williams
Becs Gentry recently sported EleVen by Venus Williams brand’s Wonder Woman bra in class. You can shop for EleVen by Venus Williams on the Revolve site.

FYI, I know that in the past you could request EleVen by Venus Williams activewear in plus sizes when you order a subscription box from Dia&Co. So, that’s another place to look for activewear from this brand.
Free People Movement
Free People Movement is the activewear line within the Free People brand. Pro tip: looking for Free People activewear shirts and magic pants on sale at Nordstrom Rack. Every time I shop at Nordstrom Rack, I find tons of Free People stuff at great prices.
K. Deer
If you’ve seen instructor Christine D’Ercole wearing leggings that look like something Beetlejuice would wear, that’s K.Deer leggings. I’ve seen fantastic prices on K. Deer magic pants on eBay. Some are new with tags. Others are used in excellent condition.
Koral brand
Kendall Toole has worn the Maddox style Koral sports bras on at least a few of her recent rides. You can find Koral brand activewear at Saks Fifth Avenue.
I’ve seen plenty of Peloton instructors wearing Nike brand sports bras. You can see the swoosh if you look closely.

Recently, Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin paired lime-green Nike Super Rep Cycling shoes with her lime-green outfit during a Live DJ ride. So look out for Nike cycling shoes, too.
Peloton instructor Jess Sims recently wore a pair of Reebok Lux Bold Leggings aka magic pants. Well, people freaked out, because they loved them so much. 
Spiritual Gangster
I have a number of Peloton shirts from the Spiritual Gangster brand. Also, I know that yoga instructor Kristin McGee wore super cool leopard leggings from this brand during an advance flow class.
Under Armour
Under Armour seems to be one of Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell’s favorite brands. Recently, she wore a hot pink Under Armour sports bra on one of her groove rides. Then a few days later, she was sporting Under Armour magic pants in a purple harlequin pattern. Go, Emma!
Magic pants and sports bras
Another thing that popular among the Peloton magic pants crowd–sports bras in crazy patterns, colors or decorations. For example, some instructors have worn sports bras with sequins on them underneath regular workout tops. Other instructors have worn sports bras that give a nod to pop culture.

Case in point: Recently, both Bec Gentry and Olivia Amato wore a Wonder Woman-inspired bra to teach their respective Peloton classes. That navy sports bras is from the aforementioned EleVen by Venus Williams brand. And, from what I understand, you can buy it at Saks Fifth Avenue online. 

While searching the Saks site, I found tons of fun women’s sports bras that would fit the magic pants theme. That is, activewear featuring fun patterns. I’ve highlighted some of them below.
Magic pants inspired sports bras Peloton Magic Pants: Sports Bras
Check out these fun patterned, magic pants-inspired sports bras you may have seen your favorite Peloton instructors wearing in a recent class.
Eleven by Venus See It at Saks Adidas Stella McCartney See It at Saks Terez 
Totally Tie Dye Hi-Shine Sports Bra
See It at Saks FP Movement 
Free People Movement Good Karma Tie Dye Sports Bra
See It at Saks Koral
Koral Dakota Blackout Sports Bra
See It at Saks One shoulder sports bras

One-Shoulder Sports Bras
Lately, I've noticed certain Peloton instructors sporting one-shoulder sports bras in class. This includes Jess Sims, Rebecca Kennedy and Jess King.

Below, I've included the brands they wore. Or, if the one-shouldered sports bra is no longer available or sold out, I've substituted a reasonable fascimilies of those brands.
Running Girl
RUNNING GIRL One Shoulder Sports Bra Workout Yoga Bra Sexy Cute Medium Support
See It on Amazon Alo Yoga
Alo Yoga Offset Bralette
See It at Alo Yoga Fabletics
This is a Harlow, one-shoulder, reversible sports bra. The opposite side color is pink. In sizes up to 4X.
See It at Fabletics Please check out my new blog post about Peloton Instructor Who Wore It Best. This goes along with a new weekly feature on my Instagram feed. It’s called Who Wore It Best Wednesday.

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