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Lighting your balcony is not as complicated as you may think. In fact, it can be quite simple and easy if you use a few well-thought-out tips. Using the proper amount of lights will make your balcony deck or balcony space safer for nighttime hours. Here are some simple apartment balcony lighting ideas that you can use in planning to get the right amount of lights for your balcony deck or balcony area.
Feels Romantic with String Lights
Installing apartment balcony lighting with string lights is a great idea if you are looking for a different ambiance in your outdoor area. It will give a major impact. You can feel a romantic ambiance by installing this lighting fixture. There are several ways of installing these lights onto your apartment balcony. They are usually installed using long rope lights that you tie between two apartment walls or even between three apartment walls. Or, you can install the string lights on the handrail of your apartment balcony fence. This kind of balcony lighting will blend well with your sofa or daybed to create a cozy nuance.

If you need lighting in the apartment balcony decoration, string lights are the right choice and you should try them. Apply this white light string light on the fence and standing wooden rack for maximum lighting, don’t forget to add another lighting such as candle holders to accompany your night while in the balcony in detail. Combination of string light with a candle holder from shelterness.

This iron balcony fence becomes an area to wrap several string lights appropriately, you can buy this lamp with a longer size so that the light you get more. The resulting ambient lighting makes this apartment balcony decoration feel more dramatic and romantic. Don’t forget to add a coffee table set as a cool relaxing area in the morning or evening, you can choose furniture with bold colors like red. String light wrapped around the fence from shelterness.

To accompany your dinner in a relaxed and warm atmosphere while on the balcony, the string lights and lantern chandeliers are a combination of lighting which makes the atmosphere of the balcony more beautiful and warm. In addition, string light also has a selling price that is not too expensive so that anyone who likes it, including you, with this, the balcony apartment decoration will save more on expenses. String light on the budget from balconygardenweb.
Look Beautiful with Paper Lanterns
If you are looking for a novel way to light your apartment balcony, consider using paper lanterns. These low-cost, easy to install fixtures are not only attractive, and pleasing to the eye, but can also be a practical and economical way to enhance the overall look of your interior. Typically used for outdoor decks or as a patio, or garden lights, paper lanterns can add a dramatic touch to a balcony that may not have enough other lighting. These floating fixtures are made out of durable, waterproof material that can withstand rain, wind, and even snow. In order to achieve the desired effect, simply place them atop a sturdy base or you can hang them on the ceiling.

Another option for lighting ideas in the decor of a balcony apartment is paper lanterns that hang from the ceiling regularly. Hanging candle holders and candles on the dining table are additional lighting that can work well when combined with paper lanterns. You can use just one color on the paper lantern for a more elegant look. Elegant paper lantern decor from shelterness.

Hang white glowing paper lanterns right on the wooden pallet set table to help your lighting when on the balcony at night. Cover the built-in bench with pillows and blankets as a warm relaxing area and suitable for relaxing your mind. This green plant with galvanized pot is a fresh decoration and doesn’t take up much room. White light paper lanterns from shelterness.

If this paper lantern is not enough to illuminate the decor of your balcony apartment, then adding a candle holder on the floor and coffee table is an additional lighting idea that is highly recommended for you. For this DIY paper lantern, you can spread it over the balcony easily and it doesn’t take up floor space. The faux fur blanket provides a warm and soft texture all day long. DIY paper lantern from balconygardenweb.
Go Vintage with Candle Lanterns
If you want to create an ambiance in your apartment balcony, you can install candle lanterns. It is very popular that people will put up candle lanterns on the top of the apartment balcony to make it look more romantic and vintage at the same time. Candle lantern will light up your balcony like it’s the 19 century. The candle lantern is a great alternative to lighting since it can be used as a heater during cold nights. The glass panels will keep away from wind blows and make the candles still burn. To display this light, you can hang them from the ceiling or just place them on the floor or table. Since the candle lantern is not only cheap but is also very easy to install. It can be done by anyone who has some knowledge of doing home projects.

When you decide on the balcony as an outdoor dining room, don’t forget to add the main lighting through several candle holders that are placed on the wooden dining table. The lighting produced by the candle holder is more romantic and dramatic because it displays a warm yellow light and is not boring. Green plants are a cheap centerpiece because you can search around your apartment without buying them. Candle holder on the wooden dining table from digsdigs.

The combination of this candle holder with a string bulb is an affordable lighting idea because it has a selling value that is not too expensive when applied to your balcony area. Place it in several different areas, for example on tables and stainless steel trays. Star ornaments equipped with lighting are also easy and inexpensive additional lighting ideas. Green plants are an everlasting decoration. Combination of the candle holder with string bulb from digsdigs.

Several candle lanterns of different sizes give an artistic impression that is not excessive. You can put it in the floor area as the inexpensive main lighting. The string bulb that is applied to the fence is lighting that does not take up a lot of space so that it does not interfere with your space when you are on a small balcony. Candle lanterns of different sizes differ from digsdigs.

To add a vintage impression to your balcony decoration, using a gold candle holder is an easy idea that you can apply. You can put it on an empty floor area or right next to a chair. Use this candle lantern at night only because during the day you can use more natural sunlight. Gold candle lantern from digsdigs.

Those balcony lighting ideas are able to transform your balcony into a magical place that you use to enjoy the view surrounding. Create a cozy ambiance and you can enjoy the night with your beloved one.

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