Music Lover’s Small Apartment With Bright Beats [Floor Plan]


Upbeat colourful accents add character to this modern apartment, where a 5 guitar rack gives a clue about the interests of its music-loving owner. Designed by Simple Form Interiors, this 65 square metre home features a succinct open plan living space, with a comfortable lounge area for jam sessions, a space-saving one-wall kitchen installation, and a casual dining zone. A glass wall bedroom opens directly into the living room to expand the usable living space when desired. The glass wall also allows natural daylight to be shared throughout the apartment, whilst the fluted texture of the glass ensures privacy behind closed doors. Stay till the end to study the full floor plan.

The living space follows an v that capitalises on natural light from two large windows. At the centre of the layout, a bold green sofa design dominates with its size and shade.

The emerald green sectional sofa is brightly accessorised with contrasting scatter cushions.

An orange lounge chair provides another bright beat of colour at one side of the lounge. A black round coffee table makes a simple staple piece at the core of the lounge area.

Behind the green sofa, a wall of unique shelves display an assortment of items, including indoor plants and picture frames that complement the green and orange lounge decor palette.

A soft grey living room rug provides an island of solid, understated colour for the more vibrant lounge furniture pieces. The rug also serves as an effective zoning device to separate the open plan lounge from the neighbouring kitchen and dining areas.

At the opposite end to the kitchen and dining zones, there is a glass wall bedroom that borrows light from the living room.

Fluted glass doors and stationery glazed panels provide a subtle level of privacy, whilst heavy drapes can be drawn shut for complete visual isolation.

With the glass doors drawn open, the bedroom and living room become one free-flowing space.

The door to the bathroom is a flat-fronted, frameless design that blends simply with the white wall paint.

Heavy black accent pieces anchor the predominantly white home interior.

A small black side table and a mature indoor plant flank the orange accent chair to form an inviting vignette.

The kitchen is a smart one-wall installation of moody grey base units and walnut wall cabinets. A raw concrete backsplash solidly cements the space in-between, whilst a utensils rail makes way for a few colourful accent pieces, such as suspended spice jars and potted herbs.

A small dining area is situated by the kitchen window to make the most of the sunlight. An on-trend slatted dining table design adds texture to the compact eating area.

Two dining room pendant lights drop at different lengths from the ceiling to form pleasing a tiered arrangement.

Four modern black dining chairs encircle the small pedestal dining table.

A modern radiator dips below the window.

A glass vase holds an attractive botanical arrangement as an easy table centrepiece.

Directional track lights draw along the remainder of the ceiling to provide even illumination to the kitchen.

The covered balcony is fitted with a made-to-measure bench seat with storage. A couple of seat cushions make a more comfortable landing spot, whilst a modern wall sconce adds a little task lighting.

In the bedroom, a grey upholstered bed is teamed with a custom-made headboard design. Floating bedside units hold small orb lamps that emit a warm atmospheric glow.

Mirrored wardrobe doors reflect the natural light back into the room and make the small bedroom appear more spacious.

A small home workspace is set up in the corner of the bedroom with decorative wall shelves placed above it.

The dark headboard feature wall sinks into the background of the scheme. Small accessories provide notes of colour relief in the shadows.

Grey portiere curtains and a matching desk chair complement the charcoal headboard wall treatment.

A row of white wardrobes solidly fills an entire wall of the bedroom, providing the largest storage compartment in the home.

The wardrobes wrap the bedroom in a neat L-shape.

A 5-guitar stand is situated just outside of the bedroom, behind the living room sofa, placing the instruments within easy grabbing distance wherever the mood for music takes hold.

The glazed bedroom wall presents the small bedroom with a more spacious and airy feel.

Black electrical sockets and switches darkly punctuate the crisp white wall decor around the floating walnut desk design.

A short run of storage units is installed beside the front door, along with a small built-in entryway bench and shoe storage unit. One of the closet doors is mirrored to offer a convenient dressing point before leaving the home.

An entryway shelf fills a small narrow nook at the opposite side of the hallway, providing an ideal landing spot for keys and phones.

The bathroom is small but well-formed with rich walnut wall cladding and a chic modern vanity unit.

Floating shower shelves place toiletries close at hand.

Shower hooks hold loofahs to dry underneath the shelves, whilst higher hooks keep towels and robes within reach.

A wall hung toilet leaves the bathroom floor clear to enlarge the overall sense of space.

A black soap dispenser and toothbrush holder tie in with the dark vanity unit and a black-framed shower screen.

Floor plan.

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