New Pledged-Asset Program Helps First-Time Homebuyers and Move-Up Buyers


Securing a large, enough down payment for your first home or one of significant value can be challenging for many people. Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation’s new Pledged-Asset Program can make your home dream come true. The program allows a buyer to use pledged assets from their investments or those from an immediate family member without liquidating the assets. 

The Pledged-Asset Program has three new eligible products, a 3/1, 5/1 and 7/1 LIBOR (London Interbank offered rate) ARM (adjustable rate mortgage). In laymen’s terms, the rate remains fixed for the first three, five or seven years of the loan respectively. The program allows you to buy a home using existing assets without putting any cash down.

The loan amount can be up to 100% of the purchase price with pledged assets substituting for the traditional down payment. To learn more, talk to a Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation loan officer today.

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