Nordstrom: Extra 25% off sale items = 55% – 70% off Spring Clearance Event

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Nordstrom Spring Clearance: 55% – 70% off 
It’s not exactly petro-chemical companies & their investors paying people to take barrels of oil off their hands (because they have nowhere to store it), but, it’s hard not to sorta think about that when you see some of these prices.

This is total speculation, but maybe it’s just a log jam? Demand is down. Supply is still rolling in because of planning and long supply chains. Stores are closed. It’s not like they can ship some of this stuff off to their Nordstrom Rack locations. What do you want them to do, build a ton of garden sheds in the (unused) parking lots?

Nordy is temporarily taking an extra 25% off what the prices were, so, prices are now marked as such online. I don’t know when the extra 25% off ends. Eye poppin’ prices. That’s what these are. And as always, everything ships and returns for free.

Bonobos Plaid Slim Fit Wool & Cotton Knit Sport Coat – $120 ($400)

70% off. I mean, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks, kids. Knit, but with much, much more polish and panache than a sweatshirt like sportcoat. 51% wool and 49% cotton.

To Boot New York Cap Toe Oxford – $118.50 ($395)

Helllooooo Nurse. Sure, shoe snobs like to rip on TBNY for their relatively high retail price, but for $120? They’re made in Italy, I believe they’re blake stitched, and probably a little sleeker than the Park Ave from Allen Edmonds. Sleek but still professional.

Nordstrom Brock Plain Toe Derby – $37.49 ($124.95)

Plain Jane? Yes. But attractive enough that “Jane” is almost certainly gonna say “nice shoes.” Perfect for business casual or smart casual. Something in-between sneakers and oxfords.

1901 Ballard Slim Fit Peached Twill Chino Pants – $17.85 ($60)

Inexpensive, basic, 98% cotton + 2% stretch chinos with a bit of a brushed texture to them.

Bonobos Unconstructed Slim Fit Wool Blazer – $135 ($450)

Another major markdown on a Bonobos sportcoat. All wool here with a micro check.

Made in Italy Good Man Brand Edge Sneaker – $88.43 ($198)

Is there such a thing as future-chic-minimalism? If there is, I’m probably not the clod to start knighting products as such. (I dub thee… Sir Sneaker, Thane of Future-Chic-Minimalism-land.) Still though, these probably fit that bill.

TheTieBar Trim Fit Solid Dress Shirt – $16.50 ($55)

WHOA. That’s a nice price. And to be honest, I’ve always liked TheTieBar dress shirts. Found them to be pretty impressive in person.

Jack Mason Camber Racing Chronograph Rubber Strap Watch, 42mm – $132.74 ($295)

For the rose gold fans on a rose gold-tone budget.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Packable Jacket – $89.55 ($199)

Post consumer recycled-nylon shell. Thermoball insulation. No hood here. Stand collar. A favorite for plenty.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Vest – $55.87 ($149)

A mighty fine return on this, wait for it… inVESTment. HAHAHAHAHA AHHHhhhhh… there’s nothing to believe in anymore.

Made in Italy GREATS Royale Sneaker – $80.55 ($179)

You can have ’em in any color you want… as long as it’s black. Because the whites are sold out.

Nordstrom Predator Attack 3-Pack Socks – $9.00 ($30)

Works out to three bucks a pair. Yes they’re cotton blend instead of wool, but, cmon. Chomp Chomp.

Nordstrom Trim Fit Comfort Blazer – $44.70 ($149)

Another enormous price drop. Put on some real pants. Put on a t-shirt or polo or OCBD. And put this thing on. It’ll help.

Bonobos Slim Fit Print Button-Down Shirt – $26.40 ($88)

A Bonobos shirt at Old Navy prices. Cock-a-doodle-doo.

adidas X_PLR 2 Sneaker – $37.49 ($85)

What are these, budget fly-knits? I’m not big on the knit sneaker thing, fellas, so I have no clue here. But they seem pretty well reviewed.

Nordstrom Trim Fit Performance Stretch Sport Coat – $59.70 ($199)

All performance fabric here (94% polyester, 6% spandex) but for sixty bucks? C’mon now. Plus Nordstrom usually gets this kinda thing right.

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Herringbone Dress Shirt – $20.85 ($69.50)

From their tech smart line. Subtle herringbone pattern for a little visual texture. Extremely well reviewed. 81% cotton, 12% polyester, 7% spandex.

Jack Mason Heritage Leather Strap Watch, 40mm – $110.24 ($245)

Mid-century looks. Too sexy.

1901 Chambray Sport Coat – $67.05 ($149)

Slubbed texture, totally unlined back, and should see plenty of use in the warm weather ahead.

Cole Haan Waterproof Wakefield Grand Chelsea Boot –  $60 ($240)

Last time these things popped up they were $120. Now they’re half that. Waterproof too.

Made in Italy Good Man Brand Wool Blend Sportcoat – $224.10 ($498)

This looks highly, highly similar to a wool blend Good Man Brand sportcoat that I own. Is it a little boxy? Yeah a little. Do I wear it all the time? Yes. I wear it all the time. I love it. 59% wool, 27% nylon, 14% viscose.

Nordstrom Grayson Waterproof Chukka Boot – $37.49 ($129.95)

Under forty bucks. Made in Italy, believe it or not. Waterproof too. I mean, what the heck.

Nordstrom Trim Fit Plaid Wool Blend Sport Coat – $89.70 ($299)

Was just going for $180. Now, an extra $90 off. Something for the spring and summer months. 52% wool, 34% lyocell, 8% cotton, 6% linen. Trim Fit here, so, hopefully you can get away with not having it tailored? Just half-lined in the back, which is great for warmer weather.

Barbour Lowerdale Regular Fit Quilted Vest – $80.99 ($180)

In the face of all the high-tech puffers, Barbour keeps making their heritage, quilted, not so puffy outerwear. And that’s more than just fine. Limited sizes here. Getting close-ish to sold out at post time.

Bonobos Slim Fit Unconstructed Wool Blend Sport Coat – $135 ($450)

Another 70% off Bonobos sportcoat. Warm weather specific here, but the fabric should do great in the shoulder seasons too. 55% wool, 35% cotton, 10% linen.

Good Man Brand Slim Fit Henley – $29.99 ($98)

Good Man makes really nice stuff. They seem like they’re about half way between J. Crew’s Wallace & Barnes Brand, and Todd Snyder. If that makes any sense. Apologies if it doesn’t. So while $30 isn’t dirt cheap for a henley, it is about the bottom for GMB.

Nordstrom David Chelsea Boot – $59.93 ($134.95)

There’s no reason one can’t wear chelseas in the warmer months. Especially if they’re earth-tone-suede numbers like these.

Nordstrom Men’s Shop “Remy” Monk Straps – $56.18 ($124.95)

Sleek. Oddly comfortable. Made in China but doesn’t look, feel, or smell cheap. A bit of subtle grip on the sole too, so you’ll stay upright on carpet/wet sidewalks. There is a chisel toe, so, traditionalists beware. A size 10.5 fit my normally 10.5D feet out of the box extremely well.

L.B.M. 1911 Trim Fit Cotton & Silk Sport Coat – $357.74 ($795)

For #teamfancypants. Still a big investment for most of us, but this is about as low as you’e gonna see L.B.M. stuff go for.  93% cotton, 7% silk. Made in Italy.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones II w Google Assistant in Sliver or Black – $299 ($349)

Not a big discount, but still worth a mention. Quiet is priceless. And our dude with a young-kid, business-traveler Adam swears by these things. Sanity savers. Put ’em on, and get some chores done.

L.B.M. 1911 Sportcoats in Cotton – $224.98 ($750) or Silk/Wool – $285 ($950)

More L.B.M. 1911 stuff here. In fact, Nordstrom has dumped a LOT of stuff from that brand in their sale section.

Bonobos Robot Silk Tie – $29.40 ($98)

*Beep Bop Boop* aren’t I cute? I scan your face when you sleep, so one day when I murder you, I can perfectly preserve your skin and wear your face over my own in order to ingratiate myself to other “fleshies.” *Boop Beep Bop*

Cole Haan ‘Colton’ Chukka Boot – $112.43 ($250)

It’s not a Nordstrom Sale Party until these things show up. Death, taxes, and these blue accented Cole Haan chukkas get marked down. Here we are again… again. Very, very well reviewed. Storm welt. Blue panels at the top and grip on the sole.

The Extra 25% off sale items blowout (prices are marked online) ends… well, I don’t know when it ends. Probably sooner rather than later though.
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