Painting mason jars is easy, fast, and the results are beautiful! Learn several techniques and get over 75 ideas for making them fabulous.


Have you ever painted a mason jar? If not, you’re missing out. I liken painting glass jars to making Christmas ornaments . . . easy . . . quick . . . fulfills the creative bug. You can make beautiful home decor, you can make gifts. You can mess up, wash it off, and start over again.

Not that it’s ever happened to me 😮

But seriously, you’re going to love these painted jars. You’re going to get excited about making them. And then you’re going to want to make more. Trust me on this!
Painting Glass Jars
Before I share the list of ideas with you, I want to go over the frequently asked questions I get about this topic. If you’re just interested in the projects, simply scroll past this section (though I hope you do find some useful information).

PS – most of these ideas are painting mason jars on the outside. If you want to paint them on the inside, this is a great post.
Do you need to prime mason jars before painting?
You don’t NEED to. BUT what the primer does is help any paint stick better and make it look less streaky. You’ll also have to use less coats of paint to coat the jar. So I recommend white primer.

Note: before I add glitter to a jar, I always use a corresponding solid paint color. That solid background allows the glitter to really pop off the surface.
How do you get paint to stick to mason jars?
You have two options. Option one: clean the outside with rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. Option two: wash with mild soap and warm/hot water and let dry. In either scenario, you want to remove oils from fingerprints, etc. so that the surface will allow paint to adhere.
What kind of paint do you use on mason jars?
I nearly always stick to acrylic paint. Under that umbrella, I use chalk paint, acrylic paint (multisurface or glass), glitter paint, and chalkboard paint. I also use acrylic spray paint as well. If you use spray
How do you cure painted mason jars?
These methods ONLY apply to glass paint or multisurface paint. For the rest of the paint types I mention above, let them air dry according to bottle instructions.
Bake Method for Curing Painted Glass Projects Allow painted item to dry for 24 hours to be sure all layers of paint have dried. Place project in a cool oven, as the glass must heat gradually with the oven to avoid breakage; do not place glass in a hot oven. Set oven temperature to 350ºF. Once temperature has reached 350ºF, allow the project to bake for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let glass cool down completely before removing from the oven. Cured surface can be washed 72 hours after baking. While painted surfaces can be safely cleaned in dishwasher, washing by hand in warm soapy water is the best way to extend the life of your project. Not safe for use in microwave.  Air-Dry Method for Curing Painted Glass Projects
Paint is cured to the surface after 21 days; however, air-dried projects are NOT suitable for use in the top rack of your dishwasher. 
How do you waterproof painted mason jars?
Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe and Mod Podge Ultra are pretty close to waterproof, although not technically fully waterproof. If you use glass paint and follow the curing instructions above this paragraph, you can hand wash the items.

Otherwise you can use a clear enamel spray or something like Minwax waterproof sealer. I always handwash. That’s just how I roll.
Can you drink out of painted mason jars?
You absolutely can. The recommendation from the “experts” is to not paint the rim of the jar or anywhere that your lips will touch. Keep the action below the rim – or if it’s flat, 3/4″ – 1″ below the top. Also keep the paint on the outside (I think that’s a given but just in case you’re curious).

Are you ready to get the jar painting ideas? Check out the list below!
Painted Mason Jars
Learn how to paint glass jars with one of these awesome ideas! Great projects for home decor, gifts, storage, and more.
Chalk Paint Mason Jars
Learn how to paint distressed, chalky mason jars with a matte finish! This is a perfect project for farmhouse or rustic decor.
Read the Guide Mason Jar Lanterns
Learn how to make DIY sea glass lanterns with glass paint and mason jars. These are really easy and make a big impact.
Read the Guide Cutesy Daisy Jars Photo Credit: Linda Braden
It couldn't be easier to make the tiny flowers on these bright and cheerful jars. I love the idea of filling them with flowers for decorating or gifts.
Continue Reading Picture Frame Vase Photo Credit: Beth Hunter
Upcycle a mason jar into an affordable and thoughtful vase using supplies you most likely have on hand! This makes a great DIY gift!
Continue Reading Distressed Chalkboard Photo Credit: Jen Causey
Jen shares a super easy technique to achieve a distressed chalkboard mason jar look – which would add the perfect rustic look to your spring or wedding decor!
Continue Reading Glitter Leopard Print Photo Credit: Kelly Styles
I'm not sure that life is complete without a little glitter and a little bit of leopard print. These are perfect for a bathroom or makeup table . . . but I can imagine them in a safari themed nursery as well.
Continue Reading Rae Dunn-Inspired Utensil Holders Photo Credit: Linda Braden
What if I said that to make these, all you have to do is spray paint jars white and then apply some vinyl letters? You'd be in, right? Well, that's all you have to do to make these awesome utensil holders.
Continue Reading Painted Poppy Mason Jar Photo Credit: Linda Braden
I love poppies, especially painted, because they're such an easy flower to reproduce. I love the colors and simplicity of this pretty jar.
Continue Reading How to Marbelize a Mason Jar or Vase Photo Credit: Stephanie Dirks
Use a sea glass and marbelizing spray to make the most unique effect. The number of color combinations you can put together is infinite!
Continue Reading DIY Baby Shower Favors Photo Credit:
Send guests home with a jar full of treats after the shower, whether it be flowers, candy, or other goodies. It's very easy to paint several of these at once.
Continue Reading Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser Photo Credit: Kim Brush
Use a regular mason jar but add some felt to the lid to make this unique dispenser. What's cool is that there are even special Kleenex you can buy to fit these jars. Great gift idea.
Continue Reading Mason Jar Superhero Banks Photo Credit: Melissa Lennig
I have a brother that is Superman obsessed, but he's a Batman fan as well. This is great for comic book and superhero fans, young and old!
Continue Reading Fruity Mason Jar Centerpiece Photo Credit: Amy Weir
Nothing says happy summer days quite like fresh fruit! I love Amy's cutie fruit mason jar centerpieces that turn into sweet treats to send home with friends after a party.
Continue Reading Speckled Robin's Egg Jars Photo Credit: Amy Ellis
These faux speckled egg jars will be cute to have around for spring. Filled with candy, I might be able to bring one as a hostess gift to Easter brunch.
Continue Reading Harry Potter Mason Jars Photo Credit: Sarah Nenni-Daher
These Harry Potter mason jars are the easiest craft for any age kiddo. Perfect for school supplies, and a very cute teacher appreciation gift, I’d say that this Harry Potter craft idea for back to school is a win.
Continue Reading Farmhouse Style Transfers Photo Credit: Susan Stevenson
Paint your jars with chalk paint and then add the coolest transfers to them! Beautiful farmhouse design that you don't need a lot of skill for.
Continue Reading Salt & Pepper Shakers Photo Credit: Landee Anderson
Use smaller mason jars to make these cute salt and pepper shakers. All you need is a nail and a hammer to make the holes in the lid.
Continue Reading Beachy Painted Containers Photo Credit: Sonja & Jane
Add some organization and a touch of coastal style to the bathroom with these DIY painted mason jars. Includes a video tutorial.
Continue Reading DIY Constellation Jars Photo Credit: Stephanie Dirks
You don't need any painting skill to make these simple jars. You'll be spouncing and flicking paint, which is pretty fun! Add a little glow in the dark paint for a cool effect.
Continue Reading Kawaii Inspired Pen & Pencil Holders Photo Credit:
Which of these cute faces is your favorite? It's hard for me to choose, but I think I like the little guy with his moustache. Such a fun rainbow of characters!
Continue Reading Denim Painted Mason Jars Photo Credit: Kimberly Sneed
As far as I'm concerned, the denim look is always in style. You can make these as light or dark as you like (depending on your denim preference). There's also a large room for error since distressing is the name of the game!
Continue Reading Painted Buffalo Plaid Jars Photo Credit: Cindy Long
This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a painted buffalo check pattern on mason jars. This black and white look goes with any decor. So fun and trendy!
Continue Reading Mickey & Minnie Mouse Money Banks Photo Credit:
It doesn't matter if you're saving for Disney or just a rainy day. These are cute jars, especially for a kids' room. The ears are made out of a favorite material: craft foam.
Continue Reading Kitchen Canisters Photo Credit: Roxanne Kwiecinski
You can organize in regular ceramic containers, but I love the thought of using distressed mason jars with chalkboard labels to store goodies in the kitchen.
Continue Reading Lavender Flower Mason Jars Photo Credit: Linda Braden
My neighbor has an awesome lavender bush and I just love pulling off some of the plants for the scent (with permission of course). You'll love how easy it is to paint this great smelling plant.
Continue Reading Narwhal Jar Photo Credit: Jessica Hill
This narwhal mason jar might be the cutest thing I've ever seen - just like the animal itself. Make the horns and fins out of polymer clay.
Continue Reading Mirrored Mercury Glass Jars Photo Credit: Amy Buchanan
If you've never used looking glass spray paint, now is the time to try! It's way easier to apply than you might think, and the results are beautiful.
Continue Reading Tie Dye Galaxy Art Jars Photo Credit: Alexa Westerfield
Bright paint colors give you the exact effect you're looking for in this unique project! Get the tie dye affect without any painting skill whatsoever.
Continue Reading Drip Painting Mason Jars Photo Credit: Stephanie Dirks
What could be easier than dripping paint onto a jar? Nothing! Grab your favorite colors and protect your work surface. I like the idea of doing these in team colors or for holidays.
Continue Reading Fairy Tale Mason Jar Lanterns Photo Credit: Liska Myers
Turn mason jars into a set of fairy-tale lanterns with silhouettes of fairies and unicorns! Very easy to make using spray paint and a cutting machine.
Continue Reading Cool Cacti Jars Photo Credit: Jessica Hill
These are the most UN-prickly cacti that you're ever going to meet! Jessica painted these on the inside with the spikes on the outside. Just be careful when you touch them . . . 😀
Continue Reading Handpainted Bluebird Mason Jar Photo Credit:
Transform glass canning jars into trendy and decorative home decor with Donna Dewberry. You'll be painting a happy little bluebird on the side of distressed surface.
Continue Reading Painted Rose Mason Jars Photo Credit: Linda Braden
If you think you can't paint roses, think again! Linda will show you the easiest way to paint these sweet buds, and the results make great gifts.
Continue Reading Play Ball Mason Jar Gift Photo Credit: Jessica Hill
With very minimal painting skills, you can turn a plain mason jar into an adorable PLAY BALL gift jar. Then fill with baseball-themed treats or game tickets and the gift is ready to give! 
Continue Reading Glittered Drink Cups Photo Credit: Shannon Grimley
You'll love drinking out of mason jars with the cutest lids ever! The glitter painted scalloped base is not too shabby either.
Continue Reading Mason Jar Pineapple Photo Credit: Malia Karlinsky
I love that the topper of this darling pineapple is a faux succulent! And the see-through window of this glass jar gift totally floats my boat.
Continue Reading Stenciled Mason Jar Trio Photo Credit:
I love adhesive stencils because of the delightfully clean lines! You don't have to cover the entire jar; use paint colors with stencils to get a very cool effect.
Continue Reading Blue Roses Mason Jar Photo Credit:
Add painted roses on the top of chalk paint using the One Stroke technique. It's way easier than you think and the results are so pretty.
Continue Reading Doodle Mason Jar Decorating Photo Credit: Sam Sarles
Doodling is something fun we all remember from childhood (or from being in boring business meetings now . . . ). Do it on the side of black painted jar with some paint markers and see what results.
Continue Reading Paw Painted Dog Treat Jar Photo Credit: Kelly Styles
Pets love treats no matter the container; but that doesn't mean you can paint your mason jar to be as cute as possible! I theorize it makes the treats taste better. We'll never know for sure . . .
Continue Reading Rainbow Glitter Drips Photo Credit: Sam Sarles
You're actually going to do the dripping with glue and then add glitter on top. Prepare your work surface for a little bit of glitter and then prepare to have some fun!
Continue Reading Glass Painted Dots Photo Credit: Becca Ludlum
Grab some glass paint and do some dotting to make this cool polka dot effect that resembles stained glass. If you can dot, you can make these.
Continue Reading Thumbprint Heart Jars Photo Credit: Linda Braden
It wasn't until I saw these jars that I was reminded you can make the cutest heart shapes with fingerprints! Kids will love helping decorate these to make Valentine's Day gifts.
Continue Reading Valentine Peek-a-Boo Lantern Photo Credit: Deborah Sommerlot
If you don't have a die cutter, it's okay . . . you can cut out stickers from adhesive vinyl anyway. The peek through heart windows of this Valentine's Day lantern can be adapted to any holiday.
Continue Reading Chalkboard Mason Jars Photo Credit:
Decorate mason jars and fill them with sweets for your sweetie. What do I want to see through those heart windows? Sweet Tart hearts . . . but that's just a personal preference!
Continue Reading St. Patrick's Day Party Set Photo Credit: Linda Braden
I definitely think St. Patrick's Day doesn't get enough attention! If you're celebrating, I highly recommend this jar trio - super fun, and super festive!
Continue Reading Bunny Mason Jars Photo Credit: Beverly McCullough
These little fabric and felt bunny mason jar vases are so simple to make and they are a perfect project to add a little spring to your decor!
Continue Reading Easter Mason Jar Trio Photo Credit: Melissa Mondragon
Grab a little spray paint and some adhesive vinyl and make the sweetest little spring jars. Perfect for gift giving or holding candy.
Continue Reading Kentucky Derby Party Centerpiece Photo Credit: Jennifer Sbranti
Turning mason jars into trophies for the Run for the Roses? I absolutely love this idea - and the jars can be given out as gifts to those who pick the right thoroughbred to win.
Continue Reading Patriotic Lanterns Photo Credit: Jill Fritz
These patriotic mason jar lanterns are perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day! Adapt them to the flag colors of your choice.
Continue Reading Stars and Stripes Lanterns Photo Credit: Katie Cleveland
What do I love about these 4th of July lanterns? You definitely need to make a trio to get the full effect! Such a cute idea, and I like how the star jar is a little bigger than the others.
Continue Reading Teacher Appreciation Jar Photo Credit:
Help your child's teacher get organized for the year with this fun decorated mason jar gift! The apple idea takes two colors. Add leaves and a card for a great gift.
Continue Reading Back to School Pencil Jar Photo Credit: Vanessa Coppola
Paint a pencil mason jar and fill it to give to the teacher. Your child’s teacher will love you if you show up with pre-sharpened pencils, trust me! You could also fill the jar with flowers, gum, candy, or even a Starbucks gift card.
Continue Reading Composition Book Desk Organizer Photo Credit: Linda Braden
This reminds me of my English notebooks back in the day! I love these cute little jars and they go so well with the pencil one above. I want to make one of each.
Continue Reading Sunflower Mason Jar Decoration Photo Credit: Angie Holden
With the right brushes and technique, you’ll find yourself painting sunflowers on any surface. Add in some fun fall foliage for the perfect accent to your autumn decor. Paint several and use them as a centerpiece on your table.
Continue Reading Easy Burlap Fall Mason Jars Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro
These fall mason jars combine burlap and pretty fall flowers to make a statement centerpiece for your fall dinner party or Thanksgiving table.
Continue Reading Mason Jar Fall Luminary Photo Credit: Jill Fritz
The crisp, warm colors of fall are so inviting. Why not incorporate them into fall decor with the cutest leaf mason jar ever? So pretty with a tealight!
Continue Reading Blue Buffalo Check Jars Photo Credit: Bobbie Byrd
Do I love buffalo plaid? Yes. Do I love the color blue? Double yes. These jars check all the boxes, and the addition of the clay leaf makes them perfect.
Continue Reading Black and Lace
Learn how to make lace mason jars with a stunning black and white theme! Perfect for party or wedding - or even a vintage Halloween.
Read the Guide DIY Pumpkin Mason Jars Photo Credit: Desiree Campbell
These pumpkin jars will make the cutest gifts and they are also perfect for centerpieces for Thanksgiving. I love that Desiree figured out how to make the stems out of painted wood pieces. Genius!
Continue Reading Mummy Halloween Luminaries
You can make these Halloween luminaries on a budget, in three steps! Kids will love these mummy mason jars too.
Continue Reading Halloween Mummies Photo Credit: Linda Braden
I show you how to make the gauze version above - but if you're more into spray paint, here's another way to achieve that Halloween mummy look.
Continue Reading Pumpkin Box and Jar Trio Photo Credit:
Gather your mason jars and paper mache boxes for a fun fall evening of painting jack-o-lanterns. Give your autumn decor a little extra touch of orange with this adorable pumpkin craft.
Continue Reading Mason Jar Ghosts Photo Credit: Melissa Mondragon
Any time I get to use googly eyes is fine by me! I think they're so cute and fun, and they certain make these white jars perfect ghosts for Halloween.
Continue Reading Painted Candy Corn Photo Credit: Jocelyn Brown
All you need for these cuties are three paint colors and some empty jars! Add a little accent around the rim and you have the perfect decoration for fall and Halloween.
Continue Reading BOO Striped and Spotted Jars Photo Credit: Landee Anderson
I love Halloween so much that I added a ton of Halloween jars to this list. I just can't help it - and these BOO painted jars with stripes and polka dots are too cute not to share.
Continue Reading Christmas Vase for Farmhouse Decor
Learn how to make a mason jar Christmas vase by painting on glass! This is way easier than you think – and we’ve included a free pattern too.
Continue Reading Painted Plaid Mason Jars Photo Credit: Stephanie Dulgarian
Painted mason jars are a fun and inexpensive way to wrap up a little gift for a friend. Add our easy gift tag to the top and you’re good to go!
Continue Reading Paint Mason Jars for Christmas Photo Credit:
Not only does this jar trio pay homage to the three cuties of Christmas, but they’re so whimsical and all homemade. Make Santa, a snowman, and a reindeer part of your holiday crafting schedule.
Continue Reading Christmas Gift Topper Jars Photo Credit:
I love the simplicity of these painted jars, and the toppers are a great idea. Not only can you give them for gifts, but you can use them for some pretty decor.
Continue Reading Easy Snowman Gift Photo Credit: Christine Bell
I'm not sure what the cutest part of this painted snowman mason jar is - the cute little nose, the scarf, or the dainty buttons! I need an entire family of these for my winter decor.
Continue Reading Merry & Bright Jars Photo Credit:
Decorate your mantel or table with these farmhouse-inspired mason jars using bright Christmas colors and stencils! Create a simple and festive holiday decor theme with this unique craft. 
Continue Reading Snowflake Mason Jar Gift Idea Photo Credit: Mandy Beyeler
This snowflake mason jar craft gift idea is super fun and easy – you’ll want to make bunches for all your friends and neighbors! I love the shades of blue . . . so so pretty!
Continue Reading Red Buffalo Painted Plaid Photo Credit: Lisa S.
There's buffalo plaid and then there's buffalo plaid - and this is the kind that reminds me of Christmas. Grab your paints and make these . . . you'll bring them out for your decor every year.
Continue Reading Christmas Greenery Mason Jars Photo Credit: Kim Mills
These Christmas painted mason jars are a perfect quick holiday craft idea! Fill them up with pretty greenery and you have a simple centerpiece that will look perfect with your farmhouse table.
Continue Reading New Year New You Jars Photo Credit: Melissa Williams
While these jars weren't made expressly for New Years, that's what the colors remind me of! Either NYE or some very fun party that I want to attend. They're so fun and easy to make.
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Now that you’ve seen all the ideas for painting glass mason jars, let me know your favorites in the comments.

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