Shoes are hard to live without and some of us have acquired a large collection over time


And living in a small apartment might pose a challenge when thinking about shoe storage ideas — but that's no reason to get rid of them!

Luckily, there are plenty of creative ways to stash them away for safekeeping. Here are a few ways to add shoe storage in a small space.
1. Hide shoes in magazine holders
You can hide your shoes in plain sight with good, old-fashioned magazine holders. Place pairs of shoes inside of them and put them on shelves anywhere in your apartment — no one will ever know!
2. Utilize the space under the bed

A fairly typical place to store shoes is under the bed. It keeps them out of sight, yet they'll still be easy to get to when you need them. The best way to store them is in bins so you can quickly slide them out from underneath the bed. If you want to hide them completely, try adding a bed skirt.
3. Store them in dual-function furniture
Dual-function furniture is your best friend when it comes to shoe storage ideas. If you've already got an ottoman or bench that doubles as storage, use it for your shoes!
4. Use the space beneath the couch
Many couches will have open space underneath them that doesn't get utilized. You can place your shoes underneath the couch and grab them on your way to the door. If they're visible, you can even put them in decorative bins or baskets so the space under your couch doesn't look cluttered.
5. Line shoes on a ladder
Put a decorative ladder against the wall and line your shoes up on the rungs. You can even spruce things up by adding other decorations to the ladder beside your shoes — lights, plants, etc., can make it look purposefully decorated!
6. DIY a hanging PVC pipe solution
Grab a large PVC pipe and cut it into one-foot sections and put your shoes inside them. Then, you can stack them however you need to so they'll fit your space. It's a versatile shoe storage idea and can help you make use of the weird corner space that nothing else fits into.
7. Hang shoes on a coat rack

Using a pegboard coat rack to hang shoes from will free up some of the space on the floor for you. If you have a hard time getting your shoes to stay on the pegs, you can tie a string between a couple of clothespins and use it to hold a pair of shoes together and hang on each peg.
8. Place them in baskets
Baskets are a practical way of storing shoes and they come in all shapes, sizes and styles. You can put them in your bedroom or right by the front door.

If you're going to store shoes in a basket where people will see them, like your living room or by your entryway, you can use a basket with a lid on it to keep things looking neat and tidy!
9. Build a wooden pallet shoe storage shelf
You can use a wooden pallet as a rustic shoe shelf! Lean a wooden pallet or two against the wall and put the toes of your shoes between the slits to keep them organized and off the floor.
10. Use elastic strips
If you're running really low on floor or shelf space, attach a strip of elastic strap to the wall, then slide your shoes in behind it to hold them up. You can place the strap vertically or horizontally depending on the wall you have available.
11. Get an over-the-door shoe storage hanger

The back of the door sometimes goes unused, but it's actually a lot of space that can serve a purpose. You can use an over-the-door shoe hanger or use the elastic strip method (mentioned above) to keep your shoes either on the back of the door or the wall behind it.
12. Utilize unused kitchen cabinets
When you're limited on shoe storage in a small space, you may need to look elsewhere. Kitchen cabinets are a handy place to keep shoes. Just try to keep your shoes in different cabinets than your foot and kitchen tools and utensils for, you know — sanitary reasons.
13. Create storage with wire hangers
Bend wire hangers up on each end and use them to hang your shoes. You can use this method to hang shoes on hooks, racks and railing anywhere in your apartment.
14. Build a hanging shelf with tension rods
Put a couple of tension rods parallel to each other in a closet or between two close walls and set your shoes on top of them. This is perfect for the high-up spaces that are open, like in the top of a closet that doesn't have shelves, so you can make use of what would normally be deemed "useless."
15. Save space by alternating directions
Simply the way you arrange your shoes can change things when you're working in a small space. One of the best ways to arrange shoes is to alternate the direction they face. Place one shoe facing forward and the other facing backward so you can squeeze another pair or two in the same space.
16. Find extra space in the bathroom
As mentioned earlier, sometimes you need to look outside of your bedroom for shoe storage ideas, so you may want to consider the bathroom. Place shoes in any open cabinets or drawers, or use the back of the door if you can.
17. Use a bookshelf
Bookshelves can hold more than books! Use empty space on your bookshelf for shoes. If you'd like to hide your shoes a little more, you can use the magazine holder hack and no one will be able to tell shoes are on the shelf.
18. Get some stackable bins

Putting shoes in bins that you can stack means you can put them virtually anywhere in your apartment. Stack them as high (or as low) as you need to.
19. Place shoes in dresser drawers
Dressers are basically an extension of your closet. While they're typically used for socks and underwear, you can also use the drawers for shoe storage. That way, you can have your shoes and socks all in one place!
20. Make space in your TV unit
What is actually stored in TV units, anyway? No one really knows since DVDs are slowly becoming irrelevant, so might as well use the space for shoes!
Get creative with your shoe storage in a small space
Even in a small space with a tiny closet, you can find creative shoe storage ideas. Some of the ways might be unconventional, but using the above tips can help you make the best use of the space you have without sacrificing any of your favorite shoes.

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