Toddler Feeding Essentials: 18 months


Toddler Feeding Essentials: 18 months featuring stokke tripp trapp highchair, ezpz mat, and oxo tot straw cup for eatsleepwear kimberly lapides
Toddler Feeding Essentials: 18 months featuring stokke tripp trapp highchair, ezpz mat, gathre bib, and oxo tot straw cup for eatsleepwear kimberly lapides
Toddler Feeding Essentials: 18 months featuring stokke tripp trapp highchair, ezpz mat, gathre bib, and oxo tot straw cup for eatsleepwear kimberly lapides
Toddler Feeding Essentials: 18 months featuring travel highchair for eatsleepwear kimberly lapides
Toddler Feeding Essentials: 18 months featuring travel hiccapop omniboost travel booster seat with tray highchair for eatsleepwear kimberly lapides

Can we first talk about Otis tiny cute smile and those long flowing hair locks?!?! HOW CUTE IS HE. Its always wild even looking back at photos from 1 month ago because he is just growing so fast. I love sharing bits and pieces of Otis journey through the world with you and feeding has been a popular topic. I last updated you on baby feeding tips and baby led weaning and starting solid foods here. At almost 18 months (next week!) there isnt much that Otis wont eat. Hes always been pretty adventurous when it comes to food and really has a zest for it. Mealtime is one of my favorites that we get to sit down and spend quality time together. Our breakfast chats over coffee are my favorite way to start the day. Sometimes we even share a meal with Otis grandparents and get to video them in while eating. So its become a really special little chunk of time for all us. Otis loves his eggs, fruit and waffles in the morning and is currently on a yogurt smoothy kick! His favorite fruit is currently blueberries and loves when Blake makes bbq chicken on the grill. He is obsessed with brocollini and I think the only thing he has refused to eat because of the flavor is kale. And you know what, I dont blame him. HA! I find such joy watching him eat and enjoy and excited to share all the items we are using and loving now.

Toddler Feeding Essentials: 18 months

1 grabease baby utensils: These have been out favorite utensils for Otis. The come recommended by occupational therapists and I love the choke protection shield to make sure they cant swallow them. The handles are very ergonomic for his little hands and because they are shorter its easier for him to get the food into his mouth. We use both the fork and spoon and also own their toothbrush that we love as well.

2. stokke tripp trapp highchair: This high chair is pricey but we were lucky to have someone get it for us off our baby registry. I will say I think its worth every penny after using it for 1.5 years already. What I love is that it is super easy to clean and wipe down. Some of the pieces are dishwasher safe which also makes my life easier. Another amazing thing is that is very adjustable. So the chair is able to grow with baby from the newborn stages to toddler. The foot rest board is adjustable so it keeps them comfortable while they eat. Imagine sitting at a bar stool with no foot rest?? So many high chairs dont have adjustable foot rests and this is a game changer. Also its aesthetically pleasing and blends in with our decor which is always an added bonus. I often get questions on how I keep the straps clean and the chair white. My secret is using a bib (for the most part) to cover the straps. Also I clean and white the chair down after every use. The chair has a great tray but now that Otis is older, we love that we can push this highchair to the table to have him really be part of each meal and eat together.

3. lollaland lollacup: We use this cup as a water cup for all of Otis meals. What I love about it is the handle detaches and the straw is made up of 2 very easy to clean pieces. I love the handles since he often tends to throw his water cup around at meal time so the handle portion makes it stable on the table. You can also use the cup without the handles too. It does leak a little bit out of the straw when its thrown off the table, but the spillage is not bad at all.

4. gathre bib: I love how easy this bib is to just scrub in the sink. The snaps are pretty sturdy so he cant rip it off.

5. ezpz happy mat placemat: This is one of my favorite things. I often get asked how well this mat stays on the table. I will be honest, Otis can rip any plate off. Any plate. That being said, this was been my favorite for him because of its massive footprint, its harder for him to peel it off so it buys me some more time before he throws it all onto the floor. Sticks well for us and love that it keeps more mess off the table. It does take up alot of room storage wise but its basically always in our drying rack since we use it for every meal. Also its dishwasher friendly which is a big plus!

6. oxo tot transitions straw cup: This has been our favorite cup for Otis milk. Sometimes he has milk with his meals now that he is getting older and we use this cup. I tried a bunch and I love this one because the straw itself is VERY easy to clean. Its essential. Also you can add a handle if need be or use it without. They spill a little bit for me when thrown but not a ton. So its not spill-proof but pretty decent.

7. contigo kids water bottle: I picked these up and they have been easy to use for Otis. I took him to the store and made sure he was able to push the button to release the straw and he had no problems. I like being able to see how much water is in the bottle and these were the most simple patterned ones I could find.

8. inglesina fast table chair: This is one of our favorite travel highchairs. It easily clips onto most tables or bars. We brought this to restaurants when Otis was too small for the ones they provide there. I also love to bring this to a friends house so that we can clip it onto the dining room table and have dinner together. For our everyday, we have it clipped onto our kitchen island for when I need to give Otis a quick snack in the kitchen and unload the dishwasher or clean up a little.

9. hiccapop omniboost travel booster seat with tray: This has been a gem and such a great creative solution for a highchair on the go inside and outside. We have used it in hotels (pictured above) and also bring it to parks, the beach etc when we want to sit Otis down and have a snack. It has an amazing little tray that attaches to the seat so it creates a nice little on the go environment. Its so tiny and we just keep it in our car so in a pinch we have it with us to use.

10. Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tumbler with Straw: These have been a favorite water cup and live up to their spill-proof name. For the most part, when tipped over it truly is spill-proof. Of course when it gets really hot, I have noticed the water will bubble up the straw and spill out. But we love it and have a few. Also love that I can see the liquid level and the straws are super easy to clean in just 2 pieces.

11. contigo 13oz stainless steel kids autospout water bottle: This is similar to the clear water bottles but this is a good insulated version to bring to the park with us.

12. bapron bib: I LOVE these bibs because Otis can not rip them off. You put their arms through and tie behind their back so they really cant take it off. These are machine washable which are amazing. I will say I wasnt diligent washing them enough and really scrubbing after every meal and they can get a little smelly. So make sure to remember to give them a machine wash to keep them from getting smelly.

13. ezpz mini mat: This is the smaller version of the bigger mat we have. I have a few of these and I bring them to restaurants or use them when I dont need my big mat. Super easy to clean and also dishwasher friendly.

14. skiphop zoo insulated food jar: I love to use this insulated jar for cold or hot foods from home on the go. I mostly use for cold foods and use it to stow cut up fruit etc.

15. munchkin snack catcher cup: Otis loves his snacks and I have a million snack cups. This is one of my favorites.

16. skiphop zoo snack cup: Another favorite snack cup because the animal designs are adorable and the lid is attached which makes for less food spilling all over the place.

As a reminder I have discount code for the Feeding Littles feeding courses which I bought and used for Otis. I can not say enough good things about them. They are such an incredible resource for feeding ideas and tips especially for Toddlers. They were kind enough to offer $10 off either course with code: EATSLEEPWEAR since I blab on and on about them constantly It was such a valuable resource for us personally (and continues to be) and I am sure that its what has helped us nurture the adventurous little eater Otis is today.

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