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But let’s be honest, it doesn’t stay organized for long.  Sometimes I just keep my outfit for the next two days aside so that I don’t disturb the whole setting. Weird? Definitely.

If you feel the same, need a little more organized closet, or if you’re looking for ideas to renovate or buy a new one. Then here is the one-stop destination for all your worries.

Here is a list of 20+ DIY closet organizers that will solve all of your organizing needs. The best part, you don’t have to research all over the internet, because I have already got it done for you. Some are super easy, might need little effort but all of them are helpful.

20+ DIY Closet Organizers
1. DIY Closet Organizer 
Via Homemade
We all need some extra space especially the urban population living in small houses. This is a great way to optimize the interior of your closet to make the most of it. But the best part is that you can use it as an open closet as well.

It is cheap but it surely doesn’t look like it. Also, after adding a long mirror it could double up as a dressing table. You can add a small ottoman in front of it.

2. DIY Closet Organizer (2)
Via Ana white
If you can work a circular saw yourself then there shouldn’t be any problem. If you can you can just get the wood cut at a hardware store according to your measurement.

The best thing about making your closet organizer is the possibilities of customization that come along. So you can make the shelf and spacing according to your needs. Also, it is cheaper than buying these at the store. All you need for this project is some dowels, closet rods, and a single sheet of plywood.

3. Sliding Pants Rack
Via Instructables
Once you iron your pants and organize them neatly it pains so much to iron them again before wearing it just because they got wrinkled taking out other pants. Don’t feel bad it happens to the best of us. This problem can be easily solved by installing this sliding rack into your closet especially designed for pants.

Not only will it help with the creases it also provides more space on your closet rod. Many IKEA wardrobe come with this built-in but if you have a closet with extra vertical space you can custom build this yourself at home.

4. Add a Second Closet Rod
Via 320sycamoreblog
Closets generally have one long vertical space and this space is often wasted as most of your clothes don’t take that space lengthwise. If you are not so handy with the tools like a circular saw and do not want to build your shelves than a very easy yet effective way to use the vertical space is by adding a second closet rod halfway from the first closet rod.

The way it is done in the tutorial also utilizes some of the side space. If you have some dead side space in your closet you can utilize it by adding small rods too.

5. Closet Door Shelf
Via Hometalk
A great way to fully utilize a closed closet is by building a door shelf on the inside of the closet. An ideal space to organize your shoes, accessories, or handbags so that they are always reachable and you don’t end up messing up the whole closet every time you look for your favorite clutch or your party heels.

Of course, there are many different designs to build this but I like this one the best.  Another use for this hack is behind the door of a pantry.

6. Pegboard Closet Organizer
Via Evolutionofstyleblog
Earlier pegboards only had a place in your garage to organize tools. But this wave of DIY has us use them to organize our art supplies, office supplies and even showcase our coffee mugs. Another use of a pegboard can be as a closet organizer.  Organize your belts and jewelry using hooks.

You can also attach mesh wire organizing baskets to the pegboards using hooks and keep your soaks and training clothes in it. If you don’t want to leave the pegboard in the open you can attach it to the inside of your closet door.

7. DIY Portable Closet Organizer
Via Youtube
This is a job for someone handy with building with wood. But it is such a modern and minimalistic look that fulfills all your closet needs while taking so much less space. Plus it is portable, a little touchup and I bet it will make a great addition for boutique and shops as well.

The long dressing mirror paired with a small ottoman will double up this closet as a dressing table. And if you don’t like the fact that it is open. You can easily add some curtains for a partly close closet feel.

8. Built-In Closet DIY Organizer
Via Abeautifulmess
Another great way to utilize that vertical space we talked about is by building these shelves below the clothes. The extra space can be used for bags, shoes, other clothes. You can build a small shelf like this that is about half the width of the closet and use a closet rod for the remaining width.

This will give you space for your accessories as well as extra hanging space. If you don’t a second closet rod you can simply put a hamper just like in the picture.

9. Inexpensive Box-Styled Shelf Organizer
Via Lovelyetc
A very easy and inexpensive box-styled closet organizer that will give your closet a complete makeover.  After the cubbies are completed you can add baskets to separate different types of clothes.

I love the fabric baskets they are such a great addition to the closet. Label the baskets too if you need them. You don’t have to use the whole horizontal space for cubbies though. You can use half the space for cubbies and the other half for a second closet rod or a sliding pant rack.

10. DIY Closet Drawer Divider
Via Iheartorganizing
Utilizing the space in your closet is important but that is not the only part of organizing, categorizing is important too. And how you will separate different categories is also important. For this purpose, these dividers come into the picture you can easily separate different clothing items by type.

All you need is a sheet of plywood and some cord clips. There are many dividers you can get online I liked this because they can be custom made for your drawers.

Tip – I saw another hack where they used tissue paper cardboard for organizing T-shirts and innerwear.

11. Sunglasses Organizer
Via Glitterandbubbles
Sunglasses are the most important accessory I never leave my home without it (Of course unless its evening). And as pretty as they are just like your shoes they hold a special place in your heart and deserve a little showing off.

Build this transparent shelf to properly showcase your sunglasses. You can also use it for your heels, watches, and clutches. Once you make it your only regret will be to not have found it sooner. The clear casing makes the organizer look just so chic and elegant.

12. Coat Closet Organizer
Via Twotwentyone
Coats take a large amount of space, so putting them in your regular closet is a waste and the recipe for a cluttered closet. If you do have a separate coat closet you can organize all your winter accessories like hats, mittens, and earmuffs with ease using this DIY.

All you need to make this door winter accessory organizer is lightweight dowel rods, small curtain rings with clips, and some command wire hooks. You can also use the same to organize scarfs just instead use normal curtain rings (Simply tie your scarf in the rings).

13. DIY Acrylic Clutch Holder
Via Polishedhabitat
Clutches and wallets are often expensive and in normal closets, you can lose them easily. If you love to show off your amazing taste in purses that this is the hack for you.  I am so in love with this beautiful idea to store purses. Can you imagine these acrylic shelves are homemade?

These shelves will surely give your closet the look of a beautiful store. You can use them to hang your heels too. Or better yet make similar shelves for them, those sparkling beauties need their own space too.

14. Linen Closet Organization
Via Blastaloud
Linen closet used to be a big deal in our house while I was growing up. Somehow no matter how many bedsheets and towels my mother bought they were never enough. And no matter where we start shopping in the market we would always end up there.

This blog is a full tutorial on how you should organize a linen closet. From towels and bedsheets to tissue paper and laundry hampers everything can be easily organized in limited space. From dowels and racks to baskets and hampers you got everything in this single blog.

15. Shoe Rack + Closet + Vanity
Via Sugarandvanity
Here is how you can make a normal closet so well organized that it fits all your essentials.  Renovating any part of the house can be a daunting step and compared to all other places your closet is the most personal part of your house.

Use a small dresser to organize your make-up, garments, and jewelry. You can also build a shoe rack inside the closet to keep your shoes organized. You can be double hangers and make extra hanging space for your clothes.

16. The PVC Organization System
Via Infarrantlycreative
You start organizing and everything is perfect but how long does it remain like that especially in a drawer. And when it comes to clothes searching, for one thing, you end up messing the whole drawer. And you can’t organize it every time. That is why drawer organizers are required.

One very cheap and simple way to organize your drawer is by using PVC pipes. It is not at all as absurd as it sounds. Cut some PVC pipes and arrange them in the drawer. Now you can use these pipes to arrange your t-shirts, socks, gloves, innerwear, etc.

17. Closet Jewelry Organizer
Via Overthrowmartha
Tangled necklaces are one of the most frustrating things (actually untangling is frustrating). And it is a problem that won’t bother you again if you use this simple DIY closet jewelry organizer. This DIY can be made from simple bathroom attachments.

A simple towel holder with S-Hooks can be used for all your necklaces, pendants, and chains. Also, for your bracelets, rings, and bangles you can use a toilet paper holder and attach it to the inside of your closet door.

18. Crown Moulding Shoe Rack
Via Homestoriesatoz
Heels are something to be proud of and they should be stored properly.  With these easy crown moldings, you can show off your heels all you want. As they are not on the ground or using closet space you got extra space for clothes and accessories. I use thin dowels to hang my heels but found this idea quite neat.

19 Tin-can tab Double Hanger
Via Stockpilingmoms
This is a pretty old hack and I have been using it for years to utilize the closet rod space in my closet. It is the cheapest hack in the list and cost you next to nothing. All you need to do is collect all the tin-can tabs that you can get your hands on.

Not just a double hanger you can make as many tiers of hangers as you want. Another thing I do is to create outfits and place them together on one connected set of hangers. It saves up time when you are in a rush. This can also be done with children’s uniforms.

20 Organizing with Closet Rod Dividers
Via Ashleyannphotography
This is also one of the oldest tricks in the book. To organize the closet rod more sufficiently we use these dividers as labels. This helps to separate different items of clothing by type.

You can buy them in bulk they are not very costly. Or you can ask your kids to make them, it will be a nice little project for them. Or you can make them yourself.

21 Hanging Closet Crates
Via Tableandhearth
I saved my favorite DIY for the last. This is just such a chic and modern addition to a closet. It uses crates and rope to make this beautiful hanging shelf. This as not just a piece you want to lock up in a closet.

I imagine one of these hanging near a bay window seat or a near a beside a comfy chair that is placed near a window. You can use it as a bookshelf. And decorate with some succulent plants as well.

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