137 People Who Got Some Of The Most Ridiculous And Fancy Food Servings In The Restaurant Business


What better way to stand out in the competitive industry of the restaurant business than to go nuts with a Michelin-esque presentation. Is that a single meringue served on a levitating pillow? Did we get charged an extra $10 because they served our butter on a posh-looking rock?

The world of wannabe fine-dining restaurants, of course, is not a new phenomenon. Throughout the years, we've written about it enough times to know that we shouldn't be expected to get this instead of a pea soup like we've ordered. And so, in honor of this peculiar trend, Bored Panda has curated a collection of the most outrageous fine-dining experiences out there.

#1 I Ordered The Salad At The Fanciest Restaurant In Town

Image credits: mortiphago

#2 These Snacks Served With Stones: Some Are Real Stones And Some Are To Eat. You Have To Guess

Image credits: happy_monster

#3 Wife And I Accidentally Went To A Michelin Star Restaurant On Our Honeymoon In Ireland

Image credits: SoDakZak

#4 The Vegan Option Served At A Fancy End Of Conference Dinner

Image credits: mgntylr

#5 Sushi For M’lady?

Image credits: SuperJezus

#6 Bread In A Versace Shoe

Image credits: trublue4u22

#7 Michelin Star Chocolate Hands

Image credits: cluelesspcventurer

#8 Is It Forgivable When It's A Michelin Star Restaurant? (De Librije In Zwolle)

Image credits: jennabunnykins

#9 A Handful Of Raspberry Sauce At A Fancy Restaurant

Image credits: pabloiswatchingyou

#10 Have Some Gyoza With This Houseplant

Image credits: bertthadonk

#11 Marshmallow "Worms" Served On A Plant

Image credits: TheLine989

#12 At A 2-Michelin-Stars Restaurant

Image credits: jazlyna

#13 2-Michelin-Star Restaurant Had This On Instagram. This Is The Vegetarian Option. It Is Marinated Tofu With Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Image credits: Lottman420

#14 Seen In A Sushi Restaurant In My City. I Still Can't Believe It

Image credits: Ikigairamen

#15 This Is A Fancy Restaurant, Not A Supermarket Checkout

Image credits: illbeyourgentleman

#16 Next Time Just Throw The Dish At Me Please

Image credits: moritzmadafaka

#17 Appetizers On Nails At A Conference

Image credits: MrsSylvney

#18 My Mom Asked The Waitress What Type Of Bread It Was. It’s A Rock With The Butter For The Bread

Image credits: Tackle3erry

#19 Incarne (And Bones)

Image credits: Federal-Roof8729

#20 What 20$ Gets You In A Fancy Restaurant. I Didn't Even Know What To Do With It

Image credits: UrNemisis

#21 This Free Birthday Cake At A Fancy Restaurant

Image credits: plumpofpoo

#22 Croquette In A Box Among Rocks

Image credits: romaineroyalty

#23 Ate At Three Michelin Star Restaurant Alinea In Chicago. Dessert Painted On The Table, Edible Balloons, Table Fires… It’s An Experience

Image credits: abbiebe89

#24 Rocks And Potatoes Painted To Look Like Rocks At Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Image credits: mazi710

#25 Tempura Green Beans, In A Shoe

Image credits: tim4life

#26 What Even Is This?

Image credits: MichelinGuideUK

#27 Cold Cuts On A Clothes Line? No Thank You

Image credits: NotGonna_Lie2U

#28 Even At A Michelin Star Restaurant They Don’t Have Plates

Image credits: siroj00

#29 6 Years To Make This Dish. Molé Madre, Molé Nuevo From Pujol

Image credits: Komplainin-Korean

#30 Recently Sat Through A 44-Course Meal At The Atelier In Ottawa, Canada

But this one was a freaking star: “cook” at the table in liquid nitrogen, dunk into hot spicy squash soup.

Image credits: 4kidsinatrenchcoat

#31 When Going To Fancy Restaurants, Remember To Bring A Couple Of Paintbrushes

Image credits: shroomista

#32 A Bird's Nest For Appetizers. To Be Fair The Food Was Amazing

Image credits: depressiontrashbag

#33 3-Michelin-Star Restaurant Serves Table Cracker On Rock

Image credits: penguintransformer

#34 This $10 Salad I Paid For At A Restaurant

Image credits: WoundedDonkey

#35 These Rolls At A Contemporary Buffet Restaurant

Image credits: LostSoulSurvivor

#36 Noma, Summer Season Of 2022

Image credits: stomich

#37 At A Michelin-Starred Restaurant In Amsterdam, My Cocktail Arrived In A Plastic Bag

Image credits: FactualGull1036

#38 This Was At A 1-Michelin-Star Restaurant. Theme Was The World Fair, It Was Very Tasty, And Very Much Served On An Actual Can Of PBR

Image credits: goldraven

#39 Can’t Believe This Restaurant Did This To Me. I Love Mango Pudding, But They Made It Into The Shape Of Corn. I Hate Corn, So This Is A Nightmare For Me

Image credits: Foreign-Partisan

#40 Some Kind Of Fancy Pork Piles With Grapes On A Tree? The Waiter Later Said The Dirt Is Actually Edible

Image credits: aDragonqc

#41 Quite Tame Compared To Some Of The Other Posts, But This Appetizer Served In A Huge Bowl. At A High-Class Restaurant In My Hometown

Image credits: bulmilala

#42 I'm Not Sure If This Counts But I Went To A 1-Star Michelin Restaurant And They Served Me Beef With Chocolate

Image credits: fuzzypickletrader

#43 Vegetables Served On Stones

Image credits: MysterioMexicano

#44 I Always Wanted To Eat In A Gravel Pit, Not Knowing What Is Edible

Image credits: H4kor

#45 Dinner At Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana, 3 Michelin Stars And Twice Elected Best Restaurant In The World

Image credits: Professional-Bird88

#46 This Bruschetta

Image credits: bananas00

#47 Hokkaido A5 & House Beef Bacon Tartare. Smoked Beef Fat Special Sauce. Fermented Little Gem And Pickled Ramps. Burger Bun Cracker

Image credits: ZealousidealGiraffe1

#48 Disfrutar, Barcelona

Image credits: speedingbullet37

#49 Locavore - Ubud, Bali

Image credits:

#50 Restaurant’s Version Of Corn On The Cob. Wouldn’t Just Be Easier To BBQ Them On The Cob?

Image credits: slicedmoonstone

#51 Per Se, NYC

Image credits: Slateback

#52 This Toast I Got At A Restaurant. Yes It Came Like This

Image credits: Spookyelf55

#53 Lab By Sergi Agola, Sintra, Portugal - Some Highlights In No Particular Order

Image credits: AndyVale

#54 Fancy Slider With Pre-Packaged Slice Cheese On It

Image credits: redgunner39

#55 Alchemist

Image credits: yyish

#56 $699/Person. Vegetable Slice On Cracker. Served On A Clothes Line. 3 Michelin Stars

Image credits: Jreddd1

#57 Today Is My Birthday, And My GF Gifted Me A Lunch In A One-Michelin-Star Restaurant, And This Is What The Chef Made For The Occasion. Such An Amazing Gift

Image credits: Zarathustra1969

#58 Guys, It May Be Possible To Have Too Much Plate

Image credits: FancyRaptor

#59 This Fancy Restaurant Has A $28 Mozzarella Stick And Caviar Appetizer

Image credits: Mr_Lunt_

#60 Papads Grow On Trees, Right? Right?

Image credits: kmerw

#61 Michelin Star Restaurant In France

Image credits: spartanforever1

#62 Beef Tartare Served On A Wooden Hand. Part Of A Primus-Themed Menu At A Michelin-Starred Restaurant, The Musket Room

Image credits: LetsMeetInMyVan

#63 Absolutely Epic Dessert From Alinea

Image credits: uplifting1311

#64 A Friend Went To Some Fancy Place In Barcelona

Image credits: periacetabular_ost

#65 Fancy Stuff On A Glass Brick

Image credits: kasper-jensen

#66 Wine Bottle As Salad Plate

Image credits: HerculesPoirotCun

#67 Went To A Fancy Restaurant. Got An Appetizer On A Rose

Image credits: DrShrime

#68 Ice Cream Served On Only The Finest Of Frozen Rocks

Image credits: Grumpylumberjack

#69 Skewered Chicken Served On Top Of The Bottom Of A Glass

Image credits: kd_swagbeast

#70 Raw Fish With Mustard And Ice Cream

Image credits: United-External-37

#71 Michelin-Starred Vegan Restaurant In Copenhagen - Ark

Image credits: Camdoow

#72 Dinner At “Casa Perbellini”, Restaurant With Two Michelin Stars

Image credits: Professional-Bird88

#73 This Was My $15 Dessert At A Fancy Restaurant. A Tablespoon Of Ganache With A Crouton On Top

Image credits: newtons_apprentice

#74 Paid $16 For This Caesar "Salad" At A Concept Restaurant Last Night

Image credits: brodakmoment

#75 ABaC (3 Stars), Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: krinsome

#76 Wife's Dinner. London. 2 Michelin Stars. Very Tasty. Don't Even Know Where To Start On The Presentation

Image credits: deasmi

#77 The Salad This Restaurant Gave Me

Image credits: Po1sonator

#78 Dinner At Atelier Crenn (3 Michelin Stars And 1 Green Star), San Francisco

Image credits: JoeRab777

#79 Some Courses From 2-Star Michelin Restaurant In Copenhagen

Image credits: GT086

#80 Wife And I Went To A Michelin Star Restaurant In Ireland On Purpose During Our Trip To Ireland

Image credits: shuleb

#81 Looks Like A Plant But It's An Actual Dish Served In A 2-Michelin-Star Restaurant In LA

Image credits: Afraid_Gear5853

#82 Ordered Churros From A Fancy Restaurant In Mexico, They Replicated The Street Food Experience

Image credits: theEndorphin

#83 One-Star Michelin Restaurant In Spain

Image credits: Isis-control

#84 Strawberries On A Piece Of Cod At A Fancy Restaurant In The Netherlands

Image credits: Wat_isDezeDan

#85 Jean Georges, Philadelphia

Image credits: kytran40

#86 Zia Restaurant, Rome

Image credits: Irecanusadian

#87 Esquisse - Ginza, Tokyo

Image credits: Bogshed0449

#88 This Monstrosity At A Fancy Reception

Image credits: tonikyat

#89 Vegan Sushi On A Rock

Image credits: lainwla16

#90 Mini Bread Served On A Bone

Image credits: TsekBek

#91 We Want Tea Mugs

Image credits: Retro_Gamer

#92 Ordered $12 "Crab Fries" That Contain No Crab. They're Just Called That Because The Restaurant Is Crab-Themed

Image credits: cal93_

#93 Went To A Fancy Restaurant In India, Bill Was ~40,000 Rupees. Next Day Went To Regular Restaurant, Bill Was ~1000 Rupees And It Was 100 Times Better

Image credits: junn0

#94 This Thing I Got At An Italian Restaurant

Image credits: Kvittering

#95 This Is Getting Ridiculous

Image credits: KBbop117

#96 How A Local Restaurant Is Celebrating UK 'Pancake Day'

Image credits: pinkpostit5

#97 The Difference In The Portion Size. Plus Both Dishes Were Over 20€ Each

Image credits: Charlie387

#98 When The First Out Of 5 Courses In A Fancy Restaurant Say "Pickle"

To be fair, it was pickles with walnut, garnish, and tomato sauce, all made with care and love but in the end, it was just fancy pickles.

Image credits: Quelair

#99 Forgot To Take A Photo Of My Dessert

Image credits: april3061

#100 Dinner At Sio French Restaurant

Image credits: april3061

#101 Oriole - Chicago 2 Stars

Image credits: peterson2111

#102 5/5 On Taste, 0/5 On Plate. Fancy - Schmancy Joint In CPH

Image credits: BKK-CPH

#103 From A 1-Michelin-Star Restaurant. You Shall Eat In A Brick

Image credits: 11Rabbits

#104 Just Because It's A Fancy Appetizer Doesn't Mean I Don't Want It On A Plate

Image credits: Trnostep

#105 "Side Salad" At Fancy Sunday Brunch

Image credits: Morgaine789

#106 A Single Taco Served On A Brick Tile

Image credits: Traditional_Cow2897

#107 Fancy Gourmet Restaurant, Dessert On The Tablecloth

Image credits: rockiz

#108 Michelin-Star Restaurant Dessert Served In A Mannequin Hand

Image credits: rjdefalco

#109 A Tiny Piece Of Fish With Three Pieces Of Canned Artichoke On Top With Brown Sauce. From A Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

Image credits: PandZiedmic

#110 $6 “Loaf” Of Challah Bread From Michelin-Starred Chef’s New Takeaway Spot

Image credits: kevhague

#111 Dinner At NYC’s Eleven Madison Park - September 2022

Image credits: macchinas

#112 Codium, Goes - The Netherlands, Today, Tasting Menu

Image credits: M_SFG

#113 This "Caprese Salad" From A Local Fancy Pizza Joint

Image credits: mpbishop

#114 Auberge Sauvage, Servon, France

Image credits: 0010110100110000

#115 Actually A Really Nice Chocolate Tart, Not Sure It Needed To Be Served In A Bowl Of Rocks Though

Image credits: Bigbadchadman

#116 Jeju Noodle Bar, NYC - 1 Star

Squid and Nuts - beautiful presentation, relatively simple prep with a fantastic pesto-like sauce underneath. A squirt of lime to bring out the acidity. Toro Ssam Bap - caviar on top of toro on top of rice. We opted for the uni supplement $25, which took it to the absolute next level. A+.  Lamb Ja Jang Myun - a classic rich and hearty Korean noodle dish with lamb in lieu of traditional pork. Beautiful presentation and is so rich, akin to a ragu. Deep flavors.  Family Ramyun - showpiece dish, unbelievable broth. An absolute steal at $23. Added the bansuk egg.

Image credits: vanderlynhotel

#117 A Fancy Restaurant In Gerona, Spain, Divinum. Looks Like They Won A Prize For The Best Tartare With That

Image credits: llannn

#118 Tangerine Cheesecake Served On The Cross-Section Of A Tree

Image credits: cdc994

#119 Dinner Course Night At Hotel Kaneyamaen And Bessho Sasa Mount Fuji

Image credits: cobratron415

#120 Food In A Garden? Bowl?

Image credits: manayakasha

#121 A Fancy Restaurant In Barcelona. Once You'd Started Eating This, It Was Basically Impossible To Put It Down Again

Image credits: MarcusMunch

#122 Finally, I’m Fancy Enough To Have A Picture For This Post. If You Must Know, The Meal Cost Us $200

Image credits: absolutelyhammered

#123 Restaurant By Gordon Ramsey, London (3 Stars)

Image credits: FeatureRemarkable349

#124 Cheesecake Served At A "Restaurant"

Image credits: Altruistic-Owl6075

#125 Dinner By Heston Blumenthal, London. 5-Course Tasting Menu

Image credits: TheDoorDoesntWork

#126 Wagyu Flank Steak In Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Image credits: GoldenSuicideBooth

#127 Eating In A Fancy Restaurant Topolopompo In Tell Aviv

Image credits: CrazyLuckyCharm

#128 Rose’s Luxury, DC. 1 star

Caviar with coconut ice cream. Pork and lychee salad. Sweet pea pasta. Vietnamese iced coffee mochi cake.

Image credits: khd225

#129 Menu. 3 Stars - Sf

Image credits: CalMaple

#130 Michelin Restaurants, Quality And Attention To Every Little Detail. Don’t Mind If I Do

Image credits: theitalianconcierge

#131 Fancy Salmon On A Shell On A Roof Tile

Image credits: synopser

#132 We Ordered A Hot Plate Of Cumin Lamb Chops At A Fancy Chinese Restaurant And It Came Out On A Shovel

Image credits: Word_Crafting_Yam

#133 Sea Bass And Shrimp

Image credits: ari_food_drink

#134 Exploring More Creative Restaurants

Image credits: lesley_wangg

#135 The Green Green Green Signature Dish At Sorrell, Dorking, UK (1 Michelin Star)

Image credits: AndyVale

#136 Fancy Fish Served In The Shell

Image credits: kubbelyset

#137 Went To A Really Fancy Restaurant For My Birthday And Got This (I’m Very Much Not Called Pavi)

Image credits: Stormman101

#138 This Free Birthday Cake At A Fancy Restaurant

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