30 Things That America Does Better Than Many Other Countries, According To Folks In This Online Group


There are always lots of pros and cons to any country. Some have amazing food, others are very safe to live in, many have amazing sights. But sometimes there are things a certain country just does the best and you wouldn’t be able to get that quality anywhere else. 

With the United States being the third biggest and most populated country, there are bound to be lots of things that it excels at. People came together to share the things that the US does best in this AskReddit thread and here are the best takes.

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The national parks are on a different level of simply amazing!

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I really like the diversity in this country. How anyone can be an American. And you have no idea who is American and who is not. That's my favorite thing. You have no idea who is just sightseeing, who is visiting family, who is here on a student VISA versus who is actually American. So, until someone says otherwise, we are going to assume you are American. Doesn't matter how thick your accent is. Doesn't matter how you dress. You are American until otherwise noticed.

Also, I love how quickly we adopt things from our immigrants and declare it American. It's like, "What are you eating? Is it delicious? Let me try some of that. Oh, God, this *is* delicious. Go open up a restaurant. More people should be eating this. And now it's part of the American fabric."

I love how the American tongue is such a mutt language. How quickly we adapt non-English words and more often than not pronounce them how they would be pronounced in their Native tongue. We don't try make them more English like the way the French will French up foreign words. I like how it's easy to correct an American by saying, "It's actually pronounced this way." And they will have a go at trying to say it correctly rather than huff and puff and try to make *you* change the way you say it. Language is so adaptable here. It's far more forgiving than other languages. You can butcher it up here and as long as we understand the idea of what you are trying convey, you will get a pass. I think it's why it is such a juggernaut on a global stage. Yes, we have language rules but the native speakers will mostly ignore them in order to communicate better.

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Wide. Open. Space.

Seriously. Go west and you can get to places that are so remote and so beautiful, with big blue skies during the day and Star filled nights.

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Our neighbor down the road fled Sudan in the 1980s and made it to the US as a refugee. She lost her father two brothers and most of her extended family as they were related to the wrong political leader that was killed. Her mother and two sisters arrived with literally nothing in the late 80s.

She is now a nurse making 100k a year married to a firefighter with 3 kids living on a property with 8 acres and a 5 bedroom house. One sister is a school teacher and the other manages a Barnes and Noble.

That is pretty cool.

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The food. Because we are a melting pot, I can eat basically any ethnicity's food without leaving my city! Bonus points, if the place looks sketchy and your chances of getting robbed are high.....the food will be amazing

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We’ve never lost a superbowl


Public libraries are awesome.

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The Americans With Disabilities Act is seriously some of the best handicap-accessibility protection in the world. A paraplegic person can wheel themselves into pretty much any commercial building in the country and be confident that there will be ramps in all the right places and a restroom they can use. If there aren't, there are powerful legal tools to make it happen.

That's not the case in a lot of places in the world, and it wasn't that long ago that it wasn't the case here.

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This isn't going to be seen by too many people, but I think the community college system is one of the United State's best institutions. After two years in the community college I was able to transfer to a university and received a double bachelor's degree. That type of second chance isn't available in many countries.

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I beg people to get off Reddit and actually spend time in their neighborhoods or actually talk to people.

Americans are incredibly resilient, hard working people who always want to see improvement. We know we’re not perfect, but ffs, the smallest story about “America bad,” will flood the front page, and anything seen as success is treated as the ills of capitalism and America.

If you visit any American city, you’ll see that it’s very progressive, and people are happy, polite and want everyone to be who they are. It’s easy to get trapped in the clickbait headlines, but remember that Reddit is a big karma farm and doesn’t reflect real life.

I came from a very poor upbringing, a large urban public school and was able to graduate college and create a pretty comfortable life for myself. I’m not rich by any means, but my life is pretty good. I don’t think I could’ve had this life if I lived in other parts of the world.

Visit an American park on a Saturday. At least where I live you’ll find diversity, natural resources, friendly people, families and no judgement. We’re not what the extreme right wants us to be and we never will. We don’t wait for the government to do something for us. If we want something we build it. And if people like it they support it. You can’t stop an ambitious American. I’ll kindly accept your downvotes now.

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We have large gatherings and bad mouth our leaders without even giving it a second thought.

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If I don’t like where I live I can go somewhere thousands of miles away that has completely different laws, culture, and climate and don’t have to get anyone’s permission to do so.

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I feel like entertainment is something the US does extremely well.

Want to go to a show? The US has you covered regardless of how niche your taste is.

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I believe I once read that Americans are among the most charitable people in the world.

Honestly most people I know are really pure, kind individuals. It's a shame we get such a bad rap

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As an immigrant from CCP's China:
The rule of law is the number one thing that gives you a sense of security.
In countries rules by the people in power, you are simply doomed if you are born into a poor family. The educational system is corrupted, the court system as well, the government as well.
If you don't have the money and connections, your life is qualitatively different from those who do.
Of course, the capitalist rush for gold in the 90s-2010s created the super rich class and gave them a lot of power in addition to the political figures, but the recent crackdown on the biggest tech forms show you who the real boss is. Jack Ma had to disappear; Tencent basically bent down to CCP to continue its reign of internet, TikTok is probably doing everything the CCP want.
Without the true rule of law, a citizen will always feel destined to fail in life regardless what you strive to be.
The US legal system may be flawed, but it is definitely the most rehearsed and tested system of practice in the history of the world.
I have 1000% more confidence in it than anything from my country of origin.


The huge variety of everything is great. The best thing is the people though. You have so many good people. Of course you have more than your fair share of bad people, but I can live with that. Yin and yang. Your very best are amazing, your ordinary are terrific. There is so much talent but the sad thing is you don't know what to do with most of it, so it goes to waste.

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I moved to Germany almost 3 years ago and I can tell you what I miss: how goddamn friendly Americans are.

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I hear the BBQ is pretty good.

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The ability to get in your vehicle and drive wherever you want to see the vast natural beauty of the US and to experience the diversity of different regions and ways of life

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Yk some people might disagree with me but many Americans are the nicest most hard working people you'll meet. I'd also obviously say our natural landscapes scenery even here in Michigan you'll be surprised how cool some places are. Funny enough went down to Detroit recently despite yk being Detroit I like how old it is, and how the architecture was.

I feel like one thing a lot of people should think about is how a lot of Americas appeal is also in it's small towns, like you can't understand the world unless you know a place like Missouri.

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My opinion: *opportunity*. In spite of all of its faults, America is still a country that offers some of the best opportunity to find work and being able to survive and even prosper. I've spent some time overseas in some rougher places when I was in the military, and while I recognize that we're not perfect and we can do better, I'm still thankful for the opportunities we have here.

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The Diversity.

America gets s**t on about racism all the time (not saying it doesn't exist), but is very little talked about when it comes to diversity. We have entire sections of cities and even towns that are dedicated to specific minority groups.

Take for example German, want a slice of Germany? we got that in Kutztown, PA.

Cuban? Southern Florida.

Mexican? So Cal or Texas for your huge communities

Chinese? Any major city has a China Town

Korean? Almost as big as China Towns in major cities, the most famous one being LA.

Irish? Boston

List is really endless. If you want something their is a slice of community for that nationality.

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1, It has almost every climate/terrain you can think of. Desert, forrest, tropical, mountains etc.

2. Anything is possible mentality. As someone from Europe, I find we are stuck in our ways and hold on to tradition a lot more than Americans. This is cool in some ways but can hold us back in terms of ingenuity when it comes to things like food and technology. The Americans aren't afraid to put Pineapple on Pizza for example where as you would be chased out of Naples for trying such a thing.

3. Highest cultural output of any country in the world. Most trends in movies, technology and music can be traced back to America.

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huge variety of grocery products.

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Access to goods. Not prices, but access.

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As someone who lived in Europe half my life and has travelled extensively and is a person of color. It is very clear that the USA has put alot of effort in establishing vocabulary and dialogue around race relations that has been adopted world wide. Europe really lacks the entry points to have honest conversations about race. They are either too scared to say anything at all or end up using very inappropriate/prejudicial vocabulary to communicate their thoughts on race and immigration. **HOWEVER** I think they know this and are trying to figure out how to establish these conversations while still embracing their culture which is rooted heavily in the colonization of others.


As someone who lives in Europe and never even been to the US, I feel like the US is basically the centre of modern civilization and culture, no matter how defensive everyone else gets about it.

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Cream of crab soup in Baltimore MD

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