36 Of The Best New Holiday Movies To Stream This Season


There's nothing like ending a long, cold day with a cup of hot chocolate and a marathon of your favorite holiday movies. Some of our personal faves in recent years include A Christmas Inheritance, Little Women, and A California Christmas, but our list is about to get a whole lot longer with these new releases, all of which you'll be able to stream online.

These movies have something for everyone: romance, family, friendship, and plenty of dreaming. So whether you're traveling to Grandma's for Christmas or you're just more comfortable in your bed than on the couch, keep reading for the best new 2022 holiday movies.

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Holiday Movies To Watch Now

A Wesley Christmas

Available to stream on BET+ now.

Three adult siblings travel back to their childhood home for a Christmas reunion with their entire family. While the holidays are a time of reflection, love, and gratitude, this family is in for more than they bargained for when issues that they face, both physical and emotional, come to light and impact the whole family.

A Magical Christmas Village

Available to Stream on Peacock now.

Summer's life is turned upside down when her mother Vivian moves in with her and her young daughter Chloe. As soon as she moves in, Vivian sets up a Christmas village display that looks just like their town, and as Chloe starts setting up the figurines in the village, real life begins to mimic what she creates.

Merry Swissmas

Available to Stream on Philo now.

Alex and Beth always have a wonderful Christmas together, but this year is different: Beth is dating Alex's ex Jesse. Alex is more than happy to spend Christmas at her mother's inn in Switzerland, until Beth and Jesse show up. When Alex meets Liam, the inn manager, Alex might just learn a thing or two about Swiss culture and forgiveness.

The First Noelle

Available to stream on BET+ now.

Terrance and Noelle finally date after being friends for 20 years, only to break up when Terrance relocates to London. When Terrance returns to Atlanta, with a new girlfriend with the same name as Noelle, Noelle is determined to get out of the friend zone if it's the last thing she does.

Falling For Christmas Holiday Movies

Falling For Christmas

Available to stream on Netflix now.

When a spoiled hotel heiress Sierra suffers a skiing accident, she forgets everything — including the fact that she's engaged. In the days leading up to Christmas, Sierra gets help from a lodge owner and his daughter while everyone in her life searches for her.

One Delicious Christmas

Available to stream on Discovery+ now.

Abby needs an investment from restaurant mogul Alexandra in order to keep her newly-inherited Vermont restaurant afloat. After food critic Tom offers a less-than-friendly review, Abby hires chef Preston to change up the holiday menu and take Alexandra and Tom's Christmas Eve dinner to the next level.

Christmas At The Golden Dragon

Available to stream on Peacock now.

When a beloved Chinese restaurant in the Midwest announces that it's closing right before Christmas, eight separate lives are connect as each person examines their relationships, as well as the joy and love of the season.

A Christmas Story Christmas

Available to stream on HBO Max now.

Ralphie brings his kids to the house on Cleveland Street for Christmas, and as the days go by, Ralphie reconnects with old friends and comes to terms with the death of his father. When he ensures his mother that he'll give his kids a magical Christmas, he does everything in his power to keep his promise.

Sweet Navidad Holiday Movies

Sweet Navidad

Available to stream on Lifetime now.

Pastry chef Carmen dreams of opening her own bakery. Hotel owner Victor invites her to apply to his hotel's holiday gala, and Carmen is shocked when she is accepted. Her joy quickly turns sour when she clashes with her partner, perfectionist Jax. The two have to set aside their differences to assemble the holiday menu, and realize they might like each other more than they originally thought.

Christmas With You

Available to stream on Netflix now.

Angelina is a burnt out pop star with a suffering career, and retreats to a small town in New York to both escape the big city and grant her fan Cristina's Christmas wish. Angelina is hoping for some inspiration, but finds much more than she bargained for when she gets snowed in with Cristina and her father.


Available to stream on Apple TV+ now.

Every year, the Ghost of Christmas Present picks one soul for three spirits to visit on Christmas Eve. Present is in for a turn of the usual events when his new pick, Clint, leaves Present reexamining his own life.

Inventing the Christmas Prince

Available to stream on Peacock now.

Shelby is a rocket engineer who is ready to quit her job. That is, until her daughter becomes convinced that Shelby's rude and Scrooge-like boss Evan is actually the Christmas Prince from a story that Shelby came up with years ago.

Three Wise Men And A Baby

Available to stream on Peacock now.

A trio of brothers is in for a surprise when they have to work together to care for a baby during the holidays. As they take care of the baby, they make discoveries about themselves and begin to heal their relationships with each other and the people around them.

Christmas At Pine Valley

Christmas At Pine Valley

Available to stream on Philo now.

Natalie owns a successful farm and home goods store duo. When a major magazine sends reporter Josh to do a profile, under the impression that it's a family-run business, Natalie gets her family friends in on a scheme to convinces Josh that her "family" and all their Christmas traditions are real.

A Christmas Mystery

Available to stream on HBO Max now.

Thanks to a boy discovering a strip of Santa's magical jingle bells 100 years ago, Pleasant Bay, Oregon has known a century of peace. Now that the bells are missing, a group of kids must band together to figure out where the bells are and restore Christmas magic to the town.

the noel diary Holiday Movies

The Noel Diary

Available to stream on Netflix now.

Bestselling author Jake returns home at Christmas so that he can settle his estranged mother's estate, where he discovers a diary full of secrets to his past — and the intriguing Rachel. They decide to team up to confront their paths while also forming a brand new future.

Holiday Harmony

Available to stream on HBO Max now.

Singer-songwriter Gail decides to go cross-country for an opportunity that could help her break into the industry, but both her ride and budget come to a halt, leaving her stranded in Oklahoma. She teams up with Jeremy to both hitch a ride and bring a group of misfit kids to the gala, but has to decide if following her dreams is worth leaving everyone behind.

The Sound of Christmas

The Sound of Christmas

Available to stream on BET+ now.

Montana is a music teacher who is struggling during the holiday season. When she meets Quentin, and his gold-digging girlfriend, she takes it upon herself to lead Quentin back to love and music, just in time for Christmas.

Steppin\u2019 Into The Holiday

Steppin’ Into The Holiday

Available to stream on Lifetime now.

Billy is a former Broadway star who is abruptly fired from his job at Celebrity Dance Off. He returns to his hometown and meets Rae, who owns the local dance studio and is planning a fundraiser with hopes of bringing her students to a Broadway show in New York City. Billy offers to help, and their partnership turns out to be a match made in Heaven.

I’m Glad It's Christmas

Available to stream on Philo now.

Holly dreams of becoming a Broadway singer, and when wealthy real estate landlord ropes Holly into a local production, she finds unexpected hope, mentorship, and maybe even love.

Haul Out The Holiday

Available to stream on Peacock now.

When Emily goes home to visit her parents, she learns that they're going on their own vacation and leave her in their house for the holidays. She's set to have a relaxing vacation alone, until the homeowners association decides that she needs to get involved with all of the neighborhood's festivities.

A Tale Of Two Christmases

A Tale Of Two Christmases

Available to stream on Peacock now.

Emma experiences two separate Christmases as a result of some genuine Christmas magic: one in the city with her crush and his friends, and one at home with her family and longtime friend Drew. While she lives two separate lives, Emma must decide what she wants and what actually makes her happy.

Time For Him To Come Home For Christmas

Available to stream on Peacock now.

Elizabeth receives a voicemail four days before Christmas, which wouldn't be out of the ordinary — except that it's someone she doesn't know asking the love of his life for a second chance.

A Holiday Spectacular

Available to stream on Peacock now.

The year is 1958 and Maggie is a Philadelphia heiress who dreams of dancing in the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. When she sneaks away from her wedding planning to NYC, she might just get to bring her dreams to life.

A Christmas Spark

Available to stream on Lifetime now.

Molly is recently widowed and has given up on ever falling in love again. When she visits her daughter for Christmas and agrees to direct the town's Christmas pageant, she's surprised to find herself falling for leading man Hank. Molly rediscovers her true self as she falls in love with Hank, and has to step up when the star of the pageant loses her voice.

A Christmas...Present

Available to stream on Philo now.

This film (which was filmed entirely within the Cherokee Nation Reservation) follows Maggie and Eric, who bring their teens on a trip to visit Maggie's widowed brother for Christmas. Everyone has different expectations and stressors, but throughout the season, a series of events helps Maggie embrace the season.

A Hollywood Christmas

Available to stream on HBO Max now.

Up-and-coming filmmaker Jessica has made a name for herself for Christmas movies. When network exec Christopher threatens to stop her latest production, Jessica must embrace all the tropes in her favorite films to get both the movie and her own life to a happy ending.

Hotel For The Holidays

Available to stream on Amazon Freevee now.

Georgia is a manager at a high-end hotel that attracts all kinds of guests looking to escape their lives during Christmastime. As the holidays unfold, the guests find unexpected friendship and love, while Georgia finds her own life upended when she's caught between hotel chef Luke and ex-prince Raymond.

A Big Fat Family Christmas

Available to stream on Peacock now.

Photojournalist Liv has her heart set on shooting the Chang family's annual Christmas party for a cover story, but in order to get the assignment, she has to hide a major secret: they're actually her family. She can't tell anyone about the connection, but it's harder than she anticipated as she grows closer to her coworker Henry.

Upcoming Holiday Movies To Add To Your Calendar

A New Orleans Noel Holiday Movies

A New Orleans Noel

Premieres on Lifetime December 3, available to stream the next day.

Architects Grace and Anthony are complete opposites who find themselves hired to the same project. When Anthony and his family find out that Grace is celebrating the holiday season by herself, they usher her into a season of traditions and celebrations. Grace and Anthony begin learning from one another and embracing the season... until Grace is offered a new job in New Orleans.

Merry Textmas

Premieres on Lifetime December 4, available to stream the next day.

App developer Gaby is the last unmarried sibling in her family, and when she returns home for her town's "12 Challenges of Christmas,” she accidentally adds Alex to her family group chat. The family invites Alex to join in on the fun, and quickly begin to play matchmaker.

Fit For Christmas

Premieres on CBS December 4, available to stream on Paramount+.

Audrey is a fitness instructor at her town's struggling community center. She's obsessed with all things Christmas and when she falls for a mysterious businessman, it complicates his plan to turn the center into a resort property.

B&B Merry

Premieres on GAC December 4, stream on Philo.

Travel blogger Tracey agrees to review a small town B&B in exchange for a Christmas getaway, and soon wants to help the property — and the owner's handsome son Graham — in any way that she can.

Something From Tiffany's

Available to stream on Prime Video December 9.

This story follows two couples who, when gift mix-up takes place, find their paths crossed in unexpected ways. The twists, discoveries, and surprises that follow — all under the magic of New York City at Christmastime — change their lives for the better.

\u201cWe're already obsessed with "Hanukkah on Rye"\n\u201d
— Kveller (@Kveller) 1663959580

Hanukkah On Rye

Premieres on Hallmark December 18, available to stream on Peacock.

Everything seems to be going well when Molly and Jacob are brought together by a matchmaker. When they realize they're competing deli owners, it might just take a Hanukkah miracle to keep them together.

When Christmas Was Young

Premieres on CBS December 18, available to stream on Paramount+.

Music manager Luke needs a hit song for his last remaining client, and decides to get the rights to a song that singer-songwriter Melody wrote years ago. Things go off without a hitch until he finds himself falling for her.

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