5 Quirky Home Accents That’ll Spice Things Up


Including a colorful wall clock and some sexy lighting.

Another week, another raft of new things to add to a cart and then buy eventually at some point down the road. This week, we took a long, hard look at the walls of our proverbial home and realized that just about every corner could us a little spice. From a colorful wall clock to a lamp that everyone loves, surely there’s something here that you'll want to buy for yourself. 

Stop straining your eyes when you read in that one dark corner of the living room and consider this sconce from Kingston, NY-based design firm RBW, who also designed the pendant light found in the Dwell House. It’s glass! And a little sexy?

RBW Ripple Sconce

Meet Ripple, a new sconce and flush mount collection distinguished by its substantial solid glass shade. A unique texture of raised, concentric rings brings to mind ripples coursing along the surface of water. Cast solid glass, aluminum. 5" Dia. x 3.3" Depth.

If you’re not able to hard-wire a sconce to your wall, or would rather have something movable, please consider this table lamp from Wooj—one of our picks for the Dwell Design Awards. It’s fun! It’s got some movement to it. (And it’s on sale.)

Wooj Design Wavy Lamp

You can find comb jellyfish aimlessly wandering in the Pacific Ocean. That’s a long way away from New York, but being mindless and wavy sometimes hits closer to home. Made of heat-resistant corn-based plastic, these wiggly wonders are 3D printed and assembled to order from our studio in Brooklyn. Due to our 3d printing process, each of our products will have minor variations in color and texture. This is part of what makes each item a unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

If looking at your phone already gives you agita and you’d rather not look at the blinking green of the microwave to check the time, how about a wall clock that tests your ability to do so?

Pat Kim Wall Clock

Through three-dimensional, abstract shapes, this clock offers a way to visualize the passing of time in a playful way. Each hour is relatively represented by a sphere, cylinder, cube and bell. Place it wherever you need a gentle reminder to take time less seriously.

Backdrop, the paint company with the good colors, has expanded their reach into rugs. This is a lovely option. 

Backdrop Espiral Rug

Designed by Charlap Hyman & Herrero, the Espiral Rug features a serpent wound into great and graphic concentric circles. Shaped from hand-coiled abaca, this natural-fiber design adds a welcome touch of whimsy to any entryway or corner. 46" x 51"

This collection of sauce packets from Omsom is curated specifically for vegan cooking—perfect if you’re doing something akin to "Dryuanry" that involves not eating meat.

Omsom the Vegan Set

Flex these vegan starters with everything from tofu to eggplant to the plant-based protein of your choice in under 20 minutes! All starters are 100% vegan and certified gluten-free.The set includes 4 flavors: Japanese Yuzu Miso Glaze, Korean Spicy Bulgogi, Chinese Spicy Mala Sauce, + Filipino Sisig. Each starter serves 3, so say hello to 36 meals! Contains 12 starters total.

We love the products we feature and hope you do, too. If you buy something through a link on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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