96 Examples Of Plant Parents Choosing The Most Amazing And Unique Plant Pots


The creativity of people on the internet never ceases to amaze me. Why have a bland anything when there’s countless adorable DIY inspiration online, especially when it comes to potting plants! If you’re anything like me, pandas, your humble abode houses a handful of plant babies as well, and there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t have gorgeous, creative pots.

Below, you’ll find some of the most brilliant ways people have ever potted their houseplants (courtesy of the String of Plants, Plants and Pots and Plants subreddits), as well as a conversation with plant expert Jane Perrone. Enjoy these pics from people who have green thumbs and genius minds, and be sure to upvote the precious plants you wish you could adopt!

#1 Super Pleased With How This Turned Out!

Image credits: TakeMeToTheDriveIn

#2 Brah, My New Plant And Pot Are The Perfect Match

Image credits: Geekrock84

#3 Was Told To Post This Here Too

Image credits: CrispCorpse

A succulent on the windowsill and a money plant by the bed. Having plants in our homes just makes a space feel so much cozier, and there’s no question that foliage brightens up a room. Flowers, cactuses, bonsais, or whatever else floats your boat, having greenery around is one of the best ways to make your home more inviting. Especially for younger generations who don’t have children yet or don’t plan to have any, it can be rewarding to become a mother or father to a few little shrubs. According to Garden Pals, 70% of millennials identify as “plant parents”, and demand for houseplants shot up by 18% during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have a knack for taking care of these little, green children, as the average plant parent has killed 7 of their babies, but we continue to adopt more. Two thirds of American households own at least one plant, and the average household spends over $600 on gardening goods every year. But it makes sense to dedicate so much time, energy and effort to our plant babies when we realize how beneficial they can be. It only takes 15 minutes of interaction with houseplants to reduce your stress levels, and having plants around can even increase your productivity by up to 15%.  

#4 Frog Fam!

Image credits: VituperativeOlive

#5 Heard You Guys Might Like My Air Plant Octopus

Image credits: AxReMi

#6 My Friend Just Surprised Me With This Beautiful Selfmade Pot And I Can't Stop Smiling!

Image credits: itsameario

If you’re trying to get your health on track, it might be wise to invest in some houseplants as well, as people who have more plants in their workspace actually take fewer sick days. This might be because houseplants remove up to 87% of airborne toxins in only 24 hours. Plus, having plants around can even benefit your cooking, as two thirds of adults grow or are planning to grow edible plants. Speaking from personal experience, there is nothing better than topping off a meal with some fresh basil or dill from your own garden!

If you’d like to invest in some houseplants but just aren’t sure which ones will suit your home best, it might be helpful to know the most commonly purchased indoor plants. Based on Google searches, some of the most popular houseplants appear to be snake plants, philodendrons, aloe vera, peace lilies, pothos and peperomia. If you’re in need of a durable plant, my partner has a snake plant that has survived various moves over many years in several different countries, and it’s still standing tall!

#7 One Of My Favorite Pairings

Image credits: puffinprincess

#8 Guess It's Better Than Petting My Real Cats Belly

Image credits: Treadingresin

#9 Snake Pot, Snake Plants!

Image credits: bucklestarfish

To gain more insight on houseplants from an expert, we reached out to author and journalist specializing in plants and gardening Jane Perrone, who was kind enough to have a chat with Bored Panda. We were curious how Jane first got into houseplants, and she shared that she’s actually been growing them since she was a small child. “I just loved them from a very young age. I find them fascinating and love watching them grow and change.”

#10 Psycho Bob Just Chilling

Image credits: korziee

#11 Another Redditor Thought You Guys Might Appreciate This Little Guy

Image credits: PammaJamma3366

#12 My Husband And I Met As 15 Year Old Sophomores In Our High-School That Is Now Being Torn Down. A Few Summers Ago While I Was Visiting Our Hometown, I Snuck Out One Of The Discarded Bricks From The Construction Site. This Brick Is 112 Years Old

Image credits: laguna_redneck

Jane also happens to be an expert in potting plants in creative ways. “I hate spending money on pots, so I tend to buy cheap containers from thrift stores and reuse things from my kitchen cupboards,” she told Bored Panda. “Salad dishes, casserole dishes, terracotta wine coolers and china bowls can all be pressed into service as pots. I add drainage holes using a drill with a ceramic tile bit.”

#13 Girl And Her Cats, All So Happy With Their Crazy Summer Hairstyles

Image credits: piikissa

#14 Had A Photo Shoot With My New Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku, A. K. A. Titty Cactus, In Her New Home. I Knew My Tiny Flasher Would Find Her Purpose One Day And Today’s The Day!

Image credits: VanityFlare

#15 Perfect Match. Loved This Combo So Much, I Had To Make My First Reddit Post

Image credits: hollydoggy

“I also love potting plants in terracotta pots, especially cacti and succulents which tend to prefer this porous material as it ensures the roots do not get waterlogged,” Jane continued. “You can buy these new, but often if you look on sites like Craigslist and Freegle, you can find people selling terracotta pots cheaply after having a clearout of a garden building.” 

#16 Ridiculous Yet Useful For My Bedside Table!

Image credits: Daisy716

#17 My Friends. He Doesn't Like To Have His Hair Touched So I Shake His Cute Little Legs Instead

Image credits: MonoDilemma

#18 ♥️ My Pothead

Image credits: ReflectionRude9334

When it comes to what the most important things to keep in mind are when potting plants, Jane says, “Make sure that the size of pot you choose matches the size of the root ball. If you use too large a container, you end up leaving a big area of unrooted potting medium that can lead to root rot. So make sure that the new pot is just a little larger than the existing one - you should be able to get just one or two fingers between the pots when you nest them one inside the other.”

#19 Found The Perfect Cactus For My Thrifted Ice Cream Cone Pot!

Image credits: mrszubris

#20 I Put My String Of Turtles In The New Pot I Got. I Think It’s A Great Fit

Image credits: jumponjupiter

#21 Anyone Else Uses Random Items To Make Homes For Your Plants. This Is A Sponge Holder

Image credits: YourBabylonPlants

“I also encourage people to try combining several plants with similar care needs in a single container,” Jane added. “It reduces that 'muddle of pots' look and cuts back on the amount of watering needed! This could either be done by placing individually potted plants into one large shallow container with a layer of expanded clay pebbles at the base to absorb water overflow, or by putting plants' root balls into a single reservoir of potting compost.”

#22 I’m O B S E S S E D!

Image credits: chelseacombs

#23 DIY Pineapple Planter

Image credits: Mufffin_Lord

#24 I Was Sent Here From R/Succulents: Burro’s Tail In An Estate Sale Find

Image credits: ThatCrazyOrchidLady

Jane also recommends that all prospective plant parents do their research before making purchases. “Find out what conditions they like and consider whether you can supply those conditions in your home,” she says. “Most of the time, we underestimate how much light plants need, but if you think plants aren't getting enough light, move them towards a window gradually to prevent sunburn.”

And if you find yourself with a plant that's struggling, Jane warns not to place it on a high shelf. “Put it somewhere you can observe it on a daily basis. This will help you to spot problems quickly before they get out of hand.”

If you’d like to gain more insight from this plant-loving expert, be sure to check out Jane’s book on houseplants, Legends of the Leaf, right here or her website right here!

#25 Painted A Pot For My Oxalis, I Think It Turned Out Pretty Well!

Image credits: cindymooon

#26 I Was Told You Folks Might Appreciate This Lil Pair. Been Told It Looks Like A Fancy Purple-Pants Yoga Woman Being Sucked Into An Alien Jellyfish!

Image credits: expandwithzuli

#27 Honestly I've Peaked. My Hubs Calls Cacti Alien Babies So I Took The Ones He Picked And Set This Up For His Favorites

Image credits: mrszubris

Are you feeling inspired to turn your own home into an urban jungle, pandas? Even if you’re not a natural at keeping plants alive and thriving, I’m sure you can find something you can manage to take care of, plus a pot that helps the plant shine. Keep upvoting the pics that you find to be true works of art, and let us know in the comments if you have any more tips for creatively potting houseplants. Then, if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring adorable plants, look no further than right here!

#28 My Favorite Plant And Pot Combo

Image credits: purplepubes

#29 I've Had This Pot For Months And Finally Found Her The Perfect Hair!

Image credits: yusukesgirlie

#30 I Was Told That I Should Post My Boston Fern And It’s Plant Pot/Stand Here

Image credits: theactualtrashpanda

#31 I Found The Perfect "Pot" For This Lil Babe!

Image credits: Kahiltna

#32 I Got A New Job, So My Mom Got Me This Cutie For My Desk

Image credits: jturnhout

#33 Can I Interest You In A Bubble Bath?

Image credits: counting_noodles

#34 Mood

Image credits: DaffodilTattoo

#35 Just Found This Sub And Wanted To Share My Yankee Swap Score!

Image credits: MartoufCarter

#36 My Favorite Tillandsia Holder

Image credits: emyloucifer

#37 This Weird Ceramic Tissue Holder Makes A Much Better Air Plant Display I Think!

Image credits: go2hill

#38 Whale Tail In A Whale Pot

Image credits: PoketheKristin

#39 Perfect Colour Match

Image credits: Sampennie

#40 Loving This Combo. ?

Image credits: pixiedustdani

#41 Little Philodendron For My New Ceramic Strawberry. This Is Super Cute Hanging Over My Kitchen Sink

Image credits: RollingTit

#42 The Perfect Aloe For My Ammonite Pot!

Image credits: spozark

#43 I Spray Painted My Target Dino Pots Black, And I’m Very Excited About It!

Image credits: brilaaa

#44 Saw This Pot Which Was Labelled "Failed Pottery Project" By Some Ceramist At A Second-Hand Store And Had To Immediately Buy It. Honestly I Think It’s Perfect The Way It Is And If By Any Chance That Ceramist Sees This Post. Know That Your Failure Is My Perfection. Your Art Matters!

Image credits: HamBaconEgg

#45 Hi Long Time Lurker And First Post, But Found The Perfect Pot For My Baby Snake Plant!

Image credits: trapmochi

#46 Bought My Mom This Beautiful “Pink Thai” Pink Chinese Evergreen Plant And Wanted To Share!

Image credits: _Darth_Malak_

#47 I Finally Found The Perfect Whale Planter ???

Image credits: Oopsi8afly

#48 Can’t Stop Smiling Every Time I Look At My New Perfect Little Whale Fin, So I Put It In This Pot. ☺️

Image credits: heyshalian

#49 Got All My Animal Planters Together For A Little Photo Shoot!

Image credits: heydoughnuts

#50 My Cute Lil Couch (X-Post)

Image credits: MERLINSBALLS

#51 Perfect Combo Of Whale Planter With Sansevieria Fernwood

Image credits: vicky725

#52 I Was Told You Guys Would Appreciate This!

Image credits: vilay20

#53 Pretty Fellow And My Splashy Hoya Mathilde

Image credits: BabblingBunny

#54 Just Found This Sub And It Makes Me Happy People Love Pots Just As Much As I Do ?

Image credits: MysticalBlsarghia

#55 Finally Scored This Pot I’ve Been Eyeing For Some Time

Image credits: those_cats

#56 Love My Rainbow Cactus In My Rainbow Pot ?

Image credits: WildFlower0403

#57 This Is By Far My Favourite Plant, Pot, Stand Combo Right Now

Image credits: Iprofessionalstudent

#58 Another One Of My Potheads

Image credits: ReflectionRude9334

#59 This Room Needed Some More Green Vibes ?

Image credits: nocatsjustplants

#60 I Call Her Medusa

Image credits: crlymrhd

#61 ?

Image credits: ladypitt

#62 My Ruby Necklace Living Up To Her Name

Image credits: PoketheKristin

#63 A Planter Pot Pouring Out Pothos

Image credits: hann2466

#64 Had To Get My Monstera A Matching Pot!

Image credits: peigal

#65 Finally It Grew Some Hair :)

Image credits: holiholicaracoli

#66 A Pot I Painted :)

Image credits: ccarinaxx

#67 There's A Snake In My Boot

Image credits: roboscott3000

#68 Update On My Root Pots :d

Image credits: plantpersonn

#69 Sometimes I Let My Husband Pick The Pot ?

Image credits: variebaeted

#70 I Thought These Two Looked Perfect Together!

Image credits: spicydrip

#71 Whale Pot For The Whale Fin ?

Image credits: worththeirisk

#72 Had A Watermelon-Colored Pot For My Watermelon Peporomia

Image credits:

#73 How Are Y’all Feeling About This?

Image credits: SushiNinja4599

#74 Made A Macrame Crotchet Pot For My Marble Queen Pothos!

Image credits: Farmfarms

#75 My Pilea Friend In His New Pants

Image credits: beaniequeenie

#76 Two Months Growth On My String Of Hearts. Shes My Favorite Girl!

Image credits: TheGingerBreadWoman

#77 Just Got This Pink Pot To Match The Highlights Of My Prayer Plant!

Image credits: JusticiaDIGT

#78 My Girlfriend Got Me Some Cute Pots For Christmas !

Image credits: randiii13

#79 Some Of My Pot Heads

Image credits: keekzula

#80 Got Tired Of Seeing The Same Boring Pots At Every Plant Store So Drilled Holes In Some Cookie Jars

Image credits: fae_forge

#81 Not A Hugely Colourful Person But Couldn’t Resist Pairing My Prince Of Orange With This Thrifted Pot

Image credits:

#82 Vintage Duck Pot Vintage Duck Pot Vintage Duck Pot Vintage Duck Pot ?

Image credits: ortizj0987

#83 When Your Coffee Habit Is Slowly Being Replaced By A Plant Habit... Loving This Marble Pothos In A Marbly Hand Painted Mug ?

Image credits: harp214

#84 Really Loving How This Shelf Came Together

Image credits: mercurystatic

#85 Turned An Old Basketball Into A Pot

Image credits: ChrisEnglishhh

#86 Glad I Saved This Pot For The Right One ?

Image credits: feistyontherocks

#87 New Do For This Pot! ?

Image credits: tangerine94

#88 I’m Loving This Combo!

Image credits: celerywife

#89 I Saw This On Etsy This Morning And I’m Dying

Image credits: sarahsuebob

#90 Duck Pot I Saw On Here Earlier Today Reminded About My Loon Planter

Image credits: Ukraine_borscht

#91 Got This Pot At Walmart For $5.00!! It Compliments My Micans Perfectly!!

Image credits: elliotte02

#92 This Pot Is Almost The Same Color As My Moonshine Sansevieria!

Image credits: knittingandinsanity

#93 We Have Fun In This House

Image credits: KaeCooks

#94 I Humbly Submit My Youthful Neon Pothos In Her Newly Painted Home

Image credits: Mother-Whale

#95 I Have Loads Of Pots That Aren’t My Style That Came With Random Plant Purchases. I Hate Throwing Away Usable Pots So Here Is A Basil In My Customised Squiggle Pot

Image credits: MilkPudding

#96 I Found A Tiny Bird Of Paradise Today And The Perfect Pot For It

Image credits: koyer86

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