Day 10 - Travelogue Osaka - Seeing Osaka Castle and Dotonbori


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I was ready to head to Osaka today.  You could spend a week in Kyoto with all the temples and shrines, but I wanted to see a new city in Japan.

Temple near the hotel.  There are quite a few local shrines and temples.  It's a Pokestop too.

I was up early and had an early breakfast at a chain restaurant, Taishoku Yayoi.  I have to say that ordering food has become much easier in casual / chain eateries in the 15 years between my first visit and now.  On my very first visit, I went to a restaurant at the ramen street at Shinagawa Station (which I'm not sure still exists) and a server came outside to help me figure out how to use the ordering machine.  The electronic ordering machines in front of many restaurants are now multi-lingual touch screens which makes life so much easier if you don't read Japanese!

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