Lit Hub Weekly: February 21-24, 2023


TODAY: In 1983, Tennessee Williams dies at 71.   

Also on Lit Hub:

In praise of James Weldon Johnson’s God’s Trombones • The etymology of lunch, from nuncheon to pumpernickel • What our fear of wolves tells us about ourselves • A cultural history of slime, from Lovecraft to Ghostbusters • TFW we’re more like our satirized characters than we’d care to admit • The enduring divides created by the Nigerian Civil War • Life under Chinese rule for the Uyghurs • Why Reid Mitenbuler became captivated by eccentric explorer Peter Freuchen • Joseph Earl Thomas remembers finding a safe reprieve from a traumatic childhood during a stay in the hospital • Robin Yeatman on the dangers of a fertile fantasy life • How a 26-year-old Steven Spielberg made Jaws… and nearly lost his career in the process • Greek plays for modern readers • Turns out, fig pollination and literary criticism have a lot in common • Lynn Cullen on Dorothy Horstman, the woman behind the polio vaccine

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