Meteorite crash in Texas causes 'mysterious' and 'ground-rattling' boom


After the people of Mission, Texas, heard what CNN has described as a "mysterious" and "ground-rattling" blast on Wednesday evening, authorities have since "solved the mystery," said Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra, attributing the boom to a meteorite that crashed into the Earth.

Two pilots flying near the area reported seeing a meteor fall from the sky. The incident was also confirmed by NASA, which said in a news release: "The object was a meteoroid about two feet in diameter weighing about 1,000 pounds." 

The point of impact still has yet to be located and nobody was injured by the crash. The meteorite was bright enough to be detected by a satellite system meant to detect lightning. It drew attention because there were no storms in the area, CNN writes.

The boom also worried locals, considering it followed reports of the U.S. shooting down multiple objects floating in the sky, including a Chinese spy balloon. "Obviously with all these incidents close, you can imagine what our constituents' and our citizens' fears were," Guerra commented.

"It can frighten our residents, and we want to make sure that we give as much information to our residents to help them feel safe and secure here in our local community," added Rep. Mónica de la Cruz (R-Texas).

According to NASA, "meteorites cool rapidly and generally are not a risk to the public." The agency has asked citizens to let it know if they find any fragments.

Mcallen, Texas.

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