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As Alycia's last night at her grandparents' house in Ipoh approached, my parents decided to treat her to a special dinner at a Korean restaurant.  It was my parents' first time dining in a Korean restaurant in Ipoh as they usually dine at Chinese eateries.  

Alycia Googled Korean restaurants near my parents' house and found Seoul Maru Korean BBQ restaurant.  Alycia is a big fan of Korean food, and my parents knew that this would be a perfect way to end her visit on a high note.

Alycia ordered mostly non-spicy food as my mom can't stomach spicy food.  The ginseng chicken is specially ordered for Mom.

The food at Seoul Maru was delicious, the atmosphere was welcoming, and the memories that my parents created with their eldest granddaughter will be cherished for years to come.

A father's love for his children is unconditional, and it never fades away. Such is the love of my papa, who always goes the extra mile to make his children happy. 

He knows that I've been craving ground peanut cookies (aka Kacang Tumbuk) and he went to the confectionery to get them for me before sending Alycia to the train station. He always puts his family's needs before his own and never hesitates to go out of his way to make us happy.

During our growing-up years, papa was as fierce as a tyrant and he mellowed down considerably after my brothers and I left our nest.  Distance does make the heart grow fonder, eh? And age has mellowed him down too.

My favorite ground peanut cookie.

Alycia at the Ipoh train station to catch the ETS back to KL after spending a week in Ipoh at my parents.

While Alycia and her grandparents were enjoying a Korean dinner in Ipoh, we had a second round of Haidilao hotpot for dinner at home! We doggy-bagged quite a bit of leftover soup base along with several plates of unfinished food from Haidilao on Saturday when we were there to celebrate Cass' birthday.

I added lots of radishes, carrots, veggies, Beacon seaweed chicken wanton, crab balls, foo pei and mushrooms to our hotpot.

Our Wednesday brunch - yummy Ipoh Hor Hee, fried turnip cakes, and fried foo pei from Ipoh Sedap

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