Tofu dinner — warm, spicy . . . and not fried!


Slice your tofu and poach in water to simmer and then just sit for at least 20 minutes and serve warm with a spicy sauce and some simple greens. . . and perhaps rice if you plan ahead and you have the makings of a delicious and — get this — vegan Chinese meal, with zero deprivation.


Tofu, one block firm 

Soy sauce 3 T

Sesame oil, 1 T

gochugaru (Korean chili flakes), 1 t

Garlic, 1 hefty clove, chopped or grated

Scallion, about 3-4, sliced thin

Optional: Sugar, 1/2 t

peanuts, to top tofu


Bring a skillet of water to boil. Cut tofu in half lengthwise — to make two thinner slabs rather than one block. Place in water, lower heat and keep warm/simmer for 20 mins. Or just turn off heat and wait a bit. No stress — the tofu can sit.

Make sauce: Toast sesame seeds in skillet or in oven if you are toasting peanuts also. 

Mix up sauce ingredients. 

Roast, sauté or steam some greens. 

Put tofu in a bowl and top with sauce, some reserved scallions and peanuts. Yum! And barely cooking.

Source: Alexandra’s Kitchen and Gourmet Magazine

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