Your FAQs About Cheesy Pizza Month Answered


Your FAQs on Cheesy Pizza Month Answered

Cheesy Pizza Month is in full swing over the holiday and until Feb 13! But over the course of this event, we've encountered a number of questions from those taking part.

For those who are taking part or curious about taking part in Pizza Month but are wondering how it all works, here are the answers to some FAQs below.

Is this promotion for delivery only?

No, this event can be enjoyed via in-store dining or via delivery. All you have to do to take part is show up to a participating venue or find them on your favorite waimai app and order.

How do I get a Cheesy Pizza Month passport?

All you have to do is go to a participating restaurant and ask for a passport with your order, or order for waimai and ask for a passport that way.

When going to a restaurant, just tell your server the following in Chinese:

我要参加theBeijinger起C披萨月,我想要一张披萨月护照 (Wǒ yào cānjiā theBeijinger Qǐ C Pīsà Yuè, wǒ xiǎng yào yī zhāng Pīsà Yuè hùzhào)
I want to participate in the Beijinger’s Cheesy Pizza Month, I’d like a Pizza Month passport.

If you already have a passport and want a sticker, you can say:

我正在参加theBeijinger起C披萨月,我想要一张披萨月贴纸 (Wǒ zhèngzài cānjiā theBeijinger Qǐ C Pīsà Yuè, wǒ xiǎng yào yī zhāng Pīsà Yuè tiēzhǐ)
I’m participating in the Beijinger’s Cheesy Pizza Month, I’d like a Pizza Month sticker.

When ordering on a delivery app, go to the notes (备注 bèi zhù) section (this can usually be found in the lower section of the page asking for your address and showing the final cost) and copy paste one of the above Chinese sentences into the text box.

Are any participating restaurants open over Chinese New Year?

Yes, but some restaurants will be closed for a portion of the holiday or else will be operating on adjusted business hours. See this post here for details.

Do I have to get four stickers from every restaurant?

No. You can get up to four stamps at each restaurant, one for each increment of RMB 100 that you spend. The more you spend, the more stamps you get, and each stamp is a ticket to win big in the Cheesy Pizza Month lucky draw:

Spend up to 100 = One stamp
Spend over 100 but less than 200 = Two stamps
Spend over 200 but less than 300 = Three stamps
Spend over 300 but less than 400 = Four stamps

There's no theoretical limit to how many stamps you can recieve, though the most any one passport can hold is four from each brand. Going with a group? Share the stamps!

Is there a map of participating restaurants?

Yes, you can view the locations of all participating Cheesy Pizza Month venues by scanning the QR code below.

How can I partake in the lucky draw for this event?

All you have to do is get one or more stamps to be entered into the lucky draw. If you're one of the first 200 people to collect at least one sticker from all brands you’ll automatically win free pizza vouchers worth RMB 100!

Whoever collects the MOST by the end of the promo will win our grand prize, worth RMB 3000! (In the case of a tie, all will be entered into a lucky draw for the prize).

Once you’ve gotten your fill or filled up your passport, you can take a photo holding your passport with your face clearly in the photo (see example above) and submit it via the QR code below with your contact info and other details by or before 11.59pm on Feb 13.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to join our dedicated Cheesy Pizza Month WeChat group. Simply add TBJButler on WeChat (QR code below) and request to join (specify English or Chinese language with your request).

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Images: Unsplash, The Beijingers


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