Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit: 4 Lids Refill Pack (Pump Not Included)


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Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit: 4 Lids Refill Pack (Pump Not Included)
Mold ferments every time waterless airlock valve technology lets carbon escape makes sure zero oxygen enter exploding jars need burping most importantly have even included extractor pump suck out during later stages without having deal with those clunky piece water filled airlocks

Built date tracker challenges with fermenting getting timing right too soon batch salty raw long it's sour eatable setter keeps track ferment started always know almost complete perfect tasting batches every time

Integrated easy release tab there few things frustrating those jars just won't open waited patiently days batch sauerkraut finish held hostage lid that's jammed incorporated twist fermenter ensures have leverage hard crack think going love

Low profile lets ferment out way love fermenting don't always having ferments countertop lids fraction size those clunky three piece airlocks means store jars almost anywhere mason jar fit getting day

Will help ferment limited time get membership fermenting club includes page getting started guide recipe e-cookbook access ask experts forum where any question answered team pros money back guarantee kits wide mouth lids jar included vacuum pump components bpa food safe

How easily get delicious probiotic rich foods diet solution makes fermenting set forget has been around centuries helps diets encourages healthy gut which aids digestion bodies ability process food fermented disappearing more people seem taking supplements well think there powerful effective economic way probiotics then just have doing easy fermenter created help make simple now those lacto veggies nourished essentials guarantee passionate fermenters because frustrated with other solutions out yes job wanted create designed mind happy return will refund questions asked click add cart buy today limited time access club members getting started ebooks recipe book ask experts forum team pros answer wide mouth mason jars included lids work ball kerr bernardin kilner orchard road jarden quattro stagioni golden harvest atlas legacy any jar outside dimension

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