Mower ~ Trip to the "Big City" ~ Coconut Waffles ~ Baked Walleye

The day our mower guy came out to mow, he hit something and bent the mower blade.   New blades were purchased, but half the mowing was done.  It was a battle to repair, but hopefully it'll be completed tonight.  My husband had a heck of a time getting the old blade off.

I made it in to the "Big City" for some errands.  I needed more twine to tie up the tomatoes and other items.  I also needed some items to work on the pop-up camper.

Daughter K had the day off, and when she is off all day and home, it typically involves an adult beverage.  Ha ha!  We were just refilling out wine rack at home.  She put another bottle in the cart after I took that photo.  We wanted to try a new cocktail, but one ingredient has been hard to locate so far.

Arriving back home, I scrambled to get things done before dinner.  First, I made a batch of coconut (no sugar) flour waffles.  My husband had a to-go breakfast this morning.  In between each waffle, I multi-tasked unloading the dishwasher and loading the washing machine.  

I had a front porch visitor just before dinner was started.

Dinner was baked walleye and steamed broccoli.  We have a lot of walleye in the freezer thanks to friends of ours.  So good!  The Parmesan cheese made the fish delicious.  Normally, my husband would insist on deep frying, but this was a healthier alternative.

We him-hawed on putting the pop-up camper up, so I could clean it today, but we both lost our mojo later into the evening.  The plan is to do that this evening.

The weather is in the mid 70's today, and so comfortable.  However, it looks like rain could move in (not in the forecast).  My plan is to muck the coop and tie up more tomatoes, but we'll see what the weather has planned.

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