Helix and other hottest ear-piercing trends to try in 2023


Ear piercing types

Having your ear perfectly stacked with shimmery baubles and studs is a trend that is not new but is making a smashing comeback in 2023. Multiple ear piercings, more fashionably known as ‘earscaping’ is a sure-shot way to look edgy and make a stylish statement. Not only does lobe piercing instantly elevate your look but it also helps you determine your unique vibe as a fashion-forward trendsetter. Looking and feeling good is the main aim behind taking a plunge into the territory of types of ear-piercing trends but since this is a practice observed since ancient times, it may have a few acupuncture-related health benefits too.

Let us dive deeper to understand how our ancestors made ear-piercing a cult fashion since ancient times before we explore a few trends that seem to be huge in 2023.

Ear piercing and human evolution: A brief history

ear piercing
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Body piercing is the oldest technique of adornment by human civilisation and it is backed by a lot of evidence. Ear-piercing has been the most common of them all since earlobes are the most accessible organs to probe externally. The oldest record of earlobe piercing to be found is in a 5000-year-old mummy called Ötzi, the Iceman who was discovered frozen in an Austrian glacier.

Ear piercings have been common in North America, the Amazon, Asia, Africa, Polynesia and New Zealand. The Chinese swear by it as it supposedly releases pressure points as per acupuncture and helps the energy flow in the body. Many indigenous tribes across the world still go for multiple ear and body piercings.

In the olden times, it was believed that sailors needed to pierce their ears for two reasons. Firstly, it was assumed that doing so would improve their eyesight. Secondly, if their ships capsized and their bodies washed up near a shore, the earrings would pay for their funeral. Quite dark indeed. But the practical wisdom of ancient times is unarguable.

Apart from the ceremonial traditions, a study conducted in 2007 on ‘Ear Acupuncture in European Traditional Medicine’ reiterates the significance of ear-piercing to combat a few conditions including chronic pain and anxiety.

Types of ear-piercing

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Gone are the days when only studs ruled as ear-piercing options. Now, the sky is the limit as gender-neutral styles involving experimentation with hoop earrings, star chains and orbs are added to create dazzling looks. The placement of these designs marks the individual style, and experts are coming up with innovative ways to do so. The most trendy ear-piercing types are rook, conch, daith, constellation and helix.

Here are some of the best ear-piercing trends to follow in 2023


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This piercing cuts through the innermost part of the ear’s cartilage. It is observed that this piercing gives people relief from migraine. However, research is still on to establish this belief.


ear piercing
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The inner cup part of the ear is called a conch. The inner conch is directly parallel to the daith while the outer conch is the antihelix part of the ear. It is believed that conch piercing aids in muscle relaxation.


ear piercing types
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Also known as industrial piercing, this one is for individuals who are a bit edgy and bold. Two holes are pierced diagonally on the outer cartilage and a chain joins them. If you want a sober look, you can go for a delicate diamond arc like the one shown in the picture.


ear piercing types
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One of the most popular types of ear-piercing in 2023, snakebite piercing is understated yet uber-stylish. This minimalist trend has double piercing at a close equidistance preferably on the conch, ear lobe or even cartilage. Snakebite gives an instant appeal without jarring the eye.


ear piercing types
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A type of ear piercing just above the ear canal is called the tragus piercing. Again a simple style to get, you can either go for a medium-sized hoop or a stud.

How to take care before and after ‘earscaping’

ear piercing types
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While it is extremely tempting to get your ears pierced at multiple locations to rock different styles, one needs to be very careful while committing to ear-piercing. As you are making a permanent alteration to your body, here are a few things to consider before deciding to ‘earscape.’

Research before you get your ears pierced

It is imperative to know what kind of ear piercing to get — a gunshot or needle. Experts claim that getting a needle piercing is safer and far more effective than a gunshot. In gunshot piercing, there is more force applied which causes unnecessary damage to the tissue. Also, since the piercing gun is made up of plastic parts, it is difficult to sterilise. The needle on the other hand is precise and can be sterilised well. Also, the damage is minimum as the piercing is more focused.

It is recommended to book your appointment with piercing professionals beforehand.

Before care

Make sure that your diet is healthy so that your body heals faster from the piercing. Also, individuals with sensitive skin need to avoid getting piercings done in the hot summer months.

Cleaning the area properly before the piercing is extremely necessary to avoid any kind of fungal infections later.

Piercing aftercare

This is the most important part of ear piercing. It is recommended to wash the same with saline solution to avoid infections after piercing. Please avoid rubbing alcohol. It is helpful to use warm water to clean the piercing twice a day to aid the healing process. Always make sure to wash your hand before you touch your newly pierced ears. Cartilage piercings are difficult to take care of but with little patience and a bit more TLC, it is possible to heal faster.

Little redness, rawness and soreness normally come with ear piercings. It is necessary not to panic. Consult your medical practitioner in case you need a dose of topical antifungal creams or other medication to help you with pain (if any) or to heal faster.

Go for one ear at a time

Testing the waters before taking a plunge is important. Double ear piercing is a no-no if you have sensitive skin. Have one ear pierced and see how your body takes in the process. You can go ahead with the other ear if you heal faster without any complications the first time.

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