View of The Perception and Behavioral Intention Toward MOOCs: Undergraduates in China


Kai Wang, The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, Feb 17, 2023

I spent a fair amount of time with this paper because of a related project and found it quite useful. The author uses two common behavioural models (Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and theory of planned behavior (TPB)) to analyze Chinese students' perceptions regarding MOOCs. A 5-part Likert scale (questions in the Appendix) was used to collect data. The paper then offered an explanatory model (pictured) of the results, and assessed the reliability and validity of the scale through a set six measurements (of content validity, convergent validity, consistency, etc). The author found that "(Attitude) was confirmed as a critical variable in the MOOC context. To attract and engage students in MOOCs, teachers should be aware of various learner characteristics and implement teaching that responds to their audience's attitude and perception of learning."

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